Saturday, June 12, 2010

I already...

...did that!  That's my motto today,
so I really didn't, well, who's to say;
this morning I'm with Hollie so I must shut my mouth,
don't let on that Wednesday, we'll be headed south.

Hollie wants to visit people, who live out of state,
that's what she's says, but her reason doesn't state....
...that she really wants to go to Staples, in a place;
that's new to her, for that, she'll go anyplace.

So that's my plan this morning, then we'll wait for fate,
she has her plans, which aren't always great,
but, she'll get to do, as my as I can handle,
but, honestly, at her pace, I don't hold a candle.

You, enjoy your day, in a way that you see fit,
there are things that you can do, just do it;
or you could put something off, it's choice,
sleep in, take a nap, to a song give some voice.


Friday, June 11, 2010

Eleven fifteen...

...was that the correct time?
gosh it took hours to make that mine,
it was six forty-five four times in a row;
what in the hell makes that clock go?

That's what it seemed like, all the long night,
I'd wake up and the clock looked all right,
but I'd wake again and the clock hadn't changed;
and I was sure some sleep had been arranged.

It happened four times, for heavens sake!
So I imagine I was still awake;
but who knows, the mind has it's way,
but next time it's six forty-five, I hope it won't stay.

So let's leave all that sleep stuff behind,
we must have better things on our mind;
helping less fortunate people and pets,
I'm telling you, that's is good as it gets.

And be kind to your neighbors, Live and Let Live,
be worthy of love, you have lot's to give,
don't shun somebody because they're not like you,
remember it takes lot of pieces to make a good stew.

Enjoy :}

Thursday, June 10, 2010


...Bang...Ala Kazam!
Oversleeping was a sham!
I guess a night of sleeping in,
happens once and not again.

So...back to my "normal" times,
and life is good, grapes grow on vines;
but I wonder what goes on,
in my brain, I think it's gone.

When I woke up the first time last night,
it wasn't dark, it was very light;
I'd thought that I'd just taken a nap;
to rest while walking, I was late, ohhh crap!

A look at the clock, let the story unfold,
I like to walk, but dreaming of it is old;
I had gone to bed at my regular hour,
but the dreams I had soon turned that sour.

I was looking for something all over the place,
online, on the phone, driving kind of a race;
suddenly I was hit from behind, smack! Whoa!
there was a lot of traffic, no place to go.

I pulled over after the light,
place looked like Augusta, it wasn't night,
no one came with me, the other guy left!
oh, my goodness, how my life was blessed.

All that worry, was for naught,
there were no dents, where they ought;
then I woke up, it was about time,
not really, it was only quarter past nine!

I hope you had a good nights sleep

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Will wonders...

...never cease?
My wake time increase?
Wonder of wonders, what in the world?
I slept 'til 1:20, my mind is whirled!

One-twenty! You say? How can that be?
I can't explain it, but it happened to me.
Was I surprised?  Has a cat got a tale?
Well, at least I didn't walke up in jail.

So, the election went well? Not so sure on this end,
for me there's surprised, my mind's trying to bend,
both people who won a chance to run,
for Governor, surprise me, son-of-a-gun.

Well, I need to finish waking up, this is all new,
sometimes strange things happen that puts us in a stew,
but I've got exercises, I need to get done,
beleive me when I say, there's more than one.

And I've got to push buttons. For what you ask?
It's part of the plan, and it's such a small task;
just pick a color, or pick a cause,
support breast cancer, or feed critters with paws.

And be helpful and kind, you've much to give;
never forget Live and Let Live!
It's just a simple way to say the Golden Rule,
do unto others and they do unto you!  (hopefully)

Smile :)

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Here I am...

...again, waiting for some coffee,
sleeping in again, you see.
Up at midnight, must have been tired,
but, who knows how my brain is wired.

Today is the day for physical therapy,
they will try to help the old guys knee;
it cuts my meeting time right in half,
that doesn't mean the flag's at half-staff.

And later today, I'll go an vote,
try not to miss the polling boat;
I think it's important that we each have a say,
and that's why I choose to vote each election day.

Then I can't complain if my "guy" wins,
and goes out and collects a thousand "sins";
there'd be noone to blame other than me,
I'd be the who put them in office, you see.

But before all that, I have an important chore,
just push those buttons one time more;
feed the critters, or buy a book,
let's check it out, it's sure worth a look.

And treating people with kindness, give it a try,
that's not to mean that you don't, I won't imply;
and let's not forget, Live and Let Live,
everyone out there has something to give.


Monday, June 7, 2010

Ben Franklin...

...would be disappointed with my sleep,
"Early to bed, early to rise", didn't keep... awake!  Early to bed, late to rise",
so to myself: Surprise, surprise!

See what happens, when you mix up your times?
Maybe I need a watch with different chimes... tone for this, one tone for that;
of course, I'd forget which, that's old hat.

So to bed before five, up at twelve thirty,
I was fully awake, certainly not flirty, or purty;
so now I am waiting, once again, for the time,
to make the coffee, put me in my prime.

Why, I think it's time now!, Please pardon me,
while I go to the kitchen to make coffee-e,
there, now I've done it, and sit here to wait,
while it gurgles and sputters, ain't that sound great?

So, now I'll take time to brag and talk,
about the great Celtics win, mark it up with chalk,
it must have been real fun to watch too,
but awake at those hours, it's not something I do.

But I can sit here, in a comfortable chair,
and push a few buttons, to show that I care;
about literacy, rain forests, pet food and such,
it won't take me too long, and it won't cost to much.

Then I'll go walking, to a meeting today,
oh, oh, the coffee is ready, oh by the way,
I'm leaving my chair, to go and get some,
that's it! Game over!, I've won! I've won!


Sunday, June 6, 2010

Waiting for.. coffee, I'm barely hanging on,
if I don't do something soon, afraid I'll be gone,
a guy without his coffee is a sore sight indeed,
but the clock won't cooperate, I remain in need.

So, hanging on, by a mere and narrow thread,
all the while the sands of time are anchored in my head.
Now the light is dimmer, I'm barely holding on,
ahhh! The time is right, just when I thought I was gone.

Listen! There! Do you hear that?
Why, it's the coffee perking! Let's sit here and chat,
about the importance of coffee in the world,
or why without it, my mind was all whirled.

Nah! There must be something, important going on,
like why do skunks always dig, for grubs on a lawn,
or why the roads in Maine, can get you there from here,
or how much longer I can live, if I don't drink a beer.

Of course we could be useful, and do somthing good,
like pushing six colorful buttons, sounds like we should,
pick a place to start, hmmmm, let's see;
help me make up my mind, purple, pink oh gee!

Or, you could meet new people, there are quite a few,
just realize that they're not all like you,
variety is the spice of life, we've all heard that said;
so make some friends, not all the same, sometime before you're dead.

Enjoy the day!