Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey, Dad...

...look what I found,
on those few words, I can expound.
When I'm out with Hollie, it's just those things,
words like those, a familiar bell rings!

She's always looking for stuff to buy,
and she keeps out a pretty sharp eye,
the she'll tell you, and sting you along,
Dad I've got to get it - before they're all gone.

It's a phrase that she uses, some times a lot,
she'll work on you wallet 'til you spent all you've got.
I need a new bag Dad - and she has quite a selection,
not that it matters, it'll add to the collection.

Oh, she'll pay eight dollars for the right book,
and then it was only one picture she took.
That's an example of the works of her mind,
and I understand it - like we're two of a kind.

But we had a good visit and went for a walk,
it's always fun to laugh and to talk,
you just have to know how her mind really works,
and then, like a reward, give her some perks.

So it you're ever wondering what you can do,
to ease someones needs with a small buck or two,
why not look up the little address and with any luck
and check one of the boxes, give them look and maybe a buck.

And let's always remember the critters too,
then you can wonder 'why the buttons not blue';
and when you travel alone you should be aware,
that where ever you go, you're always there.


Friday, August 28, 2009

Another day....... go outside, wasn't that just great,
sometimes it makes me really glad, to live in such a state.
Nice and cool with a gentle breeze, there's nothing quite like it,
makes me glad to be alive and to do my little bit.

Saw Doctor Steve he's the old eye guy, see him once a year.
not much change in anything and that was good to hear.
Than I went home a bit confused,
do that every time those drops are used.

Then we're off to return some shoes, oh, it's nice and breezy,
back to Skowhegan, off we go, the trip is nice and easy.
We found, to our surprise, the shoes that we needed, how 'bout you?
a pair for me, a pair for her and a pair for Hollie too.

Today's is a Hollie day, I'll keep my fingers crossed,
that I get all though the day, without feeling lost.
I never know what she'll be like on a given day,
most time it works out fine, what more can I say.

But while we're at, please remember,
even though it's not yet September;
dogs and cats all need to eat,
pushing buttons can't be beat. (the purple one)

Don't worry about the small stuff, it happens all the time,
things come up in your life, just like they do in mine,
we all seem to make it through, it works just like they say,
you can do it, yes you can, if for only this one day.

Have a great one.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

The streak...

....of ten is no longer alive,
now I get up at ten forty-five,
just a few minutes more,
c'mon please let me snore.

Yesterdays walk proved a little too much,
after, my legs and my feet hurt and such.
Cramps came along late in the day,
caused by walking? Who's to say.

Today, looking ahead, pun intended,
I'll see doctor Steve, can eyes be mended?
Then it will be too bright to drive,
someone else will, it'll keep me alive.

Push purple button, come on, come on,
just go to
it'll do you good, and the rest of us too,
please try it today, critters are counting on you!

There are many things that can be overcome,
I'll bet even you could name more than one.
Find the right program and you will find,
things are done better "One Day At A Time"!

Have a great day! Ya you!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

For the...

third night in a row, I've gotten up at ten,
so what if this thing gets better, what will happen then?
Well, if I'm being rewarded for the life I've led;
I guess that I'll be getting up, before I've gone to bed!

At least I got to see the Red Sox win again,
it's something that happens, every now and then;
really, they're doing pretty good right now,
but still you have to wonder, when they will take a bow.

Walking yesterday went pretty well,
my feet still hurt a little, so I can hardly tell,
maybe it was the shoes, or something like that,
anyway it doesn't matter, it's become old hat.

So, please take the time to visit, time goes by so fast,
and push the purple button, it's over in a flash.
Those dogs and cats depend on us, for their every meal,
it's the very least that we can do to help them heal.

And if you're having trouble, trying hard to adjust,
and you want to feel better, and probably you must;
let go of the things that tie, just let them be,
it will work out for you, willingness is the key.

Have a super day:)

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

August.... almost over, I must say I'm glad,
don't care much for the hot weather that we've had.
But that's just me, some people love it,
and that welcome to my share, I can rise above it.

Yesterday was hot and humid, not very nice,
I spent most of the day, looking for my ice,
I did walk a little while early in the morning,
it was one of those wake up at 10, without any warning.

And I had some blood drawn, looking for rhyme or reason,
why my face and hands are numb and tingle, it's not jingle season.
My feet didn't hurt as much, that makes me feel better,
it's just hard enough to walk, without changing leather.

Push the purple button, will you for goodness sakes,
just less that one second, that's all the time it takes.
and be kind to your neighbors, please don't be fearful.
that could make the world go 'round and be more peaceful.

Have a great day!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Some people...

...know how to have a good time,
but when the Red Sox are playing, it's not mine.
When you think about the money the team is paying,
shouldn't those guys be out really playing?

Yesterday was spent in a strange daze,
not much walking in the muggy haze.
We were in town for some grocery shopping,
Linda had an appointment, then we were stopping.

It was so muggy when you went out,
bring on the northwest wind we could shout.
It won't last long, at least that's my hope,
'cause I'm just about at the end of my rope!

But, I've pushed the button that feeds,
all of the critters, who have many needs,
they're all in cages in some local pound,
they depend on us to make their world go round.

Live and Let Live. That's important advice,
be kind to people, we should always be nice.
But that's hard to do, all of the time,
so just keep that motto stuck in your mind.

Have a great day!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

There is no....

...way I can tell you the fun that can be had,
when you take Hollie out, and you're the dad.
We had a real good snacking' time,
and then...she started to change her mind.

I will buy this, no I won't in rapid succession,
oh the games our minds would play if only we would let them,
but, in the end, it all worked out, at least that's my thought,
and, I guess, you should have seen, all the stuff she bought.

We didn't do much walking, rally not too far,
when we want to go someplace, why not take the car?
Hollie went home a little early, she was ready;
short day for me, it all works out, just hold it steady.

I pushed the pet food button, earlier today,
why don't you go and try it? It will be okay.
If you have a problem, and feel you're way behind,
just, please, remember to keep an open mind.