Saturday, November 16, 2013

Is it worth repeating?

Is the lady okay? Yeah, but she's pressing charges. Well I certainly don't see why
I was eating a Tofu Burger when I heard the sound.  Then what? I'm coming madam!
The what?  The Heimlich!
It's not "Hind Lick"   Nope

Friday, November 15, 2013

New growth and pain for Paul

Linda's Christmas Cactus
  Here is Linda's plant, a donation from Marian added to one she already had.  By following directions for watering and feeding this is the result.  Many, many blossoms, some of which have started to fall now.  A lot of these plants seem to blossom in November, and some bloom a second time too.  We'll never know why it's called a cactus since it's really a plant from the jungle and not a member of the cactus family at all.
  New subject:  Yesterday I mentioned a small number of people from Maine had signed up for ACA or Obama-care.  Apparently one Bangor resident, Paul Bunyan of Main Street, signed up and is being treated for a sledding injury.  Shown below you'll find the cause.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

...and on the 20th day...

  Kind of silly isn't it?  I am honestly hoping not to have to ask that question today!  Pretty good chance I won't have to.
  Here in Maine 271 people have signed up for Obamacare, that's about equal to the population of Medford, it has to be a coincidence.  There is a program that's in a lot of trouble. Really.  Software by a company headquartered in Canada, a web site with a photo of a model from Colombia; all that for the great American plan.  In my humble opinion it'll fail.
  Oh, well; I slept good.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

And another thing...

                                             Magandang Umaga. (good morning in Tagalog)
Greater Good is now collecting "clicks" for aid to the hard hit Philippine Islands; here's a chance to do something good for free!  Try it you'll like it.  I think they need some U S Navy Seabees and some Army Engineers to put the highway system back in order and some work on the airports so aid can be distributed.
  This is day 19 without a smoke, I have put the e-cig away too (about four days ago).  It is getting easier except the early morning routine, I'm staying home longer to cure that habit.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Thar she blows! or the Exploding Whale

The Whale that beached itself
  November 12, 1970 will live on as the "Day of the Exploding Whale".  A 45 foot long, 12000 pound Sperm Whale beached itself near Florence, Oregon.
  To take care of the remains the State of Oregon tasked the Oregon Highway Department.  The beaches in Oregon where considered "roads" at the time, thus the Highway Department.  The job fell to a man named George Thornton who decided to blow the whale up using dynamite.  He thought the whale would be "blown to bits" and eaten by birds and animals.  He decided to use 20 cases of dynamite.
  He found Walter Umenhofer, a man who had explosives training in the Army.  Umenhofer was shocked by the amount of explosives that were planned to be used, he thought 20 sticks of dynamite would do the job, not 20 cases.
  20 cases won out, they were place in various places under the whale.  The Explosion moved a lot of the sand under the whale and the whale broke into big pieces, not little bits.  A half-ton piece of blubber landed on Mr. Umenhofer's brand new Oldsmobile 98 convertible, it had been purchased from a dealer in Eugene who was having a "Whale of a Deal" sale.
  The Highway Department buried most of the large pieces, the birds who were to have eaten the little pieces were scared away by the noise.
For more information go to

Monday, November 11, 2013

Veterans Day 11/11

  That's me on the right and I'd like to think it's Wilbur on the left but it's not.  We were both good looking young sailors 55 years ago.  Boy does time change things!
  Wilbur's real name is Glen we met about 53 years ago at Naval Air Station Alameda, California, what a group we had there and some of us remain in touch.
Bldg. 8, the Supply Department
  This is where we worked, up on the third floor, and some other buildings too.  That base is now closed and this is a recent picture I captured using Google maps.  Also now at Alameda is the USS Hornet CV-12 which I also served on during the Vietnam War, then I came back to Alameda - in a squadron that time.
  I guess Alameda is almost my hometown in my whole Navy career I served over half of the time at Alameda.  Just lucky I guess.
  Well, Wilbur, Happy Veterans Day!  And to all the other Vets too.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Do some good free!

These are your choices
  For those of you who have been with me for a couple of years have seen and heard this before, it's okay just bear with me.
  By going to the Greater Good website or via any of the others, simply by clicking on a few "buttons" you can do a world of good at no charge to you!
  Right now with the recent typhoon the Philippine Islands can use your free help with the feeding of people who have no homes left, and with health care needs too.
  BE SURE TO CLICK ON ALL OF THE BUTTONS!  Why, you ask, should I do that?  Well here are the results of yesterdays clicks, you will see a huge difference in the selections:
Hunger:             58435
Breast Cancer:  78862
Animals:         193330
Veterans:          57056
Autism:            40837
Diabetes:          39926
Literacy:          40522
Rain Forest:     52228

  I gather from the numbers that Pets and Breast Cancer are more important than feeding the poor, helping children learn to read, or finding a cause and help for people with autism.  Maybe it's just me but I think all of us should click all of the buttons.  I'm just saying.......

  And a "Happy Birthday and Semper Fi" to all United States Marines today on their 238th year.