Saturday, August 7, 2010

Way back... history, in some part of France,
the Percheron breed started by chance;
no one is certain, it wasn't recorded,
it was a surprise that nobody ordered.

Beautiful animals, in gray or black,
a few white or brown keep coming back;
strong and agile, hard workers too,
a wonderful sight for me, and you.
They're here with us in forest and farm,
and in our country, we cause them no harm;
pulling a plow, or wagon they work,
quickness and muscle, smooth and no jerk.

Once featured by Heinz of Ketchup fame,
a team of eight was part of the game,
proud and strong, a painted wagon they led,
in many parades, and present when some people wed.

Heinz stopped using horses in two-thousand-seven,
the horses given to the Old Guard numbered eleven;
now with caisson with casket they're led,
a final honor for our war dead.
And, right here in Maine, where this is written,
a farmer in Ashland, saw and was smitten...
by the work ethic, he uses them often because they know how... work in harness pulling a plow.
Animals are a gift precious gift to mankind,
a thought we should always keep in our mind;
but some linger in need of a home,
we can all help, so they're not alone.

There is a tab on,
that we select to help shelter critters move on,
and then of course we need to select,
the other tabs too, and some needs will be met.

And be kind to neighbors, and people you meet,
it won't hurt to smile at a man on the street;
there is no one who can't simply give...
...heed to the motto: Live and Let Live.


Friday, August 6, 2010

In the...

...Land of Ice and Fire,
there are horses that never tire,
small but strong, they help on the farm;
no one would dare cause them harm.

The horse of Iceland is a breed that's pure,
no other horses are allowed here for sure;
to protect the breed, but they're free to share,
in the US there's plenty, they cause me to stare.

You may notice the length of the mane,
shielding the eyes, warms just the same;
shown here in summer when the sky remains bright,
there's little difference between day and night.

Now shown with it's long winter coat,
that comes in handy in the land that's remote;
this photo was taken in Spring, of that I'm sure,
because days in the Winter are a dark that is pure.

I've already pushed buttons, yes!, on each tab,
it's a habit of mine, long live the hab;
why not visit,
and you too, can help keep puppies warm.


Thursday, August 5, 2010

They ran...

...through prairies, and out in the sticks,
with Roy Rogers, Gene Autry and Tom Mix;
worked with the cowboys, now rodeos,
these horses can go, where anyone goes.

American Quarter Horse, the given name,
but it's how we remember them just the same;
Trigger, Champ or just Ol' Paint,
some jobs have changed, but the horses ain't.
Known for quickness, they turn on a dime,
steadfast, and loyal, well, most of the time;
tools of the trade for cowboys and soldiers,
memories last, even while the campfire smolders.

Think back to your favorite, if you're old enough,
to have in your memory all that old cowboy stuff,
it's part of my past, kind of hard to forget,
just like us humans, they give what they get.
Happy trails to you!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I remember..

...when horses worked in the woods,
twitching the logs, they delivered the goods;
sawmills used to move, one place to another,
those horses worked hard, sister and brother.

There were four teams that worked in my town,
working at the sawmill, they could get around;
there are a few people who choose to work that way,
one man and one horse, they'd have it no other way.
These Belgian horses can work or play,
and they still do, in places far away;
if you should see one, put a smile on your face,
and, of course, you won't see one, if you watch a race.
Here's a Belgian at work, down at Disneyland,
pulls the trolley easily guided by the hand;
it might be quite a ride, purely for pleasure,
maybe working horses should be a national treasure.

Well there's a look, at the present and past,
sometimes I wonder why time goes so fast;
it passes quickly, we should use ours for good,
I'll go push buttons, and do what I should.

And I'll work to encourage others along the way,
good things can happen when you live day by day;
sure, it takes some effort, but we all can give... to one another, Live and Let Live.


Tuesday, August 3, 2010

A (very) small apology...

..yesterday I told you, no horses rears,
but I didn't promise no horses ears;
I looked up a list of all the horse breeds,
and decided to share my favorites of these.

First, I love horses that work,
large and strong, the horse gave a jerk,
as I learned how to plow a straight narrow row,
when I was ten, a long time ago.

Pulling a wagon, with a dog up on top,
Clydesdale's work for a beverage, not pop;
a lot of people enjoy seeing those ads,
just to see feet, hairy with large pads.
Here, above, a mare and her foal,
typical of the breed, cut from the mold,
I have thought they're all brown, with a little white,
shiny and clean, practically bright.

What do you think, as I looked around,
a surprise for me, those are bound to be found;
I found photos of Clydesdale's, and to my delight,
the Queens drum-horse was black and white.
Part of the Army, called the Queens Own,
this is the drum horse, whose picture I've shown,
some are 'pinto' and some just plain white;
I love to view them, oh, what a sight.

Now, wait 'til tomorrow to see what I do,
but while you're waiting, you've something to do,
push the button, below each tab,
share time of your own, pass it on, blab!

You can "click to enlarge" these photos.


Monday, August 2, 2010

I know...

by now, you're getting sick of a type of cloud,
but I have one more, it's a sort of shroud;
fashioned by the wind, there's an explanation too,
presented by me, for viewing by you.
Here is Mount Shasta, California beauty at it's best,
covered by a "coolie hat", and not at my request;
isn't that a beauty of a cloud that's kind or rare,
and it looks right at home, in that cool mountain air.
Here's the explanation, at least the weather way,
but I think it's there just to make my day,
how else could you explain such a great sight;
pure and simple reason, it's for our delight!

I think this is the end of the "cloud lesson plan",
I'll have to think of something else, or on the other hand...
...keep finding clouds, it's getting harder you know,
or - - - maybe we should study different kinds of snow.

Well, tune in tomorrow, and see what appears,
one thing for certain, it won't be horses rears;
and in the meantime, please take time to go..
...and push some buttons, it's a web site you should know.

And treat people kindly, even those you don't know,
people being nice to one another, causing love to grow;
we're all in this together, there's no struggle if we try..
..being kind and gentle, at least it's worth a try.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

There are...

...times when we have to 'take our lumps',
and sometimes beds are full of bumps;
but take a look up in the sky,
how many lumps or bumbs do you spy?

See the lumps or bumps, if you prefer,
mamatus clouds, right here sir;
pretty strange is you ask me,
a rare sight indeed for you to see.
There are pockets filled with water, or ice,
near thunderstorms, hey, those aren't nice;
in certain conditions with the sun just right,
the air can contain such a wondrous sight.

So, let's hope your day is filled with sun,
gentle breezes, a place to have fun;
may you not see one of these,
fair weather in mind, for you, please.

NOTE: You can click to enlarge the explanation.