Saturday, December 4, 2010

Sure they...

...make tractors and big heavy trucks too,
but they used to go small, that's what I'm telling you;
a lot of us can remember those SUV's and pickups,
but time is an eraser, things drown in their cups.

Some sturdy vehicles were made in the past,
and some that I'll show you, I'm sure still last,
some people like to be guardian of days gone by,
and we can be glad that they do. My how time does fly!

Top: 1911 International Harvester Wagon.
Middle: Nice 1951 IH Pickup.
Bottom: Restored 1954 Pickup, also nice.

Friday, December 3, 2010

There are...

1952 Hudson - the love affair begins
...some brands of cars that I really admire, an old neighbor of ours had a Hudson, It set me on fire,
oh how I loved those smooth fluid lines,
and an engine fast enough to have to pay fines.

Now they're all gone, but not vanished from sight,
I still see one sometimes, at a show, in broad daylight;
still shiny and smooth, with those beautiful styles,
I love to have one and drive it for miles.

1917 Phaeton
1934 Eight Convertible Coupe


Thursday, December 2, 2010

Cars were...

...either for utility or some fancy stuff,
I like both of those, in fact, I never get enough,
today we introduce the Graham-Paige line,
built to last by any means, they were surely fine.

As the depression ended there came an end,
a merger of the cars, but for the company there was more, to come around the bend;
they went into real estate, the commercial kind,
now they own Madison Square Gardens, almost blows my mind.

1929 Model 827 Roadster

1932 Blue Streak

1939 Model 97 "Shark nose" Supercharged.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A list...

..of firsts for this company, for sure,
first six cylinder engine, carburetor float and more;
these air cooled cars were made for class,
expensive too, but made to last.

The Franklin brand went the way of others,
the Great Depression hit, business smothers;
these were good cars, but a wooden frame(?),
laminated ash (yes) played a part in this game.

1907 Model 11B

The air cooled engine
1932 Franklin
1919 Model 9B

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Once in...

...a while, there's a good idea that won't get used,
like steering wheel controls, or how metal is fused;
both ideas now used, but not back when,
Ford introduced Edsel, but, never again.

It was made for three years, it wasn't the right time,
no one was interested, I never bought mine.
There were some things unique about them then,
so the question remains - if not now, when?

Top to bottom: All 1958 Edsel's.

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's delightful...'s de-lovely, it's De Soto! some the saying went,
and another line bit the dust, when Chrysler folds it's tent.
No more De Soto, the brand was put to bed,
like so many others, it worked, but wound up dead.

It happened when the companies just built a single line,
just changed upholstery and grilles, and thought that was fine;
a Dodge done over was a De Soto, a Ford a Mercury,
they weren't different at all, it was easy to see.

Top: 1930 convertible coupe.
Middle: 1931 Airflow sedan.
Bottom: 1941 Custom Business Coupe.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

It seems....

...we're up to "C" already! Good lord!
Well, it must be time, to introduce the Cord.
It wasn't a car for the average man,
it was expensive, fast and made to a plan.

Elegant, powerful and a real gas hog,
not many miles to the gallon anyone could log;
twelve cylinder engines, made for speed,
how much more car could anyone need.

Top: 1929, first year of production.
Middle: 1936, the color alone got your attention.
Bottom: 1937, a 12 cylinder sedan.