Saturday, October 23, 2010

I would....

like to contribute my usual stuff,
I just can't get out of my own way, and that's tough;
I have some ideas, just need to think them through,
so check back tomorrow, see what I'll have for you.

Friday, October 22, 2010

There is... energy today, I've slept it all away,
going to get some rest, not do much today;
I slept so long, move than eight hours, or more,
and I feel like I could sleep, if only I don't snore.

I think it's for healing, a slow recovery, it's progress,
I feel okay, but energy is gone, still tired would be my guess,
but check back tomorrow, there should be posting then,
after all I can still think, and work this electronic pen.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

There is....

...something important that we must discuss:
Why do we continue, to preach the obvious?
I guess we've passed so many laws, to outlaw such and such,
that having any common sense, just doesn't matter much.

There are things, I think are stupid, we see them every day,
some of them so obvious, they simply go away,
but the signs are always there, makes me wonder why,
people continue to be reminded, that when life's over - you die.

See what I mean?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I sometimes....

...get the feeling, that somethings out of place,
maybe it just fatigue, from playing a rat race;
or maybe, just maybe, all ain't right with the world,
that because somethings not right - the whole thing unfurled.

But perhaps it just a feeling, innocent enough,
so, why then, am I jumpy, just writing this stuff?
If somethings out of place, wouldn't we all know?
And just how can we tell, how far could this go?
Does this appear to be okay?, Just a cow out for a ride,
but, wait a minute, are we prepared, to take this thing in stride?
Do cows really hitchhike, or did they in the past?
Or are they watching us - while they nibble on the grass?

A wolf in with the sheep? What is going on?
Does the wolf really frolic with the sheep on the lawn?
Or is there something different?  Something out of place?
What's next?  A wolf in sheep's clothing, winning in a race?
Is this guy a gymnast? Or a dancer on a stage?
Or is it someone different, or not acting his age?
We'll never know the answer, we can only guess,
as we go along, living in this mess!


Tuesday, October 19, 2010

If you've...

...ever wondered, just where you could go,
when you were serious, about playing in the snow;
and you got the hankering, to hastily spend,
just a few million Japanese yen...

...the you could head up to Hokkaido, the northern isle,
and play in the snow - for just a little while.
That would be an endeavour worthy of a king,
but even for a commoner, it's a real cool thing.

Beauty in the summer, is sometimes surpassed,
by high snowy peaks, and a machine fully gassed,
take it to the top, put skis on and come down,
there would be no reason, to ever wear a frown.
Top: Fresh snow, and volcanic vents.
Middle: Late summer, storm passing.
Bottom: Nature trail.

Monday, October 18, 2010

We will...

...take a break from travel, to catch up on me,
it's not that I'm important, but I wanted you to see...
...the result of smoking cigarettes, for over 50 years,
in the end they'll bring you, to a life with no cheers.

This pneumonia is strong, maybe a different kind,
bacteria or virus - it has it's own strong mind,
I did get to go to bed, but only a few hours,
got up at 8:30, now I have low energy for powers.

I do believe that the new meds will win out,
you have to trust in something, or you're left with just doubt;
so I'll not waste a lot of time, describing in detail...
...why I chose not to travel, but to give you this small tale.

Now a different subject, we haven't been here for a while,
let's do some fun and free, that'll leave you with a smile;
go to that famous website,
I'll show you the tabs to use, then you can carry on.

This is what they look like up at the top of the page,
and under every one of those, are buttons, all the rage;
you can press one or all, or stop along the way,
but, now I'm asking you, please try this today.

Enjoy the day!  Tomorrow back to Hokkaido.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


...most people think of Japan,
it's cities and crowds, on which they plan,
but up on Hokkaido, that northern Isle,
there's much open county, and snow in a pile.

Where flowers are crops,
and mountains have snow covered tops,
there are National Parks, with mountains and lakes,
try to see 'this' Japan, you'll love photo takes.

Flowers are a huge market crop in Japan

Autumn in one National Park.

Lake in Shiretoko National Park - may be the same as above.

Spring run-off in Shiretoko National Park.