Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend fun....

..and I'm up and I'm ready, ready for what?
well, I don't know, my mind can't be shut,
it's an ongoing process trying to figure it out,
if I get an answer, I'll give you a shout!

Today will be another of those in a haze,
it's going to be a great Hollie Days,
she has her things all ready to go,
so now it's just "get on with the show".

I'm sure we'll have fun, we usually do,
but right now I don't know, what she will do,
we've got all that stuff ready, the stuff is her kind,
the trouble may be, that she'll change her mind.

That happens a lot, the mind changing thing,
it's like a bell with a different tone will ring,
and she's off and running with her usual zeal,
there are too many layers on that onion to peel.

So I'll go feed the critters, give them a hand,
I don't know why I do it, guess it's part of the plan,
but I've grown to like it, guess it makes me feel good,
but probably doing things like that should.

Have you got things that you need to do?
do you find a way to put them off? do you?
well why now just say Easy Does It;
but in the end it's just do it!

Enjoy the day

Oh, What....

...a great time I had, at the Alk-a-thon,
early in the morning, listen to speaker Ron;
and then several more as I passed the hours,
thank you everyone, for making it ours.

Then it was as you might expect,
time for Hollie Days, who with all due respect,
needed a breakfast, she was hungry too,
waiting for Mom and Dad, both of us, two!

Soon settled down to sort her stuff out,
piles into packages, gives her more clout,
so Staples on Saturday - you better watch out!
She's going to be there, quick in and out.

Todays' hours are back to where they've been,
you know, go to bed, and wake up at ten;
there is no method, at least that's what I think,
can't figure it out, but it does not stink. (my hours that is)

Push the button, that one, there!  (
feed those critters, show that you care,
there are some wonderful pets,
have one of those, it's a good as it gets.

Is there a problem, you can't overcome,
something you wish that you had done;
are you troubles the human kind,
why don't you take it - One Day at a Time?

Smile (that's better)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is...

...Thanksgiving day, for some things we are grateful,
family, friends and meetings keep my plate full,
meetings later tonight (morning) will be so good,
any body could have stayed in bed sawing wood.

Because I'm always up early or late in the day,
it makes perfect sense for meetings to be that way;
so I don't have to wait until it's seven thirty,
I will go much earlier, like at one, if I hurry.

So before I leave, I'll push the big purple button, like we always do,
go to and try your luck too,
It's really super easy, it only take a minute or less,
and it feeds the critters, so you can only bless.

And always be mindful, to take like One Day At A Time,
and you will be thankful, you can do this any time;
don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, they are not today,
keeping in the present is better than in days gone by.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday again....

....I'm beginning to see a pattern here, it's coming home to ground;
seems like every seven days or so Wednesday comes around!
That must be the pattern repeated with other days too,
Hey! Leave me alone, who ever did ask you?

Just kidding! I'm just trying to think this morning,
but nothing comes to mind, just boring,
maybe I'm a little tired, not much sleep in between,
five when I went to bed and when I got up at ten fifteen.

I know that pushing the purple button, brings good news,
getting food to humane shelters, where it is used;
cats and dogs have no voice, just us to share their tale,
they never asked to be in cages, like they were in jail.

And the homeless and the hungry also need us to act,
they need shelters and more meals, and that is a fact!
They are here among us, each and every day,
may be also be their voice, there is no other way.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There must.... a way to repair a clock that is hazy,
but to tell you the truth my circadian rhythm is crazy;
yesterday I got up at eleven, a somewhat decent hour,
but today, wanna guess, I got up at ten, my clock is really sour!

So I have a lot of time on my hands,
and my tinnitus is playing "battle of the bands";
but the game on TV, was not bad to see,
Texas lost, the winner: Tennessee!

Now I have more time to burn,
Cripes! When will I learn,
that sleep comes and goes at random,
call me the sleepless phantom.

But don't spend too much time,
with me on your mind;
there are lots of things more important,
like feeding the pets - there's a need that is rampant.

And it's alway important that we take care,
to give our neighbors their fair share,
if they have a need, it's ours to feed,
we can't be consumed by greed.

There a site on the web,
that's show who needs to be fed,
after you read this blog,
go to!


Monday, November 23, 2009


...we found a new park, or, a new place to walk,
the Walden Parke Reserve, there was a lot of talk,
in the weekend newspaper, so there were people, a few,
there in the woods yesterday too.

A lot of people had dogs, all well behaved by the way,
it was pretty good walking, little mud and no hay;
but worth going to see it, and we went about one mile,
it's good exercise and surprise, surprise - it's makes you smile!

Do basketball players know about defense?
The Celtics make me wonder - no offense;
but yesterday they could have used some,
they finally won, but it wasn't awsome.

Please go click on the button! That purple one, there;
we don't want shelter animals hungry, show them you care!
It won't cost you a penny, not one copper cent,
you can even follow the web-site and see how it was spent.

Always be good to your neighbors, they may be the best in the land,
you just have to smile, and wave with your whole hand;
and remember that other people have value too,
Imagine that! It's just not me or you!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have you....

....ever wondered what it would be like,
to hit by a car or run over by a bike?
Let's try the car thing since they're more common,
why would one hit you, that is the problem.

Yesterday morning at just daylight,
I pushed the button, and I got the walk light,
stepped into the crosswalk and lo and behold,
some guy in a car - must have thought I was too old!

Now - let's think this over, it's partly my fault,
I should have looked all around before my big vault;
he just brushed my pants leg, didn't bother to stop,
the guy right behind him asked if I needed a cop.

There's a good lesson here - for all of us walkers, a reason to shout;
if you're deaf like me - watch out, watch out, watch out!
I'm going today, maybe in the same place,
but I won't be trying to give any cars - a fast race!

Please try to remember people in need,
there are so many hungry to feed,
you can help by donation of money or time,
go to a soup kitchen and work on the line.

And, as always, remember to Live and Let Live,
someone you don't care for, must have something to give,
we are not always right - there is room to compromise,
and in the end - YOU might win a prize.