Saturday, May 1, 2010

I wonder....

...why the knee was engineered the way it is,
when I got older the cushion's just fizz,
so to all apprearances this damn thing just wore out,
or something like that..this is a tempory bout.

There will be no walking, on those five mile hikes,
maybe just a mile or two, my plan pounded by spikes;
but on the other hand, if I think a little bit,
it's all over but the crying, get used to it!

My wife, Linda's, taking Hollie, out on the town,
here's hoping that she can keep up, or do I mean "get down";
I guess it doesn't really matter that they have a 'girl's day out',
so I'll just stay home, stuff to do, so I won't pout.

What I'll do is read, work on a painting, that's not too hard,
water on the flowers that were planted in the yard;
probably I'll need a nap, sometime around nine,
and maybe watch a hockey game, see- I'm not wasting time.

But right now I need to go to,
and go up near the top, where the tabs are lined up on...
...see the different colors, purple, green and yellow hue,
pink, blue and red; they're right up there too.

Nowhere in the motto, Easy Does It, does it say,
you don't need to do it, it doesn't work that way.
The purpose here is simple, you can use the easy way,
but you still need to do, what you need to do today.

Smile :)

Friday, April 30, 2010

Have you....

...ever had "one of those days", that could have been better,
well, it happened yesterday, right down to the letter.
The cable guy who never came, the knee sharp with pain,
oh well, oh well, at least it didn't rain!

This after a meeting, the subject was "as happy as I want to be",
as they say "timing is everything", right on time for me;
all is well this morning, cable guys work late,
at least it's up and running, or this missive would be late. walking is in store, at least for today,
and Peggy's going shopping, what more could I say,
she's really quite funny, "I'll try to hurry" means...
..I'll take my old sweet time..only in your dreams!"

And a Hollie Day tomorrow, pleasure comes in packs,
"it's only two dollars, Dad, plus the ten cents tax!"
Oh, I can hear it now, "it's before it's all gone!"
if you think I haven't heard that before - you are very wrong.

I do expect we'll have a good and real fun day,
it's just funny how she says things, in her own "worried" way.
So that's what I'm planning and it won't be too bad,
and I have an afternoon - just for good ol' Dad!

You know that there are buttons, the ones that you push,
well, let's get right to it, get off your cushy tush;
start any place, pick a color that you like,
c'mon it only takes a second, then we can take a hike.

Live and Let Live, I'll repeat it again,
it's one of lifes lessons - that should never end;
those four words, they say it all, if we think about it,
I believe if it were a song, it would be a hit!

;)  Smile today

Thursday, April 29, 2010

How about...

...Jon Lester?  Can he pitch, or what?
The Toronto Blue Jays, must wonder that.
The Jays had two hits in the entire game,
and Lester struck out eleven, is he Hall of Fame?

Maybe, maybe not but last night he was,
and the Red Sox are ready for a one day pause.
So...maybe this is the beginning of a turn around,
they do that when I'm ready to put them in the ground.

Not much walking for me today,
knee's a little tender, so that's okay.
The weather seems to be not bad but not fine,
I'll take that as hope that it's a good sign.

I had to stop and put some coffee on,
got up late today, it seems half gone.
It's still early but it throws me a bit,
but sleeps not bad, I'll take it.

When I finish this, I know what to do,
go and push some buttons, starting with the blue,
I think it bears repeating, a reminder if you will,
no matter how hard we try, things aren't better still.

Please take time today to try something new,
it doesn't have to be a lot, anything will do.
It could be the way you eat, try a different mix,
or you could take a walk, pick up varied sticks.

Enjoy! ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I saw him yesterday, that striped little thing,
in time to cross the road, or you know what that could bring,
when I was abreast of it, I sort of scraped my feet,
he/she took off running, it couldn't stand the heat.

It's the first time that I've seen it, in 2010,
so I'll need to be on the lookout, or be a has been;
and it's good to keep a watchful eye,
look for the critters and keep an eye on the sky.

Well, now they've gone and done it!
The Celtics I mean.  They played hard and won it,
first round winners will need the rest;
because now it's Cleveland, thought to be the best.

And the Red Sox were winners too, I'm almost overcome,
Clay Bucholtz pitched well, Lowell hit the winning run!
Now I can be happy, at least for today,
and keep my big mouth shut, the bitchin's gone away.

But I'll go walking, there's going to be some rain,
very light stuff, or snow, shouldn't be a pain;
at least I'll get some time in, maybe a few miles,
and that should keep me relaxed and giving smiles.

But first I think you know, what I'm going to do.
That's right! Go push the green, purple, blue;
and the red, pink and yellow, I'll go right down the line,
you do it your way, and I'll do it mine!

Live and Let Live, I can't say it enough;
take time to think it through, and all that other stuff;
just try to be friendly, smile and give a hand,
it's easy to be nice! But on the other hand.....


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A regular...

...pitchers duel, that's what it was,  (sarcasm intended)
really no, that's a reason not a cause;
the game was long and ugly, over in four hours,
thirteen to twelve, the taste of it sours.

Thirty-four hits, that's the total of....
...this game - that ought to be against the law...
of averages anyway.  The pitcher threw,
too many, so the runs add up to more than just a few.

I've got to take a walk, to clear my aching brain,
and I just watched the end, that helped relieve the pain.
There can't be an excuse for ugly games like this,
but FrancoMa will come up with one, he'll do his best.

I just can't forget it, walk and a meeting too,
and if I were a Toronto fan, I don't know what I'd do,
I need to walk to get away from this ugly scene,
and the meetings help too, if you know what I mean.

So, let's move on to more pleasant things,
like pushing pretty buttons, you know what that brings,
hope, food and medicine are amoung the gifts,
you can give away today, yes, you! You deserve the best.

And Let us not forget to Live and Let Live,
it's a simple motto that has a lot to give;
what other people should not cause a frown,
if it's lawful business, you mind your own!


Monday, April 26, 2010


....there's not much left to say,
if you were a Boston fan, it was a lousy day!
The sox can't bat in a single run,
and the Celtics play like kids having fun.

Those 'athletes' may sometimes forget,
they have to work, fans pay for it;
the Sox need a batting coach, new;
the Celtics need to be younger, except for a few.

I won't berate them anymore today,
and tomorrow? Well, who's to say;
all the above describe most of the day,
I'm looking forward to today.

I did walk five miles then and I'll do it now,
Usually manage to work that in somehow,
but it's relaxing, and give me time to think,
and, fingers crossed, no sign of the stink. (skunk)

It'll be a couple of hours to sit,
so I'm planning to make good use of it;
starting with page,
pushing those buttons. It's all the rage!

And maybe somewhere along the way,
I'll meet a stranger, someplace today;
I just might stick out my hand,
give his a shake, it's a free land.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

I don't....

...understand it, and I never will,
how can I sleep, well, until?
One day it's midnight, the next it's ten,
I worry about having days that don't end.

Nah!  I'm doing okay,
up at midnight another nice day,
yesterday too, was a late rising for me,
I worry about nothing, don't you see?

Yesterday was quiet, I have a good walk,
then we took a ride, about nine o'clock,
took a spin up around the Piscataquis River way,
then back home for lunch, all in all a very nice day.

Today is going to be quiet too,
a walk and an errand, not much to do,
the Sox and the Celtics both play at one,
now, how am I going to get anything done?

So, I'll just take it, one day at a time,
if anything's lost, it's just my mind,
I'll try not to worry about my sleep habits,
so I won't count sheep. How about rabbits?

Enjoy your day!