Thursday, October 16, 2014

Not today

  I will not be writing today and maybe longer.  I am experiencing bad back pain.  I hurt my back in maybe 1983 helping move a grand piano and every once in a while it just kicks in.  Watch this space, not for long silly, just check in once in a while.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

The truth is stranger...

  I heard a news story yesterday that was just plain unbelievable.  A widow, Jane Doe (not her real name) was arrested for continuing to cash her husbands Social Security checks after he had died.
  Now, normally, a Funeral Home will notify Social Security of a death, in this case there was not funeral director involved, yet.
  Mr. Doe died this past March and the arrest was made in October of this year.  So what's the hold up?
  Before he died Mr. Doe told Mrs. Doe that she should just keep his remains at home, open all the doors and windows so the birds could come in and eat his body.  She followed his request.
  After the arrest, or during, officials found the body on the living room floor unmolested by birds.  Mrs. Doe explained the birds wouldn't get near the corpse and only went as far as the air conditioner.  There was no explanation of the involvement of the air conditioner.
  I think Mr. Doe told his wife of the arrangement so she would be arrested and someone would take care of her; there cannot possibly be any other reason.  She clearly needs the help.  It's a true story, you just cannot make this stuff up - well I could but not this time.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Technology in 1914.

1914 Chevrolet Light Six - click
  One hundred years ago the citizens of Bangor, Maine and lots of other places first discovered window screens; it was only recently that flies were discovered to carry diseases.  The automobile was starting to flourish along with "detachable rowboat motors".
  The Lombard Steam Hauler was also being converted to the use of gasoline engines.  A man in Bangor had invented a "float gauge of oil and gas tanks".
  Electric light bulbs with tungsten filaments were dropping in price as new manufacturing methods were discovered.  A whole host of products came on the market.
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Light bulbs of the era

Monday, October 13, 2014

Will they finish the Finnish race?

Nathan and Tia in the muddy water pit
Photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters
  Up at the Sunday River Ski area in Newry, Maine couples recently raced in a "wife-carrying" race, The North American Wife Carrying Championship.  The husband carries his wife through an obstacle course that includes hurdles and running through a large hole filled with mud and water.  The winning couple, it's a timed race, win a trip to Finland to compete in the world championship races.
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The winners Jesse and Christina complete a hurdle
Photo: Brian Snyder/Reuters

Sunday, October 12, 2014

I'm going for a walk

In Baxter State Park - click to enlarge
Photo: State of Maine, Dept. of Conservation
I'm going for a walk, one of these days,
when the sun comes up and burns off the haze.
When the wind dies down and things are quiet,
and my mind stops racing like it's in a riot.
Someday when my vision becomes more clear,
and I can see things not only far but near.
Yeah, I'm going for a walk one of these day,
when I win the lottery, or learn not to play.
It might be today, maybe after seven,
when the sun comes up, it'll be just like heaven.