Saturday, February 6, 2010

It did.... again, quit, won't start, nada, nothing, stop,
now it's been towed down to the dealers shop;
whatever fix that had been put into place,
doesn't work good, they have egg on their face.

In the meanwhile we've been loaned a car,
we'll see if Hollie and I can get very far,
we are going to stay right in town,
not going to let some old car get us down.

But before I leave to go pick her up,
I'll spend some time, helping a pup,
feed the critters, people too,
free breast cancer screenings, what else can we do?

Helping our neighbors is what it's about,
I wonder how many buttons, we can burn out?
Go ahead, do it, what can you lose,
push them all or just ones that you choose.


Friday, February 5, 2010

It is done...

...the car that is, it's okay so it's alleged, can't argue;
the dealer did a thorough check that's true,
only one bad spot could be found,
with the radio, computers and sound?

Anyway - it's over, 'til next time I guess,
maybe I should ask a priest to bless,
but they don't bless cars, not that I've heard;
of course that means you're taking my word.

Today's kind of cold, but I'll try it out,
do some of that walking I can't live without,
back to the sidewalk on Dirigo Drive,
I guess it helps to keep me alive.

Before I go I'll take a nap or a snooze,
got up at ten, have nothing to lose;
then I'll push buttons, a daily chore,
what possibly more could a man live for?

You don't have to do all things at once,
one at a time or maybe a small bunch,
stress is trying to do too many things,
try First Things First, see what it brings.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

We have...

... the car, such as it is,
I can't explain the technical biz,
the bad computer took over the good,
who knows what goes on, under the hood!

So today to the dealer it goes,
a far away place, with tired old shows,
but, I'll get a loaner, that's what I've been told,
while they fix the car, and we're on hold.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad that it runs,
hopefully long enough to get some stuff done;
like going to a meeting, some place to chat,
and go for a walk, don't forget your hat.

But prior to starting on my new adventure,
I've got to visit the unique architecture,
of the "button place", you know the site well,
push all those buttons, go on, give 'em hell!

And if you know someone, who's not exactly like you,
please get along, you know what to do,
shake a hand, a cheerful greeting, is what you give,
follow the motto:  Live and Let Live!'s good today

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is...

...a real mess, this without a car,
one things for sure I ain't goin far!
Now last night I messed up my bedtime,
now it's one thirty and I can't write good rhyme.

I slept until one, yes, one in the morning,
I should have been up, at least I'm not yawning,
I wonder what coffee will taste like, this late in the day?
Oh, when in Rome! Right? Ain't that what they say?

I guess I'll go walking today, a little more,
yesterdays walk was good, I didn't get sore,
but I walked two miles over rough terrain,
just to end up on the road a mile from home, but no rain.

I'll go back today to my "regular route",
down to the beaver pond, I guess that's what it's about;
maybe the garage will call with good news,
that's one thing for sure that I can use.

And I'll push buttons, all six of them,
try it yourself, be a man among men,  (ladies too please)
helping each other, that's what it's about,
if you don't care to, then off and out.

Waiting for coffee!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

If something...

...can go wrong, it will come in bunches;
and can happen at a time, when you have no hunches,
that's what going on at our house today,
yesterday really - but look at it this way....

....while I was out walking the snowmobile trail,
my knee locked up, just like it was in jail;
I have got down to photo some tracks,
when the damn thing decided to attack(s).

I'm okay now it worked itself out,
but I've got something else to tell you about.
While I was out walking, communing with nature,
my wife and the car were in for adventure.

The car went good while she was driving,
but stopped at a friends, the car was thriving,
when she got in to start the thing up;
nothing, zip, zilch - the ghost had gone up.

Now it's in the garage, the computer won't talk,
all that they've tried and the thing will balk,
I guess they'll try something new today,
module by module.....and who's going to pay?

But I won't let that distract me from doing my thing,
call up them buttons - give them a ring,
and I will punch them, every one,
there's food on the table for critters, each one.

If you keep trying but don't suceed,
there may be something that you need,
start at the beginning with step one,
Easy Does It; but do it, and it will get done.

At least the coffee's good!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Hand warmers...

...came in handy yesterday morning really,
the temps were low, little breeze, quite chilly;
so I walked about three and a half miles in the cold,
stopped before finishing, 'cause I'm getting old.

In the afternoon (mine not yours) at ten thirty,
I went on the snowmobile trail again, very purty. (pretty)
I crossed a pond, or frozen bog, and terrain not too nice,
and a big beaver pond, slippery on bare ice.

There are many deer tracks, but I saw only one,
he saw, or heard, me first, he was on the run,
near that bog, with many streams, they come to drink,
I'd think that they'd starve to death, but they're not on the brink.

It was a three and half mile walk, ended in another town,
and it took an hour, that terrain did slow me down,
I'm going back today, with a camera to shoot,
photos on the phone yesterda will be given the boot.

But before I do all that, excuse me coffees' ready,
Yum, it's good, it might keep me steady;
oh yeah, before I do all that, First Things First, will do,
I'm going on that web-site and push buttons too.

Then take Peggy to the lab, blood work to get done,
I have a little gift for them myself, it a ______ one!
I won't fill in that blank, you know, I gave my word,
no "adult" words on there, so they will not be 'heard'.


Sunday, January 31, 2010

Oh Boy!...

...the coffee's done, I just made a pot,
you guys hang on, I'll drink some while it's hot;
ahhh! That's better, it tastes really good,
go ahead and try some, you know you should!

Yesterday was quiet, and very cold,
the wind from the Northwest, is getting very old;
we walked on the snowmobile trail for a while,
maybe we made a total of two and a half mile(s).

Today promises to be warmer and the wind more calm,
so I'll go and try to walk around, can't do any harm,
if that doesn't work out, I'll walk the snow trail again,
maybe to the very top, where I haven't been.

But before I do all that, there's something that waits,
pushing all those buttons, habit forming traits;
but you'll be so helpful, and feeling good too,
please come and join me. Yes I mean you!

Some people are different that you or I,
that doesn't mean they're not trying to get by,
maybe it's language, or color of their skin,
Live and Let Live, that's how it should have been.