Saturday, July 18, 2009

There must be.. explanation for this loss,
the blame lies right with the boss.
Heaven knows he didn't try,
Left the team hung out to dry.
So he just let a good team lose,
now what are we supposed to choose?

Is he paid by the Yankees? or a crime boss?
How else can you explain this loss?
Leave in a guy who's going downhill,
giving us all a real bitter pill,
He thinks the loss is really neato,
We've got to get rid of the awful Tito!

The man is a jerk, it's time to pass...
this guy on, he's a real horses ass!
He sits and grins and fools around,
while "his" team is run in the ground.
What is his real evil plan?
Or is it just that he don't give a damn?

That's enough of that stuff,
but it rubs me rough,
I think I will no longer choose,
to watch my favorite team lose.
I won't look up the stats, standings or score,
let somebody else do that horrific chore!

Well, leave all this stuff, to someone who cares,
Maybe somebody in Chicago who watches the Bears.
Not much will change the divergent way,
and everyone knows Tito will stay.
I might as well get used to this jerk,
or when the Sox are on, do some other work!

Please don't forget to take time to push,
the big purple button, don't sit on your tush!
and be good to your neighbors, they may be your friend,
or to the family, who lives 'round the bend.
If we're good to each other, and show that we care.
It'll make life worth living and easy to bear.

Have a great non-rainy day!

Midnight Special...

...or nearly so. When I sleep until 11:50 it's almost as if something is wrong. It's just kind of weird, to me.

Yesterday went very well, Hollie is excited about our trip to The County on Tuesday, she bought a "Maine bag", it's a zippered, messenger bag size thing with a decorated map of Maine. She is bringing her laminated project which has a map of Maine and a photo of Gov. Baldacci, then she has to have (are you ready) pine green nail polish, it is, after all, the pine tree state! You see the rest of us don't think things through. She is a planner, already talking about next spring. I did manage to get her walking, she walked about a mile and a half with me. I got in four and a half, and the total stands at 482, that 500 is really close now.

Not much on the RAINY (#&*%&) day, I will get some walking in if I have to wear a bathing suit.

Red Sox won last night, a pitchers dual, 4 to 1, so all in all a very good game.

Live and Let Live and feed the critters.

Friday, July 17, 2009

It's me again....

...I say with a laugh,
beat yesterdays time by a half,
Ten thirty just happens to beat,
ten, at least by three feet.
It's still quite a riddle,
to get up in the middle.

When the news is on at eleven,
most people are in a sleep heaven
But little ol' me
is there to see.
Whatever it is that they're havin'

Today is a day of Hollie,
who is practiced by golly,
in getting things done,
she watches out for number one.
And won't settle for folly.

The plastic is applied with heat,
like a sandwich with bread and meat.
It will be her personal prize,
gazed on by her singular eyes.
Her pleasure would be hard to beat.

Walking yesterday totaled five,
I was glad that I was alive,
as by walking the road
it took off a load,
of weight and that is no jive.

It's time to Live and let Live,
and food to the critters do give.
They will meow and give a big yelp,
In thanks to you for your help,
just push the button to give!


Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh, Oh....... happened I did it again,
What's this about, getting up at ten?
Everyone wonders, they think I'm a nut,
how did I ever get in this rut?
When I go to the meeting, it's half past seven,
but for me it's later than half past eleven.
When I eat lunch, it could be at nine,
one crazy thing, this life of mine!

I went the doctor, went to the lab first,
they took my blood, just like we rehearsed.
He was so happy the lung doctor guy,
I'm getting better, on me there's no fly.
The disease isn't progressing, for me it's a first,
it's getter better, the news isn't the worst.

I'm all done with doctors, how time does fly,
but wait just a minute, how is your eye?
I don't know now, but in a couple of weeks,
good Dr. Lyons will take a few peeks.
That's the last of appointments that I have to make,
seems like all of my time, these quack guys will take.

Today it's off to a meeting it'll make me feel good,
try to act human, be nice, act like I should,
just have to make through this long day,
then later on, I'll hit the hay.
Go to bed and in my dreams do I thrive,
You see...I'm going to bed just after five!

Be good to the critters, live and let live,
sometimes it feels good to dig in and give!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Where to begin....

...when you get up a ten
watched half the game, it was fun;
even more when the Americans won.
Appointment with quack, all was just fine,
as long as I continue walking the line.
Finished the day complete with smiles,
after I walked two and a half miles.

Meeting this morning, then off to a quack,
getting the medicine men off of my back.
I'll do some walking, and have a good lunch.
maybe tomorrow I'll write a whole bunch.

Feeding the critters, don't take much time,
even if yours is more valuable than mine.
Treating others with care and respect,
you will get back more than you expect.

This is the end, of an attempt at a rhyme,
I'll try it again some other time.
Only one more thing for me to say,
I hope you all have a beautiful day!

No baseball... last night, I miss it already. No stats to read, no write-ups about this or that team, it's terrible. What am I supposed to do in the wee hours?

I did have a good walking day yesterday with just a tad over five miles, I now have walked 464 miles since March 8th, my goal is 500 miles, and I have this week and next to get it done!

Doctors routine visit today, every six months like clockwork, geezers have to go more often than those who aren't (geezers that is), I have prescription refills to order and a couple of questions for the quack. My wife, Linda, that has an appointment with her Dentist office, cleaning and inspection, but I get to go to lunch! Who is making out better, me at lunch or her in the "chair", open wide now?

Live and Let Live and feed the critters - there is a critical need right now!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Asleep... the wheel, slept in today until 11PM! By the way Asleep at the Wheel is a terrific musical group, especially their Ride with Bob CD, I love it. Well I managed four and a half miles yesterday and have at least three or four planned for this morning (early).

The Red Sox won again, the dreaded Yankers lost and, and, and that puts Boston 3 games in front of those others who shall remain nameless.

Other than the walk and a meeting I don't have much planned for today, work on a painting would help a lot, there are three I'm on so I better get busy.

Easy Does It, feed the critters please (it's free and it's easy)

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I was right.......

huh, Dad? Famous words from Hollie, who usually is right. Yesterday went very well, we found some bargains at Ocean State Job Lots, a very nice book/magazine about the Celtics championship season (lots of photos of Hollies favorite, Paul Pierce). The big find of the day were the coconut M&M's, we finally found some at Hannaford. Laminating was held to 7 items, and we had to go to a different Staples, the usual one was out of laminating sheets (some body is responsible for that, who could that be?), so we went to the Airport Mall.

The Red Sox won again, with no help from the bullpen. The bull pen is collapsing, terrible, terrible work from them, maybe the couple of days off will help. It's awful to watch!

I also got Hollie to walk with me yesterday around a downtown block which included a small hill, all in all I got about three miles in. Hope to get out this morning, showers permitting.

Easy Does It, and remember to click the big purple button.