Saturday, July 18, 2009

Midnight Special...

...or nearly so. When I sleep until 11:50 it's almost as if something is wrong. It's just kind of weird, to me.

Yesterday went very well, Hollie is excited about our trip to The County on Tuesday, she bought a "Maine bag", it's a zippered, messenger bag size thing with a decorated map of Maine. She is bringing her laminated project which has a map of Maine and a photo of Gov. Baldacci, then she has to have (are you ready) pine green nail polish, it is, after all, the pine tree state! You see the rest of us don't think things through. She is a planner, already talking about next spring. I did manage to get her walking, she walked about a mile and a half with me. I got in four and a half, and the total stands at 482, that 500 is really close now.

Not much on the RAINY (#&*%&) day, I will get some walking in if I have to wear a bathing suit.

Red Sox won last night, a pitchers dual, 4 to 1, so all in all a very good game.

Live and Let Live and feed the critters.

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