Saturday, August 1, 2009

Maybe it's...

...catching, this art of sleeping in,
who's to know difference, oh where to begin;
for one thing when I'm tired, that's almost every night,
I go to bed willingly, don't put up a fight.

Or, maybe I am lazy, and a shiftless skunk,
maybe I never ever get up and leave my bunk.
But when I keep sleeping, and it's way after ten,
but when it reaches eleven, well, I get up then.

But eleven beats the early rise, then thing about ten,
so I guess I'll just have to keep on sleeping in.
In the whole scheme of things, it not worth a tinkers damn,
at least I know where I am, and I'm not on the lam.

I had the girl, Hollie, out yesterday morning,
it's like a sudden storm that hits without warning,
Staples had the machine on high, just waited for us to come,
she had projects uncounted, Staples was under the gun.

Once we left that holy place of heated plastic,
we went in search of other stuff that could be fantastic.
At Bull Moose Music Hollie found, an of CD she wanted,
it's Billy Ray the Cyrus dad, he's so very vaunted.

Find the right thing in the case fit for lamination,
it'll be the best thing ever, the rage of this great nation,
It was, you know, and interesting subject,
one never knows where you might find a heated plastic object.

Today is going to be a nice day weather wise,
I heard on the radio while I listened to the guys,
it's the day art comes to Bangor, in a colorful blend,
come and see the paintings, heck why not bring a friend.

I am really looking forward to seeing all the art,
maybe it's something I can look at and see each different part.
Of course there is the walking, at a slower pace.
It's going to be a great day, to be in the human race!

Take it easy, as in does it, you know the spin,
feed the hungry critters, maybe take one in.
And don't forget to care about everybody else.
It's better than just thinking of our lonely selves.

I hope you have a good day!

Friday, July 31, 2009

I guess...

...I'd better get used to,
getting up late, two days in a row,
what the heck is going on,
is what I want to know.

Waking up when it's past eleven,
is starting to be routine,
but I wonder just how long it's going to last;
knowing my historical past.

I did get in some walking, partly in the rain,
don't like dodging raindrops, it's such a pain.
Oh sure, I've got and umbrella, and I wear a hat;
but it's just not the same walking, when you do it like that.

Then I went to a meeting, a favorite of mine,
and I have to wonder, why people don't get there on time.
It's really not worth the hassle, or anything like that,
it's good that they got to the meeting, let's leave it at that.

Today is for a morning with Hollie, up to her usual tricks,
she will have me going to get her in the sticks.
When we arrive where ever we're going, and we won't be late.
Some paper and some plastic, are going to meet their fate.

No meeting and not too much walking all in one short day,
that's they way it's going to be there's nothing left to say,
but have yourself a good one, make sure the critters get their click.
and be good to one another, that will do the trick.

I've been thinking of making another whole new blog.
Separate from this one, so as this space not to hog.
It'll be about a friend of mine, with very large feet.
a guy from the high desert, Tehachapi Pete.

Thursday, July 30, 2009


....was quiet, there's not too much to say,
maybe it will get better, but maybe not today.
I did my walking early, it's hotter than you know what,
and made it to my meeting, so my mind will not be shut.

I didn't watch the end, of the game last night,
maybe it's almost time, to give up on the fight.
Could be better for my health, to go out and throw some rocks.
Yes, yes much better than watching those damn Sox!

Be kind to the critters, and to other people too,
Do it! Do it! It will feel so good to you!
Remember to Keep it Simple, that's the Golden Rule,
do unto others as you would have them do to you.

Live and Let Live and have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Important note

I speak, read and write in two languages, English and Vulgar; because I limit myself to English on this blog, I will refrain from writing about the Red Sox today. I got up at 10:00PM and watched the end of the game, 'nuff said!!

Yesterday I wanted to walk,
and I wanted to walk a lot.
So I set off with a smile,
and a nice quick first mile.

And in the I found that;
I shouldn't have worn a hat.
I started at five in the morning,
and fog came in without warning.

It was damp, it was muggy and cool,
walking three miles in that, takes a fool.
But I completed the walk sans hat.
It was hot after all and that's that.

Today I hope to do better,
if the weather is not any wetter (not a sure bet, is it?)
I'd like to go a mile or two,
maybe just go for more than a few.

Whatever turns out to be true,
I'll be done before the sky turns blue.
Get a good early start,
I like that part.

After all it will be my afternoon!!

Be kind to our fur bearing friends
push the big purple button!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Sleeping in......

......ahh, it felt so good,
at 11:15 though, I got up like I should.
You know what Mr. Franklin said,
get up early or stay in bed?

Yesterday was a quiet day,
didn't do much, which is to say;
A little walking here and there,
not far enough to go anywhere.

Home all day, did some art,
doesn't look right, maybe take it apart.
Read a book until the end.
Little stir crazy, but not around the bend.

Today is back to a meeting,
be glad to see friends and greeting.
Home for lunch you can be sure.
Beat mosquitoes to the door.

Sure be happy to see July go,
either wet or hot, never just so.
Don't like it hot, don't like it wet,
dry and seventy is as good as it can get.

Not likely to happen this July,
let this whole month go, let it fly.
I know August will be hot,
and I won't like it, but it's what we've got!

Go into a gentle day,
and please don't forget to say,
Hello or goodbye, please and thanks;
even if you meet up with cranks :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

What the ....

...heck was happening;
early yesterday morning?
I was up at 9:45PM which is early, even for me. I did my usual stuff like meds, etc.
Worked at the computer about a half hour and become very sleepy, I slept in my
chair until 12:30PM. When I was awake, I wasn't moving very well for a while, then
everything was back to normal (as it can get).

I did some walking in Bangor and some errands at the store, I was home before 7AM,
because of the expected hot weather, which really didn't go as forecast. Today is supposed
to be the same, hot and humid, I'll walk in Hampden at 5 or 6 for a couple of miles, and
maybe some coffee too, since I've been up since ten.

Not too much to write about other than the Red Sox, Tito did it again! Idiot!

Remember, go to and push the purple button, it's near the top and large. Also may I suggest if human hunger pulls your chain.

Have a great day!

Oh, what a morning.......

...that started with a twist,
Hollie changed her mind, and who could resist.
It was paper that she wanted and batteries too,
so we came to our house to see what we could do.

On the computer, Raven do we Google and print,
Couple of those, then off to town we went.
Dunkin' Donuts first and foremost on her list,
so we went in for coffee and snacks for which she wished.

Don't forget to go to WalMart that almost holy place,
Gum and a magazine, come on, keep up the pace!
Magazines require a knife; staples to remove,
remove the page you wanted, fold the crease to make it smooth.

Glue to some paper, making sure it straight,
doing this in a car, well - let's just say it great!
Get into Staples, be the first one in,
put that stuff in heated plastic, see that is how you win.

Now up the road around the corner to the mall we go,
looking for a wanted book, she has to Dad to show.
And so at B Dalton, purveyor of fine books,
Hollie threw out the lines and Daddy took the hooks.

Then, of course, the cutting and pasting all took place,
and down the road to Staples, want to join the race?
That project is now done, it rests upon the seat.
Guess what Dad? I'm hungry, let's go someplace and eat.

BUT before we go to Subway, what do you think,
another paper project! This is beginning to stink.
So to another Staples - we've come to another part of town,
Laminate this project, you know, we've got this down.

So that's how you spend a morning, it's quite a routine,
but one that's been practiced since she was way pre-teen,
It's something so repeated there is no way to change,
just one more thing for Autism to make sure that we arrange.

Just go be good to you neighbors, they'll be good to you,
Please go on and try it! You'll see that it is true.
And don't forget the dogs, and pretty kitties too,
did you push the button? If not then please do.

Have a great day - please read the posting from yesterday afternoon. And I have a question;
if my neighbors have nothing to hide, why do they lock their doors when they go to work? :)