Sunday, July 26, 2009

What the ....

...heck was happening;
early yesterday morning?
I was up at 9:45PM which is early, even for me. I did my usual stuff like meds, etc.
Worked at the computer about a half hour and become very sleepy, I slept in my
chair until 12:30PM. When I was awake, I wasn't moving very well for a while, then
everything was back to normal (as it can get).

I did some walking in Bangor and some errands at the store, I was home before 7AM,
because of the expected hot weather, which really didn't go as forecast. Today is supposed
to be the same, hot and humid, I'll walk in Hampden at 5 or 6 for a couple of miles, and
maybe some coffee too, since I've been up since ten.

Not too much to write about other than the Red Sox, Tito did it again! Idiot!

Remember, go to and push the purple button, it's near the top and large. Also may I suggest if human hunger pulls your chain.

Have a great day!

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