Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday all over again ?........ is what it is, that's it my friend,
and there ain't always a picnic, just down that walk,
where you can sit and quietly talk.

But it's Saturday, to be celebrated, that's the chatter,
of course to us old geezers that doesn't matter;
You see, to us, it's pretty much the same,
is that an excuse? Sounds kind of lame!

For me it's worth looking forward to,
it's Hollie Day, there'll be lots to do;
of course I don't know now, the days events,
do they still have those sales? In tents?

It will be good, we always have fun,
I guess I must be the chosen one;
and we will keep busy, right up to the end,
and I don't ever know, what's around that next bend.

So- I'll be busy, but what about you,
are you going to find enough to do?
There are lot's of ways you can find,
to do yourself good, and give you peace of mind.

Go click on the button, purple still today,
it'll buy some dog chow, litter or hay;
and try just a little to help someone too,
remember, it's a good feeling for you.

And if you happen to meet some body that's new,
there's a big bonus in that for you,
shake to new comers hand, say hello, how do you do;
please have a seat, we have a chair for you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday...

...and it's time to donate a pint,
not a hard thing to do, do you think you might?
Just go to the Red Cross, they are everywhere,
go ahead, just do it, that's a double dare!

I try to go in regularly, at some sort of scheduled time,
but sometimes I get off track, it's not their fault, it's mine.
It takes about an hour, most of the game's a waiting one.
the donation lasts about ten minutes, then you're done.

Yesterday was very good, but, a little cool,
ol' man winter's just around the corner, he's no fool.
it was in the twenties, give a degree or so,
better now than when - it's twenty below!

The walking seems to be, back on track for now,
but with winter arriving it' out! Snow plow!
see what I mean there, things are going to change,
I'll have to walk inside and that's not in my range.

Today is not be different in any sort of way,
walking, coffee, meeting - unless things go astray,
then to the Red Cross, it's Friday of the eighth week,
and I can lay right down and hope this damn thing doesn't leak!

Please visit and give the pets a chance,
there even places for horses, like the Last Chance Ranch.
And of course there are people who need a little boost,
sometimes it's hard to get up - when you've fallen from your roost.

And remember to Keep It Simple, a catchy little phrase,
but you still have to do it, if your spirit's going to raise;
try it, it's not difficult, and gets better given time,
and many wishes for good luck, to your families and mine.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


....I guess, I'll calm things down,
"he says easily but with a frown";
why would anyone say a thing like that,
he says "shake things up, stuffs old hat".

Had enough?

Yesterday was a very good day,
a short walk, coffee and a meeting, what would you say?
It was a very good meeting, the meaning was there,
then I walked in the parade; just to be fair.

The folks all lined up, all colors and ages,
to watch us walk by, while a new war rages;
I guess the country doesn't want to run out,
of guys like me, with little or no clout.

One after the other, wars start and wane,
one would think there should be peace for a change;
but on and on and on they go,
'cause they make money, for folks in the know.

So today - I won't alter my plans,
walking, coffee and a meeting, raised hands;
hoping to have some differences made,
stand in the sunshine and walk in the shade.

Don't forget to go feed the wee beasts,
give them something on which to feast;
and of course people need our help too,
whose turn is it? Me or you?

Live and Let Live, it's my favorite phrase,
most meaningful now, in this time and place;
respect for all people, dignity too,
that's what's in it, for me and you.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It could be.......

said that Veterans Day should be every day,
and I suppose it is, in it's own way;
at least for those of us, fortunate to make it back,
we are not the important ones, it's the others that we lack.

We'll go today and march in the parade,
small children will wonder how we made the grade,
but the important ones will be missing, they won't march at all,
they are the ones who answered the final call.

Someday it's possible, in the march of time,
when everyone who marches, maybe your grandson or mine,
will have no missing comrades, who didn't make it back,
but for love of country they march the simple track.

Happy Veterans Day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's me again....

...awake at ten, oh I don't know how,
to guess if there's an end to this, in the here and now;
these two hours swings of getting up, we need to slow the pace.
a wild and crazy ride it is, it's like being in a race.

Of course I have no answers to questions such as this,
maybe I'm just dreaming, and on my way to bliss;
but it sure doesn't feel like it, to me it's the pits,
but I'd better accept this things, it as good as it gets.

I'm going to try to insert photos in here someplace,
just some critters that I did and that I can't erase;
do they look like they need food, from the purple place,
if they do, then why don't you help feed the lovely face.

and remember to Keep It Simple, do not overdo (I think I just did!)
but with all this in mind, the answer is to do,
they not to complicate things you do today,
if you don't it's easy, that's what 'they' say.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping in......

....again in Carmel, Maine,
no ifs no ands no buts, no pain,
there must be some excuse,
or is this just a ruse?

I don't know, nor do I care,
but please hurry to offer a chair,
after so long of laying down,
I'm afraid I'll fall in the sink and drown.

Enought of that you silly goose,
who let you out in the world loose,
there must be some mistake;
are you sure that you're awake?

Probably just another dream,
or something caused by my ear scream;
and I guess it really doesn't matter after all,
things don't hibernate in the fall.

I've pushed the purple button, I'm awake enough for that,
those critters in there get hungry you know, they could eat your hat!
And, as always, please remember the people who are hungry too,
jobs are hard to come by now, so they need me and you.

Easy Does It, doesn't sound too hard,
simple stuff written on a card?
No, it's not it means to proceed,
getting things done - that you need.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another day....... think about the meaning of it all,
what do you think of this and that, how to make a ball,
got to do something to clear my old head;
look at the day with purpose, don't look at it with dread.

Yesterday was quiet, and I did a little walking,
only a mile or so, but that got me talking,
and I did the exercises the doctor gave me,
I think there was some value, we will see.

I do feel better today, ankle and knees,
but I won't push my luck and climb any trees.
I may do a little walk, no more than a mile,
but even that little bit, that will make me smile.

I won't have a car to use most of today,
Linda is going to take it, and take Flo away,
they're going down to Portland on a visit, I am told,
at least they're not going when it's very cold.

We have the promise of fair weather for the next few day,
with warmer temperatures (50), so what do we say,
we can get some exercise, even the ordered kind,
we can do something to help clear our mind.

Push the purple button, that's not a hard task,
animals need food, they have no voice to ask;
and people often are hungry too,
unless someone helps, like me or you.

And remember Live and Let Live, is can be our choice,
getting along with each other, praise with our voice;
say 'it's nice to see you, here with us today',
or something similar, what do you say?

Have a great day!