Saturday, December 19, 2009

What do....

...I write about, on a day like today,
when yesterday was "wasted", without making hay,
Linda took Hollie on her appointed rounds,
and they made them all in leaps and bounds.

Hollie's last "projects" before Christmas comes,
we are hoping that she chose, the important ones,
of course, with her, you never really know,
if this one is okay, while the other will suffer a blow.

I stayed home, you know, with my healing hip,
so on anybodys radar, I was just a blip;
this morning I feel better, but no walking will be done,
I will get Peggy, she's the shopping one.

Pushing buttons, something learned as a child,
you can still do that - but this ones kind of mild;
go visit and you will find it,
it's your way to give, FREE, go and do your bit.

There's a lot of talk these days, about who get's what,
in Health Policy, it's kind of boring but;
it's very important that Congress gets it right,
but the big guys aren't leaving, not without a fight.

So much is going on, this thing might slip through,
and there's really not - a whole lot we can do;
just sit there and accept it, but an email has been sent,
we might end up wondering, where our money went.


Friday, December 18, 2009

I quit....

....trying to be hip a long time ago,
now it's come back to haunt me, don't you know;
only this time it's the real hip that's here,
some soft tissue injury, getting out of a chair!

So I'll be home for a couple of days,
have to stem the wanderlust and slow down my ways;
there are things to keep me busy, and some sleepy time too,
and if that's not enough, the wife will tell me what to do.

But I can still push buttons, the purple kind too,
now I need you to join in, that will make two,
those little critters need our help, and it don't cost a dime;
all it takes is some effort, and a minutes time.

I continue to be bothered by the acts of some,
who, for some reason, act rather dumb;
they don't like to see differences that make up human kind,
they'd like to see everyone be like them, and of a like mind.

But that will never happen - people aren't like that,
some are black and some are white, some like to wear a hat;
we are all different in a lot of ways, and we want to give,
up a chant for all of us: Live and Let Live!

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's cold....

...outside today, it's seven right now, the day is not that old,
with winds make it nine below, it's cold!
So this will be an inside day, it's that time of year,
I will get used to it, but at the end I'll cheer.

There are other thing more important than that,
talking about the weather, seem so "old hat";
so on to other issues in my daily life,
don't know nothing about it, I'll have to ask my wife. (attempt at humor)

I'll go to the meeting and then go and walk,
I'm sure things will seem better, after people talk,
there is enough to do, indoors stuff too,
so I'll get busy with a thing or two.

If you have been left to wonder, what this is all about,
why not join, like a group of friends, together, and have a little clout,
things done together seem to be the ones that last,
you don't need to be alone, go to a group and ask.

Enjoy! (Brrrrr)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freezing.... is bearing down on us,
but, it's winter, so why all the fuss?
I'll be disappointed, that's a natural fact;
it's hard to get a walk in, when the weather's like that!

But, you know, I could walk inside,
the mall to walk in is but a short ride,
I guess I'd rather grouse about my bad luck,
instead of the alternative, what a dumb cluck!

But today it's in the twenties, so I can stay outside,
and get my walk in, and feed my foolish pride;
maybe I should take up, something easier to do,
but I don't want to!  That's where I take my cue.

Listen to this bullshit, out of the mouth of geezer,
I think I better settle down, a take a little breather.
There, now that's better, I've had a little rest.
Now, go get busy, and do your very best!

And while you're at it, try that button thing,
Yeah! go ahead and push it, see if it will ring;
I know, I know the thing makes no noise,
but lool at the good your doing..for critter girls and boys.

Your supposed to love you neighbor, that's written down somewhere,
I know the thought process was not gleamed from thin air,
so it's all give and take, or if you like, take and give,
make it easy to remember Live and Let Live.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The new... age may be here, it comes with some snow,
but a few more like these, it needs a new place to go;
but winters are like that, when you live in Maine,
you either get through the season, or slowly go insane.

Yesterday was mild and some of the stuff melted,
but on the radio I hear, with new stuff we may get pelted,
but the sun was out, so I went for some walks,
worked with a shovel (short time), and had some nice talks.

Today will be no different that all that went before,
walking, coffee, meeting and a trip to the store;
but when you're a geezer there's just not much else to do,
I suppose I could waste my time, and just sit and stew.

And I'll push the purple button, I will so help me God,
we need to keep the critters fed, and on the right side of the sod;
so why not join in, give the thing a try,
it will make you feel so much better, in the by and by.

So you've got trouble bunky, and don't know what to do,
get to a meeting then and find out what others do,
they'll have a lot to offer, and a cup of coffee too,
and you know what?  They have a chair for you.


Monday, December 14, 2009

This ain't... way, to get up in the morning,
sick to my stomach and it's storming;
what the heck is going on?
Whatever it is, I want it gone!

As for the weather, it's winter and we can expect,
to get more stuff in different forms that nature has in check;
rain, snow and sleet is what we've got,
it'll get better - when it gets hot.

I'll try a meeting and go for a walk,
then me and the fridge will have a long talk,
I don't know what I took out of there,
but I'll be careful and eat with more care.

In the meantime I'll pay a visit,
to the purple button, and I'll press it!
Push the damn thing with all that I've got,
those pups and kitties will like it hot.

Do you have anyone, who might bother you?
One that is unpleasent no matter what you do?
Sometimes a wide berth is something to give,
don't get discouraged, Live and Let Live.

Smile (or something)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


....another day, this one was slow,
maybe it's because I'm just getting old;
but the computers are done, at least for now,
and I worked on a painting of a cow.

Linda took Hollie for her day out,
moms seem to carry a whole lot of clout,
they had a good time, and got stuff done;
I've been told it was a good one.

I'm going to walk today for sure,
the wind has wound down, and the air is pure;
if there are sidewalks that are clear,
that's where I'll go, hear me cheer!

I have remembered the 'unplaced pets',
given them food, of course, no regrets;
it's free and it's easy, feels good too,
and if I can do it, so can you.

There have been times when things don't drop in line,
and it's hard to practice "One Day at a Time";
and I have to think hard to get myself calm,
try living a day at a time, it can't do any harm.