Saturday, May 31, 2014

What are speed limits for?

  The roads and streets I travel on have some of these very signs, 25, 35, 40 and 45.  Maine Department of Transportation has raised the speed limits on Interstate highways in Maine to 70 and 75.  I don't ever recall seeing a 20mph sign.
  I drive pretty close to the speed limit, I always leave in plenty of time to avoid being late.  I am always awake in time not to be late for anything, hell it's a phobia with me.
  So why do I always get stuck in front of someone who always seems to be running late?  Why?  I will signal and pull over to let one of "those" pass if it's safe to do that.  I will not risk a fine to speed up to appease them.
  So if you're up here in Maine on State Route 222 keep that in mind - between the hours of 3:00AM and 3:00PM.  Thank you.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Caribbean in Kansas

1953 Packard Caribbean owned by Daryl Crotts - click to enlarge
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle
  Daryl Crotts spent 14 years getting the rare Packard Caribbean convertible ready for show, against the advice of his friends.  Just look at the finished product.  Of the 360 or so originals built by Packard only 88 remain, Mr. Crotts has owned two.
  Take the Caribbean cruise here:

The red and white leather interior
Photo: Mike Berry The Wichita Eagle

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Coming this fall, the Luxury Train

The Luxury Train last year on trip to Napa Valley
Photo: American Association of Private Railcar Owners
via Portland Press Herald
  The American Association of Private Railcar Owners will meet in Portland, Maine this fall for their annual convention.  The Association members will arrive in their own rail cars, most of the cars are vintage and some have interesting histories.
  There are 30 cars which will leave Chicago pulled by Amtrak locomotives at a cost of $30,000 each, it costs big money to travel with your own railcar.
  Among the cars is a 1911 made by the Pullman company, Presidents William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson traveled in that car while in office.
 Read more:

The 1911 Pullman Company Car
Photo: Borden Black, American Association of Private Railcar Owners
via Maine Today Media

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Raymond Loewy, designs for us

Mr. Loewy and the Pennsylvania Railroad S1 Steam Engine
  Mr. Loewy was born in France and educated in Europe, but most of his professional life was spent in the United States.  He was a prolific designer for seven decades.  Some of his designs are well known; the Studebaker automobiles from 1949-1956 were known but he also designed the Studie logo.
  He designed the Coke bottle (the old glass ones), the Lucky Strike package, and the Greyhound Scenicruiser, the Coke vending machine, and the first Air Force One and many, many more.
Read more:

Notes:  The Red Sox won the second game in a row last night (I slept better).  I am writing this on my "new" computer, it's all together now, with a replacement of the keyboard that came with it.  It has wireless connections with the internet and printer - so a couple less cords.

1953 Studebaker Commander

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Harley Earl - the design chief

The Tail Fin - click to enlarge
  Harley Earl was born in Hollywood, he was a coach maker by trade but he got a job at General Motors.  Mr. Earl had ideas, lots of ideas - he was an Industrial Engineer with a flair for design.  He knew how things worked, how people were drawn to style.
  His first concept car was the "Y-Job" for Buick in 1938 (photo below), he went on the put the "port holes" on Buick, the tail fin - which was copied many times, and Project Opal which become the Chevrolet Corvette.
  He had flair alright, lot's of it.  Read more:

The Y-Job - click to enlarge

Monday, May 26, 2014

Now it's ten in a row

  For the first time in 38 years (1976) the Red Sox have lost ten games in a row.  The reason for the losses is anybody's guess, my guess is Manager - he leaves a pitcher in too long.  I could be wrong and I frequently am, even so that's my guess and I'm sticking with it.

  After today the computer switch will be done,  There were lots of stuff to move to one and delete from the other - all of that went very well with little problems except for one program where having the ability to read directions helped.  I didn't read nothing for the rest of it, reading is for sissies.

  So, I will be here tomorrow, better prepared, because I have already picked my next two stories and they will be good ones.  Just hang in.

  Today is Memorial Day - please take a moment and remember those who died so we can do stuff like this.

Sunday, May 25, 2014


Click to enlarge and check out your state
Google Trends
  I don't know who comes up with these but they're different.  I would say they are unbelievable but knowing how people react maybe this is true.

  I went to sleep after 12 innings of the Red Sox/Tampa Bay game yesterday already at peace with myself thinking the Sox would lose.  I was right of course they lost, in the 15th inning by a player throwing the ball away.  For Pete's sake!  Throw the damned ball over the second baseman's head!  I have no idea what will come of this pitiful mass of flesh called the Boston Red Sox but it might not be pretty.  Or probably nothing will be done about, they'll just smile on and collect their huge paychecks.

  I will make an effort to get back on track tomorrow.  I have moved all files to the new computer for the third time - this has been since February!!!  The switch will be soon.