Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Raymond Loewy, designs for us

Mr. Loewy and the Pennsylvania Railroad S1 Steam Engine
  Mr. Loewy was born in France and educated in Europe, but most of his professional life was spent in the United States.  He was a prolific designer for seven decades.  Some of his designs are well known; the Studebaker automobiles from 1949-1956 were known but he also designed the Studie logo.
  He designed the Coke bottle (the old glass ones), the Lucky Strike package, and the Greyhound Scenicruiser, the Coke vending machine, and the first Air Force One and many, many more.
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Notes:  The Red Sox won the second game in a row last night (I slept better).  I am writing this on my "new" computer, it's all together now, with a replacement of the keyboard that came with it.  It has wireless connections with the internet and printer - so a couple less cords.

1953 Studebaker Commander

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