Saturday, November 1, 2014

A day in the life of..

A couple of geezers - click if you dare
Photo by Hot Dog
  Well now you see, we were on the Bangor Foot Bridge and taking some photos of the remaining leaves and the Hot Dog walked out and asked if we'd like a photo of us together.  There it is.  The Hot Dog was actually a woman in a costume who works at a local agency nearby.  She was on her break.
  Most of the color is gone but in a few spots the oaks and a few maples still have some color.  That and what the heck we needed something to do, and besides the "good" bakery is nearby and the doughnuts are great!

Friday, October 31, 2014

It's the end of October

Carved pumpkins in Brunswick Maine - click
Photo by Seth Koenig for Bangor Daily News
  It's damned near winter and it's 32 degrees as I write this, brrrr.  It's also almost to the end of TV season for political ads (thankfully).
  It is now the third day of basketball season and last night LeBron James and the Cleveland team were beaten, I'm almost giddy.  James has the worlds largest ego, believes HE is the team but managed 15 points in 45 minutes of play - and the idiot was still smiling.
  Please remember to go and vote and then maybe the politicians will shut up.  Not really I know they won't the constant bickering will continue to erode government in this country.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Window shopping

Windmills on Mount Waldo from the Loggin Road with Marsh Stream, Winterport, Maine
Photo/Illustration: Eolin Energy via Bangor Daily News
  There aren't any windmills on Mount Waldo yet but this is what it would look like if there were.  It's not a good place for them, my opinion, the site is where some famous granite came from, it's in almost every large city on the east coast.
  Linda was shopping for shoes.  I took her to Super Shoes in Bangor and found a pair.  Then we went to Macy's at the Bangor Mall and looked for some on sale "at huge discounts".  Same shoe-same price, even with a "huge discount".
  The window shopping came at table after table full of colorful silk neckties.  I don't had any use for a necktie but I have a couple just in case.  It was tempting, of course there were too many to choose from so you'd have to buy a dozen!
  A little sad that the Giant's won the World Series, I had other hopes, but they didn't let me play.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

I can almost see what I'm writing

Take a close look
Photo: PPH
  I moved a little too sideways yesterday morning so it was back to taking the muscle relaxer.  The result was less pain but the blurred vision came calling too.  I can see what I'm doing but have to watch closely right now.  No trouble with distance so driving isn't any danger, it's just reading and writing.
  A friend of my wife sent her a listing on interested stuff everyday if you have time to spare.  Here's an example:
  In a article on aging it was noted that as we grow older lists become more common.
  A man told his wife he was going to the kitchen.  She asked that he bring her some ice cream.  He didn't need to write that down he said, then she added strawberries and whipped cream.  He still contended he didn't need to write that down, he could remember that he said. 
  He appeared twenty minutes later and handed his wife an empty plate.  To which she replied.
  "Where's my toast?"

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

An update

Well, my friends, I'm back, but limited.  The problem is a spine with "a lot" of arthritis, particularly in the lower back.  One of the medicines I am/was on is a muscle relaxer and causes blurry vision.  Plus the fact that I need new glasses, appointment next week.
It's been a painful experience but I am on the mend and going back to my regular schedule.  It's been a busy few days with appointments for my and the missus too, now we have even more in common.  Too bad it's not something more pleasant.