Thursday, October 30, 2014

Window shopping

Windmills on Mount Waldo from the Loggin Road with Marsh Stream, Winterport, Maine
Photo/Illustration: Eolin Energy via Bangor Daily News
  There aren't any windmills on Mount Waldo yet but this is what it would look like if there were.  It's not a good place for them, my opinion, the site is where some famous granite came from, it's in almost every large city on the east coast.
  Linda was shopping for shoes.  I took her to Super Shoes in Bangor and found a pair.  Then we went to Macy's at the Bangor Mall and looked for some on sale "at huge discounts".  Same shoe-same price, even with a "huge discount".
  The window shopping came at table after table full of colorful silk neckties.  I don't had any use for a necktie but I have a couple just in case.  It was tempting, of course there were too many to choose from so you'd have to buy a dozen!
  A little sad that the Giant's won the World Series, I had other hopes, but they didn't let me play.

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  1. I am still a fan of all the Bay area teams and glad the Giants won.
    to bad your Yankees didn't make it. Wilbur