Saturday, December 15, 2012

It's not named for Buster

The Alameda Portal for the Posey Tube - click to enlarge photo
  Shortly after the Holland Tunnel opened in New York City, the nation's second oldest tunnel project opened on October 27, 1928 - The Posey Tube.
  Posey connects the island city Alameda with Oakland's downtown section.  There was, before the tube, a swing bridge.  The bridge hindered navigation of ocean going ships and needed to be replaced.  The Surveyor of Alameda County, George Posey, suggested the tube.  Mr. Posey oversaw the construction of his namesake.  Are you homesick Wilbur?
  Just as an aside; you can get really dirty walking through the tube when you're drunk and wearing a white shirt - I know.
Under construction- the concrete tube is
submerged, a complicated process.
An article from the San Francisco Chronicle about
the opening of the Posey Tube.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Think first, Act later

An early photo of Pioneer Square, Seattle.  Note the Totem Pole
in the center, and early vehicles. - click to enlarge
  Pioneer Square is one of Seattle's early centers as a city.  It was, in my opinion, a very classy place in the early days - long before my time. 
  As will often happen the area decayed with neglect and when "Urban Renewal" came along the whole shebang almost got the wrecking ball.  What a shame that would have been.  Pioneer Sqare was spared from the program.  Other cities haven't been as lucky; Portland and Bangor Maine both lost Union Stations, the old passenger rail terminals.  Other cities lost valuable history too.
  I'll try to show the photos in some sort of order. Please click to enlarge on any or all.
  For more information visit
  I will be "venting" at the end of todays session.
A bus, taxi, livery stop.  Also an undated early photo.
By 1975 when this photo was taken you could see
the deterioration of the area.
After the "renewal" people visit the Grand Central Arcade Occidental Park
in Pioneer Square in this 1991 photo
Now I can vent.  I read an article this morning, about 1:45AM, about the noise a passenger train makes in Brunswick Maine.  A writer decried the fact of "very early morning noise - usually 5 to 7 AM!  Can you even imagine calling 5 to 7 AM "early morning".  I can't.  That's damned near my lunch time.  As for noise in Brunswick; did they so soon forget the Navy aircraft that were based there?

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few odds and ends

  This is how I grew up, only back then there wasn't a name; people just called me really active.  Truth be told this is how I served in the Navy, went to college and the civilian workforce.  I have repeatedly told people the reason I was such a good worker is because I had to do what the boss wanted, before I forgot what it was.  I am a list maker - want one item from the store - write it down.  I may have improved with age, but this stuff is real.
  Recent news in the Bangor Daily News (today).  The dispatcher at Maine State Police told the lady the raccoon would be killed and tested for rabies.  Instead she took it home for the night and then to Acadia Wildlife Foundation where it is being rehabilitated.  The animal was hit by a car but appeared to have no fatal injuries.  If you are tempted to do this, wear heavy gloves and be very careful.  Rabies is on a high level this year, raccoons and skunks are the most affected.
  I love steam locomotives, brings me back to the section of my hometown East Lebanon, it was "Eastwood" to the railroad and people called it Eastwood.  We would sit in the car and watch the train, old steam locomotives - then diesel.  I would be bouncing around and raring to go, if they had let me out of the car I'd have run after the train - I think "they" knew.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shipshewana at Christmas

Antique for sale
Village Mast Antiques
  Shipshewana, Indiana is a town of the "plain people", Mennonites and Amish.  It's much like any other town except the store aren't open on Sunday.  Not everyone, but most, residents are Amish.  Some are farmers, some tradespeople and some operate a business.
  Shipshewana also has a "vigorous" tourist business, there are a number of inns, I will show you an Amish tour bus, and many sights to see.  The sights include the Pumkinville Trail, and 18 mile long reclaimed rail bed, some paved all level and maintained. 
  Take a look and see if you're interested.  For more information see the Detroit Free Press,, or search Shipshewana, Indiana in  Please click to enlarge photos.

Parking at the Dollar General Store
An Amish woman and her children take the groceries to the wagon.
My, my look at those baskets!
  The Amish tour bus take tourist for a ride.

Monday, December 10, 2012

A peek at World War One

Oct. 1, 1918 in Downtown Seattle,
photo taken during a War Bond Drive
  1918 was a long time ago, my Dad who would be 100 now was only six when that photo was taken and probably no one who reads this blog will have any memory of being there.
  My fathers "Uncle" Fred, a family friend, joined the French Army before the United States got involved in that war; he drove a battlefield ambulance.  As a civilian he gave piano lessons (to me for five or six years, I can't play) and was an organist at a Rochester, NH church.
  I found this group of photos and thought WOW I don't have to do much work with this!  So here they are enjoy a look back.  Click on the photos to enlarge
Sailors and civilians participate in the Bond Drive
2nd and Marion Streets, Oct. 28, 1918
The Soldier in the large photo was the "thermometer"
on the amount collected.
U S Navy recruits from the Naval Training Station, Seattle
marching on Sept. 19. 1917.  I think those are '02
Springfield Rifles they're carrying, the same ones we
used in 1958!

Sunday, December 9, 2012

Phoo-phoo juice and exotic cars

A gift idea - click to enlarge
  If you hadn't noticed it will be Christmas this month, your friendly retailer has been telling you for the past six months.  Do you have your shopping done?
  There are sooo many gift ideas to cover, but I will give you a few:
   Exotic Automobiles:  It's the name that sell the machine, words like Coupe de Elegance (pronounced cooo-pay d ellie-gannance); you see a name like that adds big bucks to the price, but what the heck it's Christmas.
   Foo-foo juice:  You know parfume, eau de cologne and crap like that.  It is the amount of money divided by the tiny amount in the bottle that counts here, the equivalent of 1 ounce should costs about one thousand bucks (US).  Yes, yes even it it's made in China!
High fashion eye-glasses. click to enlarge
  Of course there are many other (expensive) choices, here are but a few:
Rings, purses (clutches), and bracelets - click to enlarge
Is your shopping done?  I hope I have been helpful.