Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A few odds and ends

  This is how I grew up, only back then there wasn't a name; people just called me really active.  Truth be told this is how I served in the Navy, went to college and the civilian workforce.  I have repeatedly told people the reason I was such a good worker is because I had to do what the boss wanted, before I forgot what it was.  I am a list maker - want one item from the store - write it down.  I may have improved with age, but this stuff is real.
  Recent news in the Bangor Daily News (today).  The dispatcher at Maine State Police told the lady the raccoon would be killed and tested for rabies.  Instead she took it home for the night and then to Acadia Wildlife Foundation where it is being rehabilitated.  The animal was hit by a car but appeared to have no fatal injuries.  If you are tempted to do this, wear heavy gloves and be very careful.  Rabies is on a high level this year, raccoons and skunks are the most affected.
  I love steam locomotives, brings me back to the section of my hometown East Lebanon, it was "Eastwood" to the railroad and people called it Eastwood.  We would sit in the car and watch the train, old steam locomotives - then diesel.  I would be bouncing around and raring to go, if they had let me out of the car I'd have run after the train - I think "they" knew.

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