Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Shipshewana at Christmas

Antique for sale
Village Mast Antiques
photo: www.freep.com
  Shipshewana, Indiana is a town of the "plain people", Mennonites and Amish.  It's much like any other town except the store aren't open on Sunday.  Not everyone, but most, residents are Amish.  Some are farmers, some tradespeople and some operate a business.
  Shipshewana also has a "vigorous" tourist business, there are a number of inns, I will show you an Amish tour bus, and many sights to see.  The sights include the Pumkinville Trail, and 18 mile long reclaimed rail bed, some paved all level and maintained. 
  Take a look and see if you're interested.  For more information see the Detroit Free Press, www.freep.com, or search Shipshewana, Indiana in www.wikipedia.org.  Please click to enlarge photos.

Parking at the Dollar General Store
Photo: www.freep.com
An Amish woman and her children take the groceries to the wagon.
My, my look at those baskets!
Photo: www.freep.com
  The Amish tour bus take tourist for a ride.

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