Saturday, October 2, 2010

There are...

so many, a guy can lose track,
so many nitwits to make a wisecrack;
too many to count, the number's that high,
there's no way to tell, just how they get by.
The sign says it all, nitwits can't spell,
there's no knowledge at all, in the depths that they dwell,
I don't think we'll ever be able to get through,
and keep them from doing the things that they do.

They need protection, see that up there,
or, at least, a way to show that they care;
there is no end to the thing that they do,
they'll even write blogs addressed to you.
They even cheer for the wrong teams,
no end to wackiness, or so it seems;
if you cheer for the Yankees, that's just plain rude,
who in their right mind would cheer for this dude.

So there you have it, at least for now,
just hold on, please don't have a cow;
it won't be long 'til I'm back with more,
you're free to read them, or, show me the door!

Enjoy!  Yuk, yuk yuk!

Friday, October 1, 2010


Dez Bryant is an NFL player,
but when it comes to smarts, he doesn't have a prayer;
he skipped freshman initiation and upset the team,
so he took them all to dinner, as a part of his scheme.

You could tell he wasn't poor,
when they went in Pappas Brothers door,
they enjoyed fine steaks and more fine wine,
for the price of $55,000.00, they did dine.

Here's a nitwit with checkerboard tattoos,
well, that's the pattern he did choose;
you know when he's old, those marks will last,
he'll be known as the man with the checkered past.

There's a nitwit whose skin is elastic,
and I really doubt that it's plastic;
I have tried to figure it out, and I can't put a spin...
on any way known to man, how does he find his chin.

And a nitwit in some other state,
had a dull car he decided to decorate,
he glued stuff on, and then glued some more,
you can't ride because you can't find the door.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

The other day...

....I was watching a show (Sports Nation), and saw something strange,
a "critter video", I thought I was off my range,
it was kind of small, but had very large eyes,
and lives in trees, eats insects and fruit, like wide open skies.

It was a Loris, have you heard of those,
from India and Asia, where nobody knows....
...if they were extinct, or just hidden away,
there are still a few here, we'll help them stay.
You lookin' at me? You lookin' at ME?
Their eyes are large because they're out at night,
usually alone, they are not known to fight;
they move very slow, I don't think they could run,
go to Indonesia, see one in person, would that be fun?

I'm going to fall, I just know it.
They look like they worry, and maybe they do,
if you lived in a tree, you'd worry too;
these small primates have created a fuss,
but nobody wonders if they could be like us.

Oh my God!, It's two branches down!  Ohhhhh, I'm slipping!
So there you have it, information to use,
you may use it however you choose,
you can forget them, say 'what do I care',
or you could push a button, if you're willing to share.

Go to and you'll see...
tabs at the top, just made for people like me,
there's a 'Rainforest' tab that you can select,
and help critters like these, and they won't call collect.

Push all of the buttons, there's one for each tab,
it will cost you nothing, it's free, you can still catch your cab;
you can help people in the same way,, but you'd have to pay.

Enjoy, all of the critters.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Something.... going on here, I'm not sure what it is,
maybe it's the medicine, it makes me take a whiz;
or maybe it's the weather, too warm and damp,
or could it be the switch on this little lamp.

Odd things can happen, even as we talk,
for instance there's a bicycle that's been made to walk,
isn't that sort of like a rooster than can lay an egg?
Or, maybe it could keep you from breaking a leg.
See? Here it is. I told you so, very strange, but true,
and please take notice - some shoes are blue,
I don't think they're suede, but they're blue enough,
and I want you to know I don't make up this stuff.

So how about a sheep race?  Want to see one of those?
We won't know who the winner is, or how he was chose;
some of them have riders, others are alone,
but I'm telling you the truth, I want that to be known.
And...they're off, headed toward the line,
I think the rider in pink is really doing fine;
it's not a long race, just a quarter of a mile,
and when they finish, well, do you think they smile?

Looking for a parking space can cause you to frown,
well, not where I live, I don't live in town,
but in a big city, where parking space is tight,
people double up, and some get in a fight.

See?  Even at the Post Office! That must be Bangor Maine,
one had no parking, and at the new one it's insane.
Now don't get me wrong, Bangor's a nice place,
but when there is no parking...well..join the race!

Enjoy - the odds and ends.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Let's talk...

..about, some show and tell, because it's been a while,
thing with wheels or wings, they cause me to smile;
and if you haven't seen any of my stuff,
soon you'll be yelling: ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

So...are you ready, to see some homemade art?
If you're not, then turn away, we're coming to that part,
it's where we'll separate the men from the boys,
it's when I'll show you, what I do with "my toys".

This is one, just finished yesterday,
but these were Air Force planes, not what we used to play;
they are the F100 and an F111 too,
done for a friend, who may not know what to do.
How about a car..1929 Ford to be exact,
back in the day, this was where it's at;
done with watercolor pencil, then washed with a brush,
it's a useful application - if you're not in a rush.

Back to the planes, the mail is on it's way,
it's the C1A COD* plane to save the day;
this is the first aircraft that I tried,
don't know if I like it, but it kept me occupied.
Now a Ford tractor, a yellow one at that,
it was made for road work, where yellow is old hat;
there were not many made in a color like this,
so somewhere is a collector, who lives in his bliss.

The shadow you see, on each one of these,
are mostly caused by scanning, note it, if you please,
so that is how I spend valuable time,
it's not yours to waste; but, it certainly is mine.

Don't forget to feed the critters now and then,
now's the time to do it, so please don't ask when; is where to go,
look up at the tabs, push the button down below.

And don't stop with the pets, there is more to do,
fight breast cancer, or help teach reading too;
protect the rain forest, or help furnish a meal,
or, I think, not last but least, help children to heal.


*COD stands for Carrier On board Delivery

Monday, September 27, 2010


...Dickinson, never got the fame she earned,
but some of us are fans alright, because we learned...
..some simple little ditties, there are two that I like best,
and honestly I'm not familiar, not with all the rest.

"A bird came up the walk,
he did not know I saw;
he bit an angleworm in half
and ate the fellow raw."

What's wrong with that? Not one damn thing.
See what I mean? Are you listening;
she was a genius, or at least smart,
who else could wax poetic from the very start?

"Hope, is that thing with feathers,
that perches in the soul,
and sings the words to a song,
which he does not know"

Now don't you want to learn some more,
like rush right down to the book store,
with stuff like that, you could talk all day,
even when you don't quite have..anything to say.

Have a great day everyone!!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Wow! Holy cow!...

...this is the five hundredth day!
I'm speechless, don't know what to say,
I never imagined it would be this long,
maybe I'll just break out in song.

Naah...You know that I can't sing,
and what kind of joy would that bring,
I guess I'll just do, the same old stuff,
let me know, when you've had enough.

It says on my profile that I'm from Maine,
and that's true, pure and simple, and very plain;
I'm going to show you the Maine State Seal,
one is supposed...and the other is real.
This is the real one, it's a nice one too,
Farmer and Sailor, and a moose and a tree,
Dirigo is Latin it means I lead,
nowhere in there does it mention speed.

This one is fake, I mean it's not real,
you see the farmer and sailor, they're not the real deal;
I really don't know what this guy was thinking....
...but I have a suspicion he might have been drinking.

So, that wraps it up, number 500 is done,
maybe tomorrow there'll be five hundred and one;
it's been my pleasure to get to know you,
even, if by chance, you found this..out of the blue.

Live and Let Live!