Saturday, March 5, 2011

Olympic National Park...

Alpine tranquility-click
...I could hardly wait to get to the letter 'O',
to show off this park, I saw once long ago;
it's all here, everything in place,
so we'll take our time, there is no need to race.

From the tranquility above, to the mountain high,
everywhere you look, there's a chance to sigh;
rain forest, mountains, beaches all contained in one...
..glorious huge Park, just look at what's been done.
Avalanche Lilies-click

Ruby Beach-click

Trail to Sol Duc Falls-click
 More tomorrow

Friday, March 4, 2011

Obed National Wild and Scenic River...

Debord Falls
...Tennessee, what a trip this would be,
fast water, the falls the views, all there for you or me;
this place is used by people who go out on the stream... kayaks' of all different sizes, see them go over the falls, no scream.

It's nice that these places exist,
for those who live dangerous, I insist,
but I guess all told it's okay,
and there are rules to obey.

You can go by boat....

..or walk the trail... enjoy this great place.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

North Cascades National Park...

Hidden Lake Outlook
..Washington, oh the majesty of snow covered 'hills',
seen from my window in Seattle, as wind produced chills,
the Cascades are visible for a hundred miles,
and on a clear day, they're known to produce smiles.

From the Canadian border, the park stretches long,
and there are many places where we just don't belong;
go long enough for a good look around,
but let them stay wild on this very ground.

Entrance to the Ross Lake complex

Shuksan Mountain view from across the lake (click)

El Dorado Peak at sunset (click)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Niobrara National Scenic River...

An autumn view..
 ...Nebraska, up in the sand hills in the north central part,
we have been given a river, it's water, it's art,
not what you'd expect in the flat prairie land,
but there are surprises, come try your hand.

Waterfalls, sand hills, scenery, birds they're all here,
it's no wonder it's been saved with these things so dear,
it's all protected for your viewing pleasure,
come to Nebraska and take in this National treasure.
Nebraska Sand Hills - click to enlarge

Smith Falls

Cliffs along the River
 NOTE: Sometimes I'm surprised, having driven or hitchhiked through Nebraska maybe ten times, I never realized this was here.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ninety Six National Historic Site...

Remainder of the "Star Fort"
...South Carolina, in the west central part of this State,
settlers struggled, war came and the need was great,
a star shaped fort, fashioned from wood,
withstood the warriors, and the town did good.

Two wars were fought here Civil and Revolution too,
battlefields are now used by re-enactors just for you,
come down and visit, yes there is a town right here.
Ninety Six is the name, come down y'all hear.
Revolutionary War re-en actors

One of the original houses

Trails throughout the complex - click to enlarge

Monday, February 28, 2011

New River Gorge National River...

The famous New River Bridge
...West Virginia, one of the oldest rivers in North America, here..
protected for the people, let's give out a cheer,
all this could have been lost, or to rubble reduced,
but now it's preserved for us, the feds have been goosed.

That bridge up there on the state quarter for sure,
used in ads, bungee jumping, and a whole lot more,
it doesn't outshine the river itself,
there is a whole lot to do on this beautiful shelf.

Going down the hard way..

go down the easy way (click to enlarge..for full effect)

a little drop

Sunday, February 27, 2011

National Museum of the Air Force....

U S Army Air Force A24 Banshee
...Ohio, what a great place this turned out to be,
if you like planes, this is one fine place to be,
planes of every size from old to new are seen,
it takes a lot of time to visit each machine.

Come on in, look around and see,
what man has made, and what's to be,
all types of planes that have been flown,
from the first to the last can all be known.
Shoo Shoo Baby, a WWII B17

Russian MIG-29

AGM-34 Firebee UAV (drone) used in Vietnam