Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sometimes it's good......... go to bed early, I did at 4:30 and slept until 10:30PM, not bad for me. Hollie day went okay, but she believed me when I told her that the BOG in Bog Road stands for Benevolent Order of Grant:).

Friday morning when I was walking downtown in Bangor a guy from the phone company was using one of those "wheels on a stick" things they use to measure distance, it was about 5:30AM, when we met I told him he had a funny looking dog! He laughed.

Walking today for sure I had cramps that woke me up, my legs are used to walking too. Not much on the plate the rest of the day, Sox are on at 1:30.

If my neighbors have nothing to hide; why do they lock their doors when they go to work?

Live and Let Live, feed the critters. Oh, by the way Hollie has a new volunteer job at the Bangor Humane Society, right at the shelter, she helps make toys for the cats. She visits the cats but not the dogs. She still has her other job too.

Friday, June 26, 2009

It's ten o'clock....... you know where your geezer is? Well, yeah, right here, I got up at 10 again! Maybe I need more walking, but I had walked 5 and a half.

Saturday will be a Hollie day, and next Saturday, the 4th, will be a "special" Hollie day, so I'll see plenty of her, but we usually have a good time - while I have money left.

Not a whole lot going on, the Red Sox won their game Friday night at Atlanta, and the Yankees are ahead in that game, maybe they'll lose but it doesn't seem likely.

Easy Does It., feed the critters ( that's the place to do the feeding.

Some more.....

.....muggy weather on the way, the A/C in my room is in, thanks to my wife. And please take note of the time, how does an 11:30PM rise and shine sound? Pretty good for me, but I don't think most people would care too much for it.

About 3 miles yesterday, it was warm and foggy/humid, in other words it sucked. After the walk, in Hampden this time, I got in a meeting - a good one too - and a couple of errands. Got some nice fresh beet greens at the Brewer Farmers Market. Farmers Markets are great for anyone interested in eating good stuff. Mmmmmmmm.

Live and Let Live and feed the hungry please.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Not another........

........night of getting up at 10! Well it happened again, up at 10PM. Take it I guess and make the best of it.

Only three miles yesterday, it was raining just about any time I wanted to walk, 18 of the last 24 days it's rained, it can get tiresome! Today (Thursday) is supposed to be a "little" better; that means showers but not as often, and maybe, just maybe, we'll see a shiny object, a USO if you will. Then after today hot and humid, real YUK stuff.

Any way it's good to wake up on the right side of the grass. Enjoy the day!

Live and Let Live and feed people and critters.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walking to keep.......

......from getting rusty! I managed to get in 5 miles yesterday (actually today it's not midnight yet). Up this morning at 10:30PM(Tuesday).

It took one hour to start this computer, it's the second time in the last couple of months, I think it's a software thing but who knows, it more than likely the security software because that's the real problem when it doesn't start up.

I also went to the Art Gallery at Husson University (seems strange to write the U word), there are watercolors by Anne Spencer, they a different all done outdoors but she uses pen and ink or a black sharpie maybe to outline/draw and paints to fill in the lines. Very vibrant colors and very well done, she is known all over the country. I walked around over there quite a bit, and had already done 3 miles on Dirigo Drive in Brewer.

Coffee is good! feed the critters.


.......if you're up early to read this blog, I slept in! 12:15AM; it's the AM that important here, I usually get up on the same day I go to bed (PM), it's confusing.

I did walk, damply, a little over four and a half miles yesterday, will try to match that today, if it's not pouring. I wonder if the sun died? We haven't seen it lately.

Not a lot planned today, walk, coffee, meeting, home; just like that, pretty simple if you ask me.

Easy Does It, feed the critters please.

Monday, June 22, 2009

It could be.......

.......a long day, but I'll probably be able to catch a nap later on. Getting up at 11 I can deal with in fact I'm used to it, but this 10:15 stuff, well I don't much like it.

I had a great father's day, with calls from Rhonda and Jon, and cards from them as well as a card and a hand painted cup from Hollie. There was a nice morning walk in downtown Bangor with coffee and a muffin at Bagel Central and a crowded meeting at 9AM which also was very noisy, which is troublesome.

Today I'll walk and have coffee and go to the 7:30AM meeting, I like the weekday ones the best and Saturday is pretty good too.

Live and Let Live, feed the critters please.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A little bit more......

...that's all I need for walking. There will be no more 10 mile days, for now anyway, it pays to be careful of an aging body. I was able to walk 4 miles yesterday, 3 all at once, and that's just about where I'll keep things. To top it off I went to a really good meeting after the walk.

I received nice Fathers Day cards, funny too (I like those a lot).

Not a whole lot going on now, the weather sucks but we will see the sun, October I think.

Watch out for the other guy! Feed the critters, and help the hungry people too.