Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Walking to keep.......

......from getting rusty! I managed to get in 5 miles yesterday (actually today it's not midnight yet). Up this morning at 10:30PM(Tuesday).

It took one hour to start this computer, it's the second time in the last couple of months, I think it's a software thing but who knows, it more than likely the security software because that's the real problem when it doesn't start up.

I also went to the Art Gallery at Husson University (seems strange to write the U word), there are watercolors by Anne Spencer, they a different all done outdoors but she uses pen and ink or a black sharpie maybe to outline/draw and paints to fill in the lines. Very vibrant colors and very well done, she is known all over the country. I walked around over there quite a bit, and had already done 3 miles on Dirigo Drive in Brewer.

Coffee is good! feed the critters.

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