Thursday, December 31, 2009

They have...

....done it again! The Celtics have lost three in a row,
they need to get back in the gym, practice is good I know;
but to recover from their miserable ways it would work,
and maybe make me less of a jerk!

Enough of that stuff, it's a game after all,
maybe I'll wait 'til the bat hits the ball;
and while I'm waiting, I'll be useful as well,
time won't be wasted, I'll answer the bell.

Yesterday was downright cold, and the wind!
I stayed mostly indoors, today will be safe, once again.
This year seems colder but I can't remember the others,
my memory is shot, and so is my brothers!

Tonight is the night we may see a blue moon,
try to get a look at it, there won't be another real soon,
May thirty-first of two thousand and seven,
was the last time, a blue moon was in heaven.

While you wait for the moon, and a new year,
please take time for the critters so dear;
they don't need to be hungry if we do our part,
help them all out, it's good for your heart.

And a Happy New Year, to you and yours,
make a good effort to finish your chores;
it is good to accomplish and "impossible" task,
if you need help, find a group you can ask.

Happy New Years Eve!

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It's a wonder....

....I've not been locked up in a room,
last nights pre-bedtime routine, will have me there soon,
my hearing aids each have a box - left and right,
the left one went into it's box, that night.

So, next, I opened the right aid's box, and surprise,
the damn thing was empty, by my own eyes,
I wondered where the hearing aid went;
it was still in my ear!! Does that make a dent?

It's fun, this aging thing, it's a hoot,
an empty box empty, the point is moot,
but I got a big laugh, at my own expense;
wondering where I might go wrong next.

This night/morning I got up at ten thirty,
don't know why - it's a fact, down and dirty;
so I guess it'll be quite a long day,
maybe I'll take a nap, but that's hard to say.

One things for certain - and I won't forget,
to push a button, foor for someones next pet;
those critters need us, they depend on us too,
we'll need to show care, yes, me and you.

Most things are quite simple, if you think them through,
some times there's an answer, an easy one too;
you can reduce a mountain to a pimple,
you just need to: Keep It Simple!


Tuesday, December 29, 2009


... times they've fallen, just in this week,
oh the horrors, I've witnessed, don't dare to peek;
is it worth getting up for, this ornerous task,
what are you talking about, do you dare ask.

What have I witnessed that was so horribly wrong?
Was it the murder of a singer of song?
Was it the act of a whole motley gang?
Was it the way the Anthem was sang?

Well, it's so much simpler than that,
what comes from Boston, and wears a green hat?
Why it's the Celtics', a "former" basketball team,
played two of the worst looking games that I've seen.

I guess there's always hope, that we can cling to,
maybe they'll start winning after the loss of two,
it really doesn't matter in the great scheme of things,
wether or not they get championship rings.

It's much more important for us to act,
and push more buttons, and that's a fact;
those little critters won't mind if we do,
in fact it'll give them some food to chew.

If something needs doing, then do it right,
think once about it, keep it real light,
then you just do it, and it's over and done;
Easy Does It: but do it, you are the one.

Enjoy - shovels here!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Looks.... a busy day, there won't be much time to fool around,
because it looks like the weathers okay, to be Presque Isle bound,
taking a nice lady, who needs a ride, to get her great-granddaughter,
not my family but that doesn't matter, doing what I oughta'.

I'll miss a meeting and so will the wife,
that should'nt cause much trouble and strife,
but I'll have to admit, it might be good to get home,
but, of course, I still have the phone.

Yesterday it was going to rain,
I walked early morning, without any pain,
then we ran errands, stuff has to get done,
so when went and did them, every one.

Don't forget the purple button place,
this provides food for the non-human race,
without our help the outlook's not good,
so let's push the buttons, do what we should.

And when you see people, different than you,
there's only one thing that you need to do,
make them feel welcome, we get and we give,
therefore the motto: Live and Let Live!


Sunday, December 27, 2009


...for the coffee to boil,
give my brain it's needed oil,
then I may remember all of the events,
of yesterday and the toils of parents.

Yesterday was, after all, a Hollie Day,
she was in her Eureka College shirt I must say,
and a new lime green fuzzy jacket,
and her voice made sense in the racket.

She had some pages from magazines,
that, when laminated, made up her dreams,
six of them yesterday, wrapped by the heat,
melted into the hot plastic sheet.

We went for a walk in the Bangor Mall,
most stores were still closed, but not all,
we just walked around the whole thing inside,
it was an accomplishment that gave her pride.

The it was lunchtime, an early one yes,
drove to the Governors, an easy guess,
the place was crowded, there was a line,
but we needed two seats, we got in just fine.

After we finished out quick lunch,
we started for home, her stuff in a bunch,
when we arrived no one was there,
we were early so we drove here.

Please go and push buttons, purple and pink,
you can do it all on one page, it's easier than you think,
just look for the tabs at the top of the page,
select one at a time, click, it's al the rage.


Saturday, December 26, 2009


....Christmas is over! Just like that!
according to Hollie, it's now old hat,
she is taking down her nice tree,
Valentines Day, on the way, you see.

That's where it ended on a Friday Night,
who were we, to put up a fight;
if she want's it over, then over it is,
you should have seen my card, that said Gee Whiz.

The cards a whole story unto itself,
bought by my wife, delivered by elf,
it shown a line of old cowboys, you see their backs,
as onto a fence, they empty their bladder sacks.

When I got up on Christmas morning, I was a little bit late,
slept until twelve-twenty (am), but that was my fate;
I drove on over to Saint Marys' school,
to an Alca-thon, those things do rule!

I got in five meetings, in the same number of hours,
the tables were decorated with small trees and flowers,
it was an incredible few hours spent with some friends,
I'd go to more, if there were any, but that depends.

And I pushed that button, as in every day,
to feed the wee critters, there's no other way,
for those shelter pets to get some good food,
I can't ignore them, that would be rude.

If you missed the big meeting, do not delay,
there are numerous meeting, held every day,
come on in and enjoy the great atmosphere,
when you leave, you'll be ready to cheer.

Enjoy - Boxing Day

Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas...

Has Santa Claus been to your house tonight?

Did you ever expect such a wonderful sight?
Where you stockings really hung up with care?
You better be good, or he won't be there.

Now, I'm willing to bet, that you all have been good,
you were brought up that way, it's well understood;
if you were naughty, careless and easy to pout,
then you know you had better watch out!

Take care to spend time with those that you love,
and take time to thank "the keeper of the dove",
enjoy the company of old friends and new,
Merry Christmas to all, Merry Christmas to you!

Say hello and smile!
Make a new friend!
Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Did you...

...get the message? It's all the rage, don't frown,
something the kiddos have been waiting for, Santa Claus is comming to town!
I used to get excited, a long long time ago,
but now, all I want for Christmas, is no wind and no snow.

It's a beautiful season, one that people love,
what could possibly go wrong, when the symbol is a dove?
Oh sure, it's been commercialized, everybody knows,
and, over the years, there have been some awful Christmas shows.

But sit back and enjoy it, it's tomorrow you know,
some of us will be warm, and some will shovel snow.
There is no denying that people love the time,
when people rush about, and the music is set to chime.

But what about our "little buddies", those with fur and hair,
do you think that they deserve some nice Christmas fare?
It's easy to take care of, it's free, you do it on the web, keeps the critters fed.

The season can be a rather lonely time,
all the more reason, a good group to find;
there will be some meetings that go on all night long,
you'll always be wecomed in, if you come along.

Enjoy - Christmas Eve

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What about...

....that weather, we were supposed to get,
I've been up since eleven, haven't seen it yet!
Better not get to full of hope, it's winter time indeed;
so when the weather guy talks, we need to take heed.

But sometimes they're very wrong, at least a few,
so they missed the call on this one ---- Whew!
I will not complain, I will not stand and cheer,
because there are those, like me, who like their weather clear.

Now I can go out, to a meeting even,
no shoveling, no sand, no heavy breathing;
I guess we're really lucky, something went astray,
just the way I like it, I don't like the other way.

I'll go push that purple button, with my new found joy,
it'll be just like Santa Paws, for every girl and boy, (pet)
they might have a holiday season that's better than they hoped,
we just need to do our part, it's free, it must be scoped.

Do you go to the market, and pay money up front,
or do you select your items, and pay for them up front,
it's a play on words, carefully chosen verse,
just a reminder to put --- First Things First.


Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The calendar...

....says it's Tuesday, and the forecast indicates bleak,
so I better get this out, while I have the right to speak,
so I sit here, hunkered over, this plastic keyboard,
what am I going to say? What is the next word?

You know it's not always easy to do this every night,
but then again I started this, maybe I'm not just 'right';
but it's a fun thing to do, share my thoughts with you,
because mama said I couldn't write, but you can see I do.

It takes a little practice and making up some stuff,
but with a little patience it really isn't tough;
the rhyming comes to me easy, almost naturally,
so I write this thing in verse, I can do it readily.

And, of course, I can push a button, you know, the purple kind,
we always need to be aware, and keep our friends in mind;
they don't know it's me or you who helps provide their food,
but we know, you and I, it helps promote a good mood.

It has become common to see folks that aren't like 'us',
we need to accept them, without making such a fuss;
so they do things the way we don't, it doesn't make it wrong,
learn to Live and Let Live, it will make you look strong.

Smile! (the heck with the weather man)

Monday, December 21, 2009


....already? Well, it's about time,
I'm ready for a meeting, ring that chime!
My hip is feeling better, but it has a ways to go,
I would like to walk, why is healing slow?

Well it doesn't matter much, in the scheme of things,
and it doesn't matter much, when the work bell rings,
I like being retired, that means I don't have to work,
isn't it nice to walk around, but don't act like a jerk!

I'll do very little walking, maybe a mile,
even at that distance, it will make me smile,
I guess you'd say I'm addicted to my daily walk,
and if you listen carefully, that's most of my talk.

So, let's change to subject, that's enough about me,
let me try to stick, to things we all see;
go to Google and look it up: Faith the dog,
she walks on two legs, not like a regular dog!

Or look up things of your interest, there must be a few,
thank goodness for Google, it makes it easy to do;
or do something silly, who will give a damn,
it's your life, live it, the rest is just a sham.

But before you give it all up, there's one thing you can do,
push the purple button, lot's of other people do,
it sure helps the critters, they need to be fed;
don't put it off, you'll forget when it's time for bed.

Try to Keep It Simple, do one thing at a time,
don't try to complicate your life, or mine;
find the best way to accomplish what you do,
and the whole world will be proud of you.


Sunday, December 20, 2009

Good morning... one and all, midnight just got here,
so I can say good morning without any fear,
I've been up an hour, don't get in a fright;
it's my routine, I do that every night.

Yesterday the phone rang, someone called to wish... happy birthday, and to give another dish;
yes - it was Hollie the "grand mistress of all",
now, just think about it, why would she call?

"So how you been?" "Happy Birthday Dad";
I got the feeling that I was about to be "had";
"Want to do something with me, tonight, Dad?"
"or, how about tomorrow" she can sound sad.

After I told her that my hip was sore,
and I didn't want to visit any store;
I passed the phone call to my wife
and Hollie proceeded to occupy my life.

New Years Day is a Friday,
usually a Friday Hollie day;
but there would be no program,
we'll spend more time together, what do you say?

If Dad and I go to lunch on January first,
we could just smile and talk, what could be worse?
So January first, she would like to say,
what are we going to do on -  Valentines Day!

You see she's always thinking, way ahead of you and I;
by Valentines it will be Easter, or the Fourth of July!
Then she believes in Christmas, the one in July,
or maybe a trip on Labor Day, believe me, this is not a lie.

So I had a happy birthday, and I had to smile,
I know what she was thinking, minute by the mile,
so if you need a "planner", just give me a call,
I can recommend someone, who is a real doll.

Have you pushed the purple button yet today?
I don't want to be nagging, but what do you say?
It's importand that we remember to do that every day,
the critters need that food and stuff, there is no other way.


Saturday, December 19, 2009

What do....

...I write about, on a day like today,
when yesterday was "wasted", without making hay,
Linda took Hollie on her appointed rounds,
and they made them all in leaps and bounds.

Hollie's last "projects" before Christmas comes,
we are hoping that she chose, the important ones,
of course, with her, you never really know,
if this one is okay, while the other will suffer a blow.

I stayed home, you know, with my healing hip,
so on anybodys radar, I was just a blip;
this morning I feel better, but no walking will be done,
I will get Peggy, she's the shopping one.

Pushing buttons, something learned as a child,
you can still do that - but this ones kind of mild;
go visit and you will find it,
it's your way to give, FREE, go and do your bit.

There's a lot of talk these days, about who get's what,
in Health Policy, it's kind of boring but;
it's very important that Congress gets it right,
but the big guys aren't leaving, not without a fight.

So much is going on, this thing might slip through,
and there's really not - a whole lot we can do;
just sit there and accept it, but an email has been sent,
we might end up wondering, where our money went.


Friday, December 18, 2009

I quit....

....trying to be hip a long time ago,
now it's come back to haunt me, don't you know;
only this time it's the real hip that's here,
some soft tissue injury, getting out of a chair!

So I'll be home for a couple of days,
have to stem the wanderlust and slow down my ways;
there are things to keep me busy, and some sleepy time too,
and if that's not enough, the wife will tell me what to do.

But I can still push buttons, the purple kind too,
now I need you to join in, that will make two,
those little critters need our help, and it don't cost a dime;
all it takes is some effort, and a minutes time.

I continue to be bothered by the acts of some,
who, for some reason, act rather dumb;
they don't like to see differences that make up human kind,
they'd like to see everyone be like them, and of a like mind.

But that will never happen - people aren't like that,
some are black and some are white, some like to wear a hat;
we are all different in a lot of ways, and we want to give,
up a chant for all of us: Live and Let Live!

Enjoy the day!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

It's cold....

...outside today, it's seven right now, the day is not that old,
with winds make it nine below, it's cold!
So this will be an inside day, it's that time of year,
I will get used to it, but at the end I'll cheer.

There are other thing more important than that,
talking about the weather, seem so "old hat";
so on to other issues in my daily life,
don't know nothing about it, I'll have to ask my wife. (attempt at humor)

I'll go to the meeting and then go and walk,
I'm sure things will seem better, after people talk,
there is enough to do, indoors stuff too,
so I'll get busy with a thing or two.

If you have been left to wonder, what this is all about,
why not join, like a group of friends, together, and have a little clout,
things done together seem to be the ones that last,
you don't need to be alone, go to a group and ask.

Enjoy! (Brrrrr)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Freezing.... is bearing down on us,
but, it's winter, so why all the fuss?
I'll be disappointed, that's a natural fact;
it's hard to get a walk in, when the weather's like that!

But, you know, I could walk inside,
the mall to walk in is but a short ride,
I guess I'd rather grouse about my bad luck,
instead of the alternative, what a dumb cluck!

But today it's in the twenties, so I can stay outside,
and get my walk in, and feed my foolish pride;
maybe I should take up, something easier to do,
but I don't want to!  That's where I take my cue.

Listen to this bullshit, out of the mouth of geezer,
I think I better settle down, a take a little breather.
There, now that's better, I've had a little rest.
Now, go get busy, and do your very best!

And while you're at it, try that button thing,
Yeah! go ahead and push it, see if it will ring;
I know, I know the thing makes no noise,
but lool at the good your doing..for critter girls and boys.

Your supposed to love you neighbor, that's written down somewhere,
I know the thought process was not gleamed from thin air,
so it's all give and take, or if you like, take and give,
make it easy to remember Live and Let Live.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

The new... age may be here, it comes with some snow,
but a few more like these, it needs a new place to go;
but winters are like that, when you live in Maine,
you either get through the season, or slowly go insane.

Yesterday was mild and some of the stuff melted,
but on the radio I hear, with new stuff we may get pelted,
but the sun was out, so I went for some walks,
worked with a shovel (short time), and had some nice talks.

Today will be no different that all that went before,
walking, coffee, meeting and a trip to the store;
but when you're a geezer there's just not much else to do,
I suppose I could waste my time, and just sit and stew.

And I'll push the purple button, I will so help me God,
we need to keep the critters fed, and on the right side of the sod;
so why not join in, give the thing a try,
it will make you feel so much better, in the by and by.

So you've got trouble bunky, and don't know what to do,
get to a meeting then and find out what others do,
they'll have a lot to offer, and a cup of coffee too,
and you know what?  They have a chair for you.


Monday, December 14, 2009

This ain't... way, to get up in the morning,
sick to my stomach and it's storming;
what the heck is going on?
Whatever it is, I want it gone!

As for the weather, it's winter and we can expect,
to get more stuff in different forms that nature has in check;
rain, snow and sleet is what we've got,
it'll get better - when it gets hot.

I'll try a meeting and go for a walk,
then me and the fridge will have a long talk,
I don't know what I took out of there,
but I'll be careful and eat with more care.

In the meantime I'll pay a visit,
to the purple button, and I'll press it!
Push the damn thing with all that I've got,
those pups and kitties will like it hot.

Do you have anyone, who might bother you?
One that is unpleasent no matter what you do?
Sometimes a wide berth is something to give,
don't get discouraged, Live and Let Live.

Smile (or something)

Sunday, December 13, 2009


....another day, this one was slow,
maybe it's because I'm just getting old;
but the computers are done, at least for now,
and I worked on a painting of a cow.

Linda took Hollie for her day out,
moms seem to carry a whole lot of clout,
they had a good time, and got stuff done;
I've been told it was a good one.

I'm going to walk today for sure,
the wind has wound down, and the air is pure;
if there are sidewalks that are clear,
that's where I'll go, hear me cheer!

I have remembered the 'unplaced pets',
given them food, of course, no regrets;
it's free and it's easy, feels good too,
and if I can do it, so can you.

There have been times when things don't drop in line,
and it's hard to practice "One Day at a Time";
and I have to think hard to get myself calm,
try living a day at a time, it can't do any harm.


Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wind.... not always friendly, I have come to learn,
especially in winter, when temperatures don't burn,
it was cold out walking in that freezing stuff,
now, I'm not complaining, I don't have it rough.

I just walked four and a half miles, in the "super breeze",
jeepers, I thought my pretty face was in a deep freeze!
So I went for coffee, besides the sidewalks weren't good,
then I continued walking in the parking lots like I should.

Today will be no better, and it's a Hollie Day,
I'm sure she has many plans to make somebody pay;
I am not going, at least that's the plan for now,
Linda will take her, I have her solemn vow.

I will continue working on the new PC,
it's demands of time, and the lucky one is me;
there are some kinks, that I have detected,
that were created by this writer that stand to be corrected.

But before I get to that, there's an easy thing to do,
push the purple button, there! Done! Phew!
It was such hard work you know, to help those critters out,
but I finally finished (2 seconds), and give a victory shout!

Life can be complicated, it will screw up your dreams,
and it's not always easy either, do I hear your screams?
So sometimes it's a little better, to give a second try,
this time Keep It Simple, it works, it's not a lie!


Friday, December 11, 2009

When I....

....get up at ten fifteen, what life have I led?
I got the cold wind blowing, but the Jazz are ahead;
it's looks like it will be a good day,
but the cold wind is here to stay.

I'll go to a meeting - well - later on,
by seven thirty my will has not gone;
I'll thank them again for the nice "afternoon",
always comfortable in the room.

I need to go give that button a push,
before someone gives me a kick in the tush,
the critters need food, yes, every day,
they can only get it -ready?- One way!

If you happen to meet someone that's different than you,
you'll need to remember, we're not the same, but similar too;
if they need help, it's your's to give;
always remember Live and Let Live.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

There must..... some way to control the weather,
well..maybe not. I guess it depends wether,
or not, you like it; the way that it is,
I don't.  So I wonder - what gives?

Acceptance is a wonderful gift,
it provides a way to eliminate rift;
I need to use it every day,
try as I might to find my way.

That goes for willingness too,
you have to wear them, like an old shoe,
those things will help all of us to learn,
all those things that we think we earn.

Go push that button! The purple one there!
Show all those critters that you really care;
they needn't go hungry with us around,
it's free you know! The best deal in town.

Enjoy winter!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Labor saving...

...devices, make a lot of work,
am I the only one who notices this quirk;
it took all day - to set up a new computer,
and in the end, I wasn't any cuter.

If it takes one days work, to save five minutes time,
it doesn't indicate how I'd really speak my mind;
it's easy to become upset and utter fancy phrases,
after all was said and done, I did not offer praises.

I think I'll go and take a walk, speaking of things new,
I found it harder in hiking boots than with my other shoe;
of course it'll take some getting used to,
so I guess slower pace will have to do.

And I will take time to go; and press that purple thing,
and I will take time to ask you to give it a ring;
those little critters, well, some are large,
need all we do for them, and it may be you only chance, to finally be in charge.

If things around you are going nuts, and you don't know what to do,
why not try a 12 step meeting, maybe even two;
there's not way of knowing, what will help you to unwind,
but always Easy Does It, before you lose your mind.

Walk!  (not in a blizzard)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It doesn't....

....happen every day, but yesterday it did,
I got a new computer, and part of it is hid;
some software that I had, did not co-operate,
there's always something that I almost hate.

Hate's a strong word, to use so casually,
maybe I should just back off, and act appropriately;
afterall I don't really want to use an axe,
if I did, then how could I say is was a random act?

So now I have calmed down, and got a good nights sleep,
but, don't you know, I'm back in it deep;
why don't I leave - well enough alone?
After all it's my sin, for which I should atone.

Oh! Wait! Things are better now, I found the glitch,
stupid me!  I forgot the turn on switch!
How could I have forgotten that, it's a simple thing,
well, duh, it's only me you know, a real ding-a-ling!

Most of what I wrote above, is quite simply not true,
it's just my little way, of trying to amuse you;
I did get a computer, it is really nice,
now if you'll excuse me - I'll go shovel ice.

But I did remember to do just one thing,
I gave that purple button a healthy ring;
it helps feed the critters that I care about,
push the button folks! They can't go without.

Some times things are complicated, and the going's rough;
don't you just want to scream, and say that's enough,
try to remember that with lifes silly quirks,
just Keep It Simple - that really works.


Monday, December 7, 2009

It must.... a slow news day,
when all the front pages say...
...Queen tells paparazzi to back off, what could that be;
it bothers me that we still cover the royal family.

There's really not much to be done,
waiting for snow to melt, isn't that fun?
Just kidding, there wasn't that much,
and I got out for errands and such.

Probably no walking today,
it will be inside, there's no other way,
the sidewalks are frozen with ice,
fall on your face, and that's not nice.

But, I can go to the meeting,
maybe I'll even end up greeting,
it will be nice to be among friends,
of course there's always the means to the ends.

Please take notice, I'm saying it here;
feed the critters, they live in fear,
that no one will help them, as they are in cages,
give them food, and guess their ages.

Live and Let Live, what a perfect idea,
that's what we need to be doing here,
why all the questions about who does what,
you just need to watch your own butt!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The S word... what this is all about,
so let's hear the reason, for this shout!

S is for Sports fan, he who sits and cheers,
  they are always louder after a couple of beers,
S is for School days, you remember them,
  I do remember mine, as pure mayhem.
S is for Salmon, a recommended fish,
  broil it and eat it, I always use a dish.
S is for Sneakers, or running shoes is you wish,
  mine are, well see above, but don't eat in a dish.
S is for Sunshine, sometimes in abundance seen,
  not today, my little friend, only in your dream.
S is for Snowflakes collecting on the ground,
  as I look out my window, there are plenty to be found!

Yesterday with Hollie went off without a hitch,
she got to laminate, fourteen projects were her wish,
no fancy meals or restaurants, she wasn't in the mood,
more interested in presents, not so much in food.

We had a excellent visit, a good time had by us,
Mom even drove her home, she didn't take a bus,
lots and lots of Celtic gear, she is a solid fan,
of the Boston basketball, and that was her plan.


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Today is...

...a Hollie Day, and it's her Birthday too,
guess I'll be busy, being told what to do!
We are going out, to have a good time,
she'll be excitied right out of her mind.

She asked for a cake, decorated white and green,
the whole thing is Celtics, the basketball team;
other gifts she has asked for share the same theme,
all out for the Celtics, and a championship dream.

Even though I'm busy (not really) getting ready to go,
I'm smart enough (who says?) to know this dog and pony show;
been there, done that - that's what I can say,
but how do I know if things are the same - today?

If it ever happens that things get out of line,
and everythings not pretty at this certain time,
what do you think of, if you're losing your mind;
why not just take it - One Day at a Time?

Friday, December 4, 2009


...human tricks abound,
I guess, as long as I'm around!
I just got up, and it was midnight,
that gave me quite a fright.

I stayed up late, until after five thirty,
and the result was...well, it ain't purty!
Or maybe it is, so hard to tell,
Do you habits are going to hell?

I know, I know...this all sounds really weird,
but all my sleep stuff, is all you heard,
guess I got off topic, sorry 'bout that,
talking about that stuff, well..that's old hat.

Did you remember the animal site?
You have it in 'favorites' now, is that right?
You can feed them, for less than a penny,
without you...they don't have any.

And how about people, do you really care?
Have you got any resources to share?
Maybe a shelter, or an organization,
there's a lot of need now, in our nation.

And Live and Let Live, doesn't mean you do nothing,
it simply means all people have rights to do something.
Maybe it's something you with which don't agree,
but if it's legal it's their right, don't you see?

Thursday, December 3, 2009

They're HEAR!

....excuse the (mis-spelling), and I'm a happy man,
they're in, they work, and that was the plan,
I notice the difference in how things sound,
will see how they work as I go around.

The trip down to Togus turned into a ride,
down to Damariscota, for the incoming tide;
a short visit there and back on the road,
headed for home, ears on overload.

Now that I should be able to hear,
all of the songs and things I hold dear,
that includes my loving wife too,
now she can really tell me, what to do.

Please don't forget to push that button too,
the one that should look purple to you,
those animals depend on your select push,
so please, go feed, get off your tush.

Meeting today should really be good,
now that I can hear everyone I should,
I'll be the greeter, and shake hands too,
I can happily say, This Chair is for You!


Wednesday, December 2, 2009


...December second has arrived, just in time too;
hearing aids today, so I can hear you!
It's kind of exciting (can you tell?), but time will tell,
one my great hope is: that they work well.

I am guilty of sleeping in - again, what is to blame,
twelve fifteen this morning, I have no shame;
It doesn't matter to me at all, well, now that I'm up,
but it feels kind of funny, guess it's my good luck.

Did you remember?

What ever happened to pure blind luck?
Don't ask me because I'm a dumb cluck,
but I can remember reading a sign,
it said:  One Day at a Time!


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

When it's....

...sleepy time down south,
has nothing to do with me, you have it word of mouth;
I don't know who wrote that, I have an idea.
sure didn't make it up, for my ears to hear.

Of course, I don't hear much, nor do I sleep,
find the guy that wrote it, give it back, tell him keep;
it's utter nonsense to think anyone is glad,
to sing about sleep, if they do, they've been had!

Meeting today, to which I'm looking forward,
always a treat, learning, sharing, not bored;
we have a wonderful time most every day,
please come and join us - what do you say?

Feed the critters, including a cow,, will show you how;
you might think that it's not for you,
but you might compare it, if you're hungry too.

At the meeting there are people who share,
not to lecture, but to show that they care,
you live your life and they will live theirs,
Live and Let Live, the slogan that cares.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Well, well....

...well!  I didn't know I could sleep this late,
eleven forty -five and now I'm alive?
There must be some horrible mistake,
to make me sleep so long before I awake.

It sure wasn't because of exertion,
because after four and a half miles, there was walking desertion;
that I did nothing but watch some TV,
and there was no work in the room with me.

I suppose strange things happen now and again,
the surprise part is that you never know when.
So maybe I just needed the rest,
don't ask questions, mother nature knows best.

Please, this is just a reminder, don't forget,
to push the button, you could be feeding your pet;
so if you enjoy how someone elses money is spent,
go push the button, they'll know where it went.

And always remember that you have a choice,
you alone have your own voice,
you could choose to delay, something you will regret,
so don't put it off, but Easy Does It.  (this doesn't rhyme well at all)


Sunday, November 29, 2009

When I...

...get up at ten-thirty, everything seems okay,
that's how it is with the sleep phase stuff, it's just another day.
But now I've had some coffee, and a little oatmeal,
let's go back and look, what did Hollie Day reveal?

So, how you doing Dad, the usual refrain,
while we ride to stop one, on the Hollie train;
go to McDonalds' no wait, stop, yes,
so to McDonalds it is, a small breakfast.

Next stop, do you have to ask?, It's Walmart of course,
keep the train on schedule please, just feed the source.
Well, not too bad, a magazine and a DVD,
Seventeen the movie, and I wonder what she'll see.

Then, it's early, off to Target, this one a minor shrine,
we just left the major one, but this one will do fine,
she's looking for an ornament for her Christmas tree,
oh look, there it is, Hello Kitty-snowman, it's a gift from me.

Then to the most holy of all Bangor shrines,
the red signs, a signal, through the Staples shines;
eight projects meld with plastic done at high degrees,
This is what it's all about!  This is what she sees.

Then we go, dare me, to the dreaded Mall,
if you've seen one, believe me, you have seen them all;
into Olympia Sports, but nothing there today,
several other stop were made, bought zero hooray!

Time for lunch, the train head accross town,
we make our destination, food!, another train stop down!
Good food at Subway, it's is always fresh,
then off to see what's going on, what's hot off the press.

We have been in about four stores, and a craft fair too,
only have one purchase, my god, we missed a few;
we spent one dollar, then on the trains final drive,
"I did good today Dad", she said, I came out alive.

But now, a different topic, you know what it is,
got that finger ready? Now push! You're such a whiz,
you done the critters good, how about yourself?
You've almost won a trophy to put up on a shelf.

Was there someone missing, the last meeting you went to?
Is there someone to check on, yes I mean you.
If they come back again, do you know what to do?
All you have to say to them, is, this chair is for you!


Friday, November 27, 2009

Weekend fun....

..and I'm up and I'm ready, ready for what?
well, I don't know, my mind can't be shut,
it's an ongoing process trying to figure it out,
if I get an answer, I'll give you a shout!

Today will be another of those in a haze,
it's going to be a great Hollie Days,
she has her things all ready to go,
so now it's just "get on with the show".

I'm sure we'll have fun, we usually do,
but right now I don't know, what she will do,
we've got all that stuff ready, the stuff is her kind,
the trouble may be, that she'll change her mind.

That happens a lot, the mind changing thing,
it's like a bell with a different tone will ring,
and she's off and running with her usual zeal,
there are too many layers on that onion to peel.

So I'll go feed the critters, give them a hand,
I don't know why I do it, guess it's part of the plan,
but I've grown to like it, guess it makes me feel good,
but probably doing things like that should.

Have you got things that you need to do?
do you find a way to put them off? do you?
well why now just say Easy Does It;
but in the end it's just do it!

Enjoy the day

Oh, What....

...a great time I had, at the Alk-a-thon,
early in the morning, listen to speaker Ron;
and then several more as I passed the hours,
thank you everyone, for making it ours.

Then it was as you might expect,
time for Hollie Days, who with all due respect,
needed a breakfast, she was hungry too,
waiting for Mom and Dad, both of us, two!

Soon settled down to sort her stuff out,
piles into packages, gives her more clout,
so Staples on Saturday - you better watch out!
She's going to be there, quick in and out.

Todays' hours are back to where they've been,
you know, go to bed, and wake up at ten;
there is no method, at least that's what I think,
can't figure it out, but it does not stink. (my hours that is)

Push the button, that one, there!  (
feed those critters, show that you care,
there are some wonderful pets,
have one of those, it's a good as it gets.

Is there a problem, you can't overcome,
something you wish that you had done;
are you troubles the human kind,
why don't you take it - One Day at a Time?

Smile (that's better)

Thursday, November 26, 2009

This is...

...Thanksgiving day, for some things we are grateful,
family, friends and meetings keep my plate full,
meetings later tonight (morning) will be so good,
any body could have stayed in bed sawing wood.

Because I'm always up early or late in the day,
it makes perfect sense for meetings to be that way;
so I don't have to wait until it's seven thirty,
I will go much earlier, like at one, if I hurry.

So before I leave, I'll push the big purple button, like we always do,
go to and try your luck too,
It's really super easy, it only take a minute or less,
and it feeds the critters, so you can only bless.

And always be mindful, to take like One Day At A Time,
and you will be thankful, you can do this any time;
don't worry about yesterday or tomorrow, they are not today,
keeping in the present is better than in days gone by.


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wednesday again....

....I'm beginning to see a pattern here, it's coming home to ground;
seems like every seven days or so Wednesday comes around!
That must be the pattern repeated with other days too,
Hey! Leave me alone, who ever did ask you?

Just kidding! I'm just trying to think this morning,
but nothing comes to mind, just boring,
maybe I'm a little tired, not much sleep in between,
five when I went to bed and when I got up at ten fifteen.

I know that pushing the purple button, brings good news,
getting food to humane shelters, where it is used;
cats and dogs have no voice, just us to share their tale,
they never asked to be in cages, like they were in jail.

And the homeless and the hungry also need us to act,
they need shelters and more meals, and that is a fact!
They are here among us, each and every day,
may be also be their voice, there is no other way.


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

There must.... a way to repair a clock that is hazy,
but to tell you the truth my circadian rhythm is crazy;
yesterday I got up at eleven, a somewhat decent hour,
but today, wanna guess, I got up at ten, my clock is really sour!

So I have a lot of time on my hands,
and my tinnitus is playing "battle of the bands";
but the game on TV, was not bad to see,
Texas lost, the winner: Tennessee!

Now I have more time to burn,
Cripes! When will I learn,
that sleep comes and goes at random,
call me the sleepless phantom.

But don't spend too much time,
with me on your mind;
there are lots of things more important,
like feeding the pets - there's a need that is rampant.

And it's alway important that we take care,
to give our neighbors their fair share,
if they have a need, it's ours to feed,
we can't be consumed by greed.

There a site on the web,
that's show who needs to be fed,
after you read this blog,
go to!


Monday, November 23, 2009


...we found a new park, or, a new place to walk,
the Walden Parke Reserve, there was a lot of talk,
in the weekend newspaper, so there were people, a few,
there in the woods yesterday too.

A lot of people had dogs, all well behaved by the way,
it was pretty good walking, little mud and no hay;
but worth going to see it, and we went about one mile,
it's good exercise and surprise, surprise - it's makes you smile!

Do basketball players know about defense?
The Celtics make me wonder - no offense;
but yesterday they could have used some,
they finally won, but it wasn't awsome.

Please go click on the button! That purple one, there;
we don't want shelter animals hungry, show them you care!
It won't cost you a penny, not one copper cent,
you can even follow the web-site and see how it was spent.

Always be good to your neighbors, they may be the best in the land,
you just have to smile, and wave with your whole hand;
and remember that other people have value too,
Imagine that! It's just not me or you!

Have a great day!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Have you....

....ever wondered what it would be like,
to hit by a car or run over by a bike?
Let's try the car thing since they're more common,
why would one hit you, that is the problem.

Yesterday morning at just daylight,
I pushed the button, and I got the walk light,
stepped into the crosswalk and lo and behold,
some guy in a car - must have thought I was too old!

Now - let's think this over, it's partly my fault,
I should have looked all around before my big vault;
he just brushed my pants leg, didn't bother to stop,
the guy right behind him asked if I needed a cop.

There's a good lesson here - for all of us walkers, a reason to shout;
if you're deaf like me - watch out, watch out, watch out!
I'm going today, maybe in the same place,
but I won't be trying to give any cars - a fast race!

Please try to remember people in need,
there are so many hungry to feed,
you can help by donation of money or time,
go to a soup kitchen and work on the line.

And, as always, remember to Live and Let Live,
someone you don't care for, must have something to give,
we are not always right - there is room to compromise,
and in the end - YOU might win a prize.


Saturday, November 21, 2009

So - how've you been?....

...she asked, as she usually does,
and then the atmosphere starts to buzz;
lots of ideas, imagined or real,
it would be difficult to show more zeal.

That's how a Hollie Day begins, shot out of a gun,
there's never much change, we just continue the run;
it's Friday, so always a stop, at Irving for snacks,
before the serious stuff begins, we are not hacks.

Then on to WalMart, would you believe,
magazine, CD and gum, and we leave,
out in the car, staples removed, this or that is a reject,
trimed some paper for a wallet size project.

Off now to Staples, the goal is in sight,
6 projects in plastic, oh! the delight;
do you think she's done, the girl on a mission,
if you do - then you're only wishing.

Off to Target, just up the road,
looking for Saved By The Bell, to add to the load;
we don't find that, or the Hello Kitty CD player,
folks who are waiting haven't a prayer.

Well, let's try the other WalMart store,
there must be some way to even the score,
we didn't find it, but she got something else,
Dad - I need to do this one too, she simply belts.

Back to Staples for two more things,
Staples cash register continues it's rings;
then off to Toys 'R' Us, they have lots of Hello Kitty stuff,
there is a lot there, but not what we need. Had enough?

Nope! Let's go over to Best Buy and see,
if they have that show the used to be,
nothing there either, but she found Cheeta' Girls,
back to Staples, the world spins and whirls.

So three trips to laminate, is that clear?
There's nothing like plastic, oh that stuff is dear,
if it's got pictures, words or a quote,
you need to get on The Laminate Boat!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Who could...

...ever imagine, what would happen in advance,
No! Not one of us will ever have that chance;
but this is something that some of us think,
happened to them, to return them from the brink,

It is not important anyway, because we're in the here the present time,
all that stuff that happened yesterday is back there in your mind.
Tomorrow may not get here, and if it does what do we say,
well until that turns past mid-night, we'd still be in today!

Today will be a Hollie Day, we'll see what that brings,
she probably has many plans, to do a lot of things.
We'll have to go to this place, followed by that one too,
she'll have us go in loops, but she'll know what to do.

Tomorrow, when it becomes today, I'll let you know the thrill,
until then we'll have to guess, or just forget until;
because by then I'll have some answers, or a lucky guess,
with Hollie you never know, even how she'll dress.

Did you push the button, to feed the shelters survive?
They depend on us to help keep them alive,
and we don't have to pay to give,
just simply push the button, and give them a way to live.

And don't forget your neighbors, now that times are tough,
there are many people now for whom life is rough,
but we have something that we can share;
just a little, maybe, but we need to let them know that we still care.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A road....

....less traveled, is still there of course,
so yesterday we followed it to the source;
right down the highway, I ninety-five,
to see if the family was still alive.

We went to my brothers, well he and his wife,
down to Dover, New Hampshire, where they spend their life;
they where both doing well, not many complaints,
none of that hearing there is, and there aint's.

Then over to Sanford, Springvale for a fact,
to carry out the remainder of our visiting act;
gone to see Mother, she's ninety-six,
still lives out near where she was born in the sticks.

She is really doing quite well if you consider her age,
but she misses her family who have all gone to a new page;
parents, brother and sisters and her husband, my Dad,
she misses them all and the memories they had.

Then we came home, back the way that we went,
we did stop for food, Sams is the place on which we were bent,
their food is delicious, the crew is most kind,
I'll go there again and again if you don't mind.

Finally we made it back home,
and as of today we will no longer roam,
until the next time, we need to go,
ride around in the roads for 7 hours of so.

Please don't forget to Live and Let Live,
somewhere inside you there is something to give,
make life more pleasant for the others out there,
there is no harm, if they know you care.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It is done....

...there was no prize won,
I finished a thousand miles, just for fun.
Now, of course, I will go on and keep walking,
no goal in mind yet, people aren't talking.

If people were talking, it wouldn't be about me,
after all I didn't do this: Made for TV.
It was just a personal goal, something to aim for,
now I'll go on and aim at some number more.

The rest of the day was peaceful and quiet,
the meeting went well, there wasn't a riot;
there also weren't many people show,
I don't know where else, that they could go.

Today something different, a trip south and west,
going to see mother, brother and all the rest;
first in New Hampshire then Sanford, Maine,
just hope the ride doesn't cause Linda much pain.

We'll be home for supper, then off to snoze,
well, it'll be bedtime, I don't want to lose;
today was no different, up at eleven-thirty,
but the stars out tonight sure are "purty".

Remember when thinking of some awful task,
it wouldn't hurt to think ahead, and ask;
someone advice about how to proceed,
go Easy Does It, but do what you need.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is...

...the day it will happen, one thousand miles, at last,
really just another milestone, it too, will get passed.
Maybe tomorrow I'll take the day off and rest,
actually that's been planned, we'll be driving west.  (not very far)

So today I'll finish at the goal line and smile,
knowing full well I'm not finished, it's just another mile.
Then I'll set a goal that's different, add on a little more,
and dutifully come home and record one more score.

I'm going to a meeting, today will be a good day,
I got up at ten-thirty, too early to go out and play;
then I'll run some errands, maybe have coffee and buy gas,
and wait and see what comes next, what will come to pass?

I've already pushed that big button that feeds,
the critters and varmits that have great needs,
and just this past weekend made a donation,
to help feed the hungry, of this great nation.

This morning, here's what I read,
with some certain amount of dread;
One in seven now go without enough food,
in the United States, and that's not good.

If you remember one thing,
this may have a familar ring,
be good to your neighbor and give,
go by: Live and Let Live.


Monday, November 16, 2009

There ain't....

....a whole lot going on, another quiet day,
that's the way it started, will it end that way?
I got up at ten o'clock so I probably won't remember,
if I had to move now, I'd say wait until December.

The final score of the Pats game disappointed me,
pure bad luck and clock control, what will be will be.
It was a well played game, each team had a chance;
but it's going to be the Colts that get to dance.

Yesterday was wet, damp and a no walking day,
I will be making up for that, if I have my way;
there will be some walking done - maybe five miles,
I only need eight more for a thousand- making many smiles.

Probably tomorrow, but certainly this week,
there will be two million steps, a goal of mine to meet.  (late edit)
Then you know what I will do, I won't rest on laurels,
but be out there walking, put million in the plurals.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


...Staples Scramble.  That's the name of this game,
or any laminate, heck it's all just a name;
that's really not - entirely true,
Staples is the ONE - tried and true!

The day started off in the usual way,
Tim Hortons on Main Street, it's Saturday!
You see, some things never change,
if you can get close, you're within range.

Of course, next the inevitable WalMart stop,
if I was never asked for that I would drop.
A sweatshirt, sneakers, CD and paper pack later,
we back on the road - what could be greater?

Now we're at Target, there's a DVD,
Season 2 Part One of iCarly.
Of course that insert is made of paper,
oh, go on and do it! You laminating hater.

Then, this is only the first, trip to Staples,
laminate eight projects please, no lables;
they sure look good, don't they Dad?
Do you think that's her way to say you've been had?

It was still early, too early to eat,
over to the Mall, it's going to be neat;
well most stores don't open until it's ten,
but Sears is and it's the one place we've never been.

A quick walk around, there's no Celtics stuff,
kids with parents who shop here must have it rough;
But WAIT what is that up ahead?
I'll be darned it's Hello Kitty! Yep, that's what I said.

Look at that shirt Dad! It's just my size!
Dad looks sheepish, oh, what a surprise.
The price is decent and really fair,
go ahead buy it, what do I care? (it's only money)

Oh Dad!!! I forgot to do these two things!
How could that happen? I heard no bell rings?
Right back to Staples, it's quick and not far,
you go right in, I'll wait in the car.

Now we are going to eat at Subway,
over in Brewer, a quick get a way.
Good meals and the price is not bad,
Oh Wait - here it comes, I going to be had. (Again?)

Dad, over in Mardens they have a book,
I know it's there Dad, I've already had a look,
it's not expensive Dad, they've got good prices,
well, let's go and look, oh, her devices.

The book is there and it's fifty-five cents,
oh, look there's a calendar, she shows her parent(s).
The total expense is one oh seven,
of course there's a project - right back to heaven.

Over to Staples the other one this time,
oh the wiles of this child of mine.
Just one project, Dad, you'll be fine,
and you'll get home, Dad, just in time.

And so goes the journey, to Staples and back,
there were no options, except an attack.
It's the way of the girl, it doesn't change much,
stuff stays the same, and you know Staples and such.

Enjoy your day!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Saturday all over again ?........ is what it is, that's it my friend,
and there ain't always a picnic, just down that walk,
where you can sit and quietly talk.

But it's Saturday, to be celebrated, that's the chatter,
of course to us old geezers that doesn't matter;
You see, to us, it's pretty much the same,
is that an excuse? Sounds kind of lame!

For me it's worth looking forward to,
it's Hollie Day, there'll be lots to do;
of course I don't know now, the days events,
do they still have those sales? In tents?

It will be good, we always have fun,
I guess I must be the chosen one;
and we will keep busy, right up to the end,
and I don't ever know, what's around that next bend.

So- I'll be busy, but what about you,
are you going to find enough to do?
There are lot's of ways you can find,
to do yourself good, and give you peace of mind.

Go click on the button, purple still today,
it'll buy some dog chow, litter or hay;
and try just a little to help someone too,
remember, it's a good feeling for you.

And if you happen to meet some body that's new,
there's a big bonus in that for you,
shake to new comers hand, say hello, how do you do;
please have a seat, we have a chair for you.

Friday, November 13, 2009

It's Friday...

...and it's time to donate a pint,
not a hard thing to do, do you think you might?
Just go to the Red Cross, they are everywhere,
go ahead, just do it, that's a double dare!

I try to go in regularly, at some sort of scheduled time,
but sometimes I get off track, it's not their fault, it's mine.
It takes about an hour, most of the game's a waiting one.
the donation lasts about ten minutes, then you're done.

Yesterday was very good, but, a little cool,
ol' man winter's just around the corner, he's no fool.
it was in the twenties, give a degree or so,
better now than when - it's twenty below!

The walking seems to be, back on track for now,
but with winter arriving it' out! Snow plow!
see what I mean there, things are going to change,
I'll have to walk inside and that's not in my range.

Today is not be different in any sort of way,
walking, coffee, meeting - unless things go astray,
then to the Red Cross, it's Friday of the eighth week,
and I can lay right down and hope this damn thing doesn't leak!

Please visit and give the pets a chance,
there even places for horses, like the Last Chance Ranch.
And of course there are people who need a little boost,
sometimes it's hard to get up - when you've fallen from your roost.

And remember to Keep It Simple, a catchy little phrase,
but you still have to do it, if your spirit's going to raise;
try it, it's not difficult, and gets better given time,
and many wishes for good luck, to your families and mine.


Thursday, November 12, 2009


....I guess, I'll calm things down,
"he says easily but with a frown";
why would anyone say a thing like that,
he says "shake things up, stuffs old hat".

Had enough?

Yesterday was a very good day,
a short walk, coffee and a meeting, what would you say?
It was a very good meeting, the meaning was there,
then I walked in the parade; just to be fair.

The folks all lined up, all colors and ages,
to watch us walk by, while a new war rages;
I guess the country doesn't want to run out,
of guys like me, with little or no clout.

One after the other, wars start and wane,
one would think there should be peace for a change;
but on and on and on they go,
'cause they make money, for folks in the know.

So today - I won't alter my plans,
walking, coffee and a meeting, raised hands;
hoping to have some differences made,
stand in the sunshine and walk in the shade.

Don't forget to go feed the wee beasts,
give them something on which to feast;
and of course people need our help too,
whose turn is it? Me or you?

Live and Let Live, it's my favorite phrase,
most meaningful now, in this time and place;
respect for all people, dignity too,
that's what's in it, for me and you.


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

It could be.......

said that Veterans Day should be every day,
and I suppose it is, in it's own way;
at least for those of us, fortunate to make it back,
we are not the important ones, it's the others that we lack.

We'll go today and march in the parade,
small children will wonder how we made the grade,
but the important ones will be missing, they won't march at all,
they are the ones who answered the final call.

Someday it's possible, in the march of time,
when everyone who marches, maybe your grandson or mine,
will have no missing comrades, who didn't make it back,
but for love of country they march the simple track.

Happy Veterans Day!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's me again....

...awake at ten, oh I don't know how,
to guess if there's an end to this, in the here and now;
these two hours swings of getting up, we need to slow the pace.
a wild and crazy ride it is, it's like being in a race.

Of course I have no answers to questions such as this,
maybe I'm just dreaming, and on my way to bliss;
but it sure doesn't feel like it, to me it's the pits,
but I'd better accept this things, it as good as it gets.

I'm going to try to insert photos in here someplace,
just some critters that I did and that I can't erase;
do they look like they need food, from the purple place,
if they do, then why don't you help feed the lovely face.

and remember to Keep It Simple, do not overdo (I think I just did!)
but with all this in mind, the answer is to do,
they not to complicate things you do today,
if you don't it's easy, that's what 'they' say.


Monday, November 9, 2009

Sleeping in......

....again in Carmel, Maine,
no ifs no ands no buts, no pain,
there must be some excuse,
or is this just a ruse?

I don't know, nor do I care,
but please hurry to offer a chair,
after so long of laying down,
I'm afraid I'll fall in the sink and drown.

Enought of that you silly goose,
who let you out in the world loose,
there must be some mistake;
are you sure that you're awake?

Probably just another dream,
or something caused by my ear scream;
and I guess it really doesn't matter after all,
things don't hibernate in the fall.

I've pushed the purple button, I'm awake enough for that,
those critters in there get hungry you know, they could eat your hat!
And, as always, please remember the people who are hungry too,
jobs are hard to come by now, so they need me and you.

Easy Does It, doesn't sound too hard,
simple stuff written on a card?
No, it's not it means to proceed,
getting things done - that you need.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Another day....... think about the meaning of it all,
what do you think of this and that, how to make a ball,
got to do something to clear my old head;
look at the day with purpose, don't look at it with dread.

Yesterday was quiet, and I did a little walking,
only a mile or so, but that got me talking,
and I did the exercises the doctor gave me,
I think there was some value, we will see.

I do feel better today, ankle and knees,
but I won't push my luck and climb any trees.
I may do a little walk, no more than a mile,
but even that little bit, that will make me smile.

I won't have a car to use most of today,
Linda is going to take it, and take Flo away,
they're going down to Portland on a visit, I am told,
at least they're not going when it's very cold.

We have the promise of fair weather for the next few day,
with warmer temperatures (50), so what do we say,
we can get some exercise, even the ordered kind,
we can do something to help clear our mind.

Push the purple button, that's not a hard task,
animals need food, they have no voice to ask;
and people often are hungry too,
unless someone helps, like me or you.

And remember Live and Let Live, is can be our choice,
getting along with each other, praise with our voice;
say 'it's nice to see you, here with us today',
or something similar, what do you say?

Have a great day!

Saturday, November 7, 2009


...I went to the doctor, she said I was fine,
(now, you know, I have to write a second line)
the ankle thing is just a sprain, at least that what she thinks;
I just want the thing to heal, this not walking stuff stinks!

So, on today's schedule there isn't much to say,
but it is the weekend and it's Saturday;
I will have to deliver to Peggy a paper and scratch off tickets,
of course that's done every week, with or without the rickets.

And no meeting today, at least not for me,
too many people on the weekend for all to see,
I can't hear a single thing with a bunch so big,
so I'll just have to hang around or find another gig.

But you can rest assured that I will do two things,
first, push the purple button, see if a bell rings;
then I will find a way to help someone needy,
I have enough to share, it's not fair being greedy.

And I will Keep It Simple, that's the better way,
try not to complicate my life today;
sometimes that's not easy, it's a human nature thing,
people seem to find a way to tangle any string.

Please do something for yourself.

Friday, November 6, 2009


...outside today, looks like I missed the goal, won't be going to the ball,

of walking one thousand miles before the snow fall,

and yesterday big problem with my knees,

my walking days may be blowing in the breeze.

I'll go see the doctor, she what she has to say,

of course, that will be later in the day,

I got up a ten this morning night,

only got to wait 8 hours for daylight!

The basketball is entertaining, Utah is ahead,

thanks to television or else I'd be dead (not in the literal sense)

and the Internet and newspaper all do their share,

of keeping me above ground and out there breathing air.

I did push the purple button, and voted for my choice,

we all have to do that, the animals have no voice.

There is now a drive on at, for turkeys for Thanksgiving day,

care to pitch in? Come on - what do you say?

And remember to Keep It Simple, no matter what 'they' say;

you don't have to complicate anything today,

just do the learned basics and practice what you preach,

you'll be so glad - and happy as a peach.

Have a great day

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well...'s over! What a insult to my psyche, and my troubled mind,
the Yankees win the series, how do I leave this damage behind?
I will probably wonder if the outcome would be the same,
maybe different players, or some change in the game?

I'm going to leave that all behind me now, I'll be okay I know,
after all the Celtics have won five games in a row.
Baseball is all over, except for trades, rumors and stories;
there will be next season, for the Red Sox and their glories.

There is much more to life than these trivial pursuits,
like taking good care of myself, eat my veggies and my fruits;
take a little walking too - well after medical clearance;
go to meeting, paint some too, add to my experience.

I have pushed that purple button, I do it every day,
all those critters sheltered, have to eat, there is no other way;
and there are hungry people, right here on our streets,
please help and find some funds to help them get some eats.

And welcome a new comer if you meet one today,
tell him your name, and make him comfortable some way;
some times there aren't any, and some times quite a few,
smile, shake hands and tell him "this chair is just for you"!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How many....

....times do I tell myself, you could have done it better,
guess that's just the way I am, right down to the letter;
I know there's usually more than one way,
to do most things on which I have a say.

There is one way that I like the best,
it's a way that can be used north, south, east or west;
when the time comes to just go and do it,
I just say, oh heck - screw it!

The ankle is no better, sent an email to the doc,
well, he wasn't in, or won't be, he wasn't on the clock,
so I was given a choice of substitute,
and I will see her Friday - isn't that a hoot?

But, I made it to a meeting, helped to set it up,
Brian made coffee twice, before we had a cup;
the meeting was a little small, but it was very good,
I got something out of it, just like I should.

We spoke of Easy Does It, and Live and Let Live,
went around the room, asked everyone to give...
...some kind of example, how to grow and improve,
get out act together, don't just sit! Get out and move!

So today I'll do things differently, at least that's a start,
take the wife to breakfast, I can do my part;
then there's an appointment, hers not mine,
and some other errands that take a little time.

I'll push the 'purple button' just like the rest of you,
when it comes to helping critters, that's the thing to do;
and try to do a least one thing to help my fellow man,
do that everyday, and you've got yourself a plan.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to...

....normal, can I really mean it,
somehow me and normal doesn't fit;
so I guess I'll write the way I always do,
that suits me just fine, hope it does you too.

The Phillies played a bit better in the game last night,
at least they're still trying and putting up a fight;
but it still troubles me that they don't field the ball,
you'd think that they'd know which way the ball bounces off the wall.

But let's move on to other things, like my swollen ankle,
it's much better, thank you very much, but it causes me to rankle; (is that a word?)
Too much walking every day of last week is the culprit,
maybe I should quit that too, and preaching from this pulpit. (not today!)

I did get to a meeting, and help set it all up,
the center is just going to be a shelter, that's what's up.
Too bad they have to move the treatment across town,
there must be a reason for it, but it causes us to frown.

And I've pushed the purple button, to feed the needy pets, (
you know it makes you feel good, as good as it gets;
so why not give it a try, it's worth the time and effort,
go ahead! try it! come on, be a sport!

And, let's not forget, our purpose for this post,
it's to reach out to our neighbors, that's what we need the most;
Live and Let Live, it's important advice,
you be good to them, they will treat you nice!

Enjoy the day! Go Vote!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The World Series...

The Phillies didn't field the ball, they ran away and hid,
it was a complete failure, to stop the Yankees bid;
the Phillies were an example of one huge mistake,
now it sure doesn't look like any Philly cake.

I think they could have won this ballgame too,
but not they way they played, it shows what not to do.
You can bless your lucky stars, that I've vowed not to cuss,
but I won't let that stop me, from making a big fuss.

The was lousy management, and poor positioning,
and, of course, a thousand bats that never took a swing;
it was no wonder that the Yankees prevailed,
every time one came up to bat, away the ball sailed.

The Phillies were out played, and out managed too,
if the newspapers are full of blame, and there will be a few;
there plenty of that blame, to go all around,
it's just too bad when the Phillies bat, the ball don't leave the ground.

Well, anyways, have a happy Monday,
it can't be much worse than a Philly fans Sunday;
and I'm go to stop, right here and now;
just because they lost a game, it's no reason to have a cow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The insanity of it all!

Well today is Saturday/Sunday or someplace in between,
and just what time did I get up, that remains to be seen.
Take the present value and subtract fourteen,
add the next number and delete a number in between.

Add the square root of the color of your neighbors cow,
divide by four hundred, let's see what have I got now?
Oh, add the number of tigers in the zoo,
and then you take the next round number (zero - the rest have lines)and add the two.

Now the product symbol of Z on the New York Stock Exchange,
take the lint out of your pocket, now add in the change,
subtract the cats age on her birthday, eleven years from now,
add back in the square root of your other neighbors cow.

So when I got up, I think it was...., no that isn't right,
I forgot to subtract eleven when I went to bed last night!
Oh, wait, now I remember if todays date is an even number,
and I add the zip code for Chicago, subtract or add, I can't remember.

Okay, now I've gone and looked it up,
I forgot, you see, to divide by my pup,
then you take the number of time zones in the world,
Jeepers - my mind is racing like a squirrel.

What were we talking about, what did you ask me?
Oh, you want to know when I got up, is that easy?
Let me see - take the age of the police officer that showed up,
when I dialed 911 and asked them, what time did I get up?

This is dedicated to that brilliant piece of work,
who invented Daylight Savings Time, it's a stupid little quirk;
why in the world do we change time, twice every year,
when Congress stops that act, I will go and cheer.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't know how...

....much you'd want to know about what I did today,
and if you asked me, there wouldn't be much to say,
I did some walking this morning, and had my coffee too;
and I went to a meeting, a good one, how about you?

The rest of the day was resting, my foot and my knee,
the old buggers hurt today, aging don't you see;
I guess there is nothing anyone can do,
to make my old joints feel better, when I put on a shoe.

That's they invented acceptance, a wise word is that,
some things change over time, and that is a fact!
So maybe I'll slow down some, and I don't want to,
but maybe it's just a matter of mind over shoe.

Today will be a Hollie Day, I tell you all tomorrow,
whether there was joy to be had, or was it all sorrow,
and it'll be a holiday, and those are all important date,
she tracks each one each year, and tells you how they rate.

She wants to be given a card that she picks out,
and I'm sure she will open it, without much of a shout;
and she tells me to surprise her, with about twenty bucks,
when someone picks their own surprise, it's just oh shucks!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't...

...know if I told you, well no I guess I didn't,
how would you know what I haven't written;
yesterday was travel and my mind was really in it,
now it's back to normal...I wonder if that's it.

We went to Damariscota to visit Lindas friend,
then we went to Pemaquid, too the road to the end,
a stop in Rockland to Goodwills new store,
there are bargains there, it's what you're looking for.

Then we stopped in Camden, yes; another friend,
he was beginning to wonder, where we had been,
a stop again in Northport for a bite to eat,
a nice family restaurant, the food was really neat.

Now it's Friday morning, just barely anyway,
time to get rolling and start another day,
I'll do a little walking and then get some rest,
then off to a meeting, that might be what I like best.

Push the purple button, you know the routine by now,
you'd think that they'd make a home, for some freaking cow!
Just kidding! We both know it's important to take care of pets,
yesterday we saw a dog, that was as good as one gets.

If you go to a meeting and there's someone new,
please do not hesitate to say "this chair's for you"!
Newcomers can be made welcome on any day,
but please take notice - don't chase them away.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it....

....morning already? How did I lose track?
Oh, now I remember, I'll be right back.
How about them Yankees? They sure play big;
trying to show the world how big a hole they can dig!

I saw the last two innings, 'cause I was up at ten;
earliest that I remember, since I don't know when,
I think a little nap would be good, right about two,
then maybe, I'll have just as much sleep as you.

And before I forget, which is likely,
the Celtics won last night too, they're doing quite nicely.
What else is there, that could go right, that is the question,
maybe one of you out there, might have a suggestion?

I've pushed the purple button, it's really a delight,
you should go and try it, push with all your might.
Please don't forget you neighbors, and you fellow man;
sometimes there are those, who could use a hand.

Live and Let Live, a motto plain and true,
if applies to all of us, you know, me and you;
it's a lesson we should learn, it'll help us all through life,
or we could just forget it - and cause a lot of strife.

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's kind....

....of cold again this morning, that is nothing new,
we had all better get used to it for a month or two;
now who's being generous with the time to come,
if it ain't you, and it ain't me, it has to be someone.

Yesterday was cold too, even with the walking,
but I take a break for coffee, and do some talking;
today I'll not walk as far, yesterday six plus miles,
but last night and to today, for my knees, no smiles., that's where the button is,
once you try it you'll be hooked and get into the biz,
and if you want to try something rather cool,
go to and use the donor tool.

And remember Easy Does It, has another side,
you can easy do it but just don't go along for the ride,
you still need to take some action, and you'll be a hit;
if you Easy Does It, and you really do it!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There is no....

.......explanation for why things happen the way they do,
is that an unanswered question that really bothers you?
Or is it just accepted that that's the way things are;
or do you really believe coincidence can carry things that far.

There are other things at work here, the way things fall in place,
there is so many things orchestrated for us in the human race;
stuff may seem 'willy-nilly', and really by far out,
but the timing is the thing that we wonder about.

I think that while I'm out walking, that I will think on it,
try to conjure up and explanation that somehow seems to fit;
but I will not find the answer, and I don't need to anyway,
these things are among us each and every day.

Now go and find the purple button that I keep talking about,
press it with abandon and give a joyful shout;
of course, that'll get people guessing what the hell is going on,
you can tell them that you've found that rectangled icon.

Live and Let Live, that's more than a motto,
it tell us simply, to keep doing what we ought to;
it's a pure and simple practice, we can do it every day,
keep that thought in you mind and make it your way.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

There must be....

....some way to keep track,
of all of the things that get out of whack;
it's hard to imagine that some things go right,
just because some idea takes flight.

I'll use for example, something real sad,
the Yankees just beat the Angels, that's bad;
but why did that happen, what could have gone wrong?
Find the answer in the words of a song.

And that song sure as hell ain't Everything is Beautiful;
is that fair to say? Yes, it's fair and it's just, and long overdue;
Now we will cheer the Phillies on! Right?
We want them to put up a fight!

There is baseball, it's just a game,
there are things more important, that I can name;
human suffering, pirates, wars and wasted money,
I could go on - but this stuff's not funny.

So why do I pay such attention to...
...a game played by two teams, it doesn't matter who;
when there are serious things going on at the same time,
I guess it just gives more reason to whine.

Now that I've got that out of the way,
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
I'm going walking, and some coffee too,
Now - if I can just get that ball out of my shoe!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can't you….

Just imagine if things had no plan,
everything was "crazy", all throughout the land,
nothing would get done, or even halfway finished,
farmers wouldn't give a damn, and Popeye had no spinach.

There would be one big mess! Jeepers! Holy Cow!
Well my friends that's where we are, right about now.
How could that have happened? Why was there no plan?
I don't know, how could I? I'm just a simple man.

So, you see, that's what happens, every now and then,
no one can explain it, and nobody knows quite when,
but I believe it's coming, it'll be our turn again,
so if we're going to stop it where will be begin?

Let's start with the weather, yesterday was not nice,
let's put the rain clouds where they belong. In a great big vice!
That doggone stuff simply will not stop.
Hurry, hurry everyone, somebody bring a mop!

So, you see, I'm all excited, mostly for no reason,
don't you think it rather odd, that I don't know the season?
Of course it rains this time of year, it happens every fall,
I mean, really, didn't someone plan it all?

Remember those animals, the ones down at the shelter,
they need us to push the button, makes their food cheaper;
and let's not forget the men and the women too,
down at the shelter, they need our help too.

The sun, the sun!!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

I never...

....know where to start,
when it comes down to the Hollie Day part;
there's so much that goes on those days,
sometimes it's just a big purple haze!

Yesterday was not so different, but it had a good start;
managed to walk two miles before we get to that part,
She was up and ready, roaring to go,
but, of course, things have to go just so.

Down to the Irving Station, time for a snack,
get this and that, you got the jack? (jack=money)
she likes the mocha-java machine,
drinks what comes out, there's no in between.

Over to Brewer, that WalMart place,
Hollie! Slow down, I can't keep up this pace!
Got to get a new magazine, some paper too,
wait just a minute, get gum to chew.

Take out the staples from the magazine,
find selected pages, do you know what I mean?
Fold them real careful, don't mess up that seam,
glue them just right, lined up? Look at that sheen.

We've managed to do all five things,
all of a sudden the cell phone rings;
Mom is calling to say hello, asks now, where are you;
Hollie does take time to talk, hello to you too.

Onward and upward with our worthy goal,
on over to Staples, everything's just so, ready to roll.
This is the first visit today,
she got five projects out of the way.

So then we're off, going to Target,
Dad, I want the CD, do you have to charge it?
No charging today, it's all strictly cash,
gee Dad, let's get that can of hash.

She got to CD, now do you know what?
Well, you just have to get the cover fixed up!
put it on paper, careful with the glue,
go heat that one up with plastic too!

Then we head on to Broadway,
Walgreens has something to offer today;
black nail polish for the Halloween jog ,
and a"Bo Pup", the Obamas new dog.

Then over to Union Street we did go,
they have a book at Paperback you know;
Presidential Pets, it's a sure thing,
laminate to cover, cough up some bling!

So, three visits to Staples, that great store,
not going back today, not any more;
it's time to deliver her, to her program,
playtime is over, Dad you scram!

And so it goes, repeated weekly,
there is no end, that I can see;
that part's okay, I understand,
all of that stuff is part of her plan.

Enjoy your day, I hope it goes well,
but don't forget to treat everyone well,
be kind to the critters, and people you meet,
sometimes this life is sure hard to beat!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm speechless....

...or writeless, as the case may be,
there was an unusual event you see;
I really slept in, and it's quite alarming,
or not alarming (as in clock) but there's no harming.

I slept until one in the morning!
All of this came without warning,
I'm almost confused, but I'm not;
it's weird but I hope it happens a lot.

Yesterday was some rainy and wet;
cool too, for the season yet,
but I got out the umbrella and walked,
for five miles, oh yeah, it's clocked.

This morning I'll spend with Hollie,
she'll be charged up by golly;
projects to do, more than a few;
and a couple of snacks to chew.

Please look after the critters out there,
they should know that you care;
and watch out for one another too,
be good to them, they'll be good to you.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


...I wonder, after watching a game,
if the Phillies can win, can't the Red Sox do the same;
there's really no answer that I know of,
the Phillies are better, when push comes to shove.

I just finished watching to post game show,
but they're always the same, don't you know?
They interview the same old guy,
nobody new, I don't know why!

Baseball is like that, it's always the same,
change and invention isn't part of the game;
I guess it don't matter that; whatever the name,
just yell "play ball", and get into the game.

My mind has started to ramble,
that's how the blog got it's name,
through briar and bramble,
into my mind the thoughts came.

But, I did remember to take care of the pets,
go to, it's as good as it gets.
And please always remember the chosen few,
people out there that have less than you.

Reach out to newcomers, welcome them back,
always put your hand out, leave the door open a crack;
if they come early and it's just them and you,
tell them they're welcome say "this chairs for you".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't you...

...sometimes wonder about thing like....
...why does the noise in my ears, sometimes spike?
I've had so much noise, Monday afternoon, last night and this morning,
but since there is no cure, look to the cause for the warning.

I do know, that probably, it won't last too long,
OK, I really don't know, but I hope that I'm not wrong.
Walking yesterday was pure dy-no-mite!
It just seems that it all took place all right.

Today also holds promise of good stuff untold,
wait and see just how the good stuff will unfold;
there isn't any limit to do good stuff today,
nah! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take good care of the critters, and they'll delight you,
it's always nice to remember your human neighbors too;
it's the spirit of the things that counts, in everything you do,
do good unto others, and they'll do good to you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The weather...

...yesterday morning was not the kind I like,
rain and wind together hinder me on my hike;
the afternoon was better with a lot of sun,
if I had done my walking then it would have been more fun.

But I choose to go out in the morning chill,
and do my walking then, you know the drill,
it's just the way I like it so I can't complain,
even though just last week I complained about the rain.

Today I hope to get another five mile day,
maybe I will if things turn out my way;
I like to take the time to think,
but I still watch out for Mr. Stink.

Have you pushed the purple button yet?
You still have time to do it, if you get...,
push the button and be gone.

'Easy Does It' says a lot about this game of life,
if we would only listen we could stop a lot of strife,
it isn't always easy to un-complicate our stuff,
and then we always must admit when we've had enough.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Never a dull moment...

...not around here, if you don't mind waiting for the other shoe to fall,
but I like it better than doing nothing at all;
I didn't get my walking finished, took Peggy to the store,
don't go in a shop with her, she like to cause uproar.

So even though my walks not finished on yesterday,
I will get some in, and make sure to finish today.
And going to a meeting, that's fine with me,
after the weekend I've had, that's where I should be.

Please press the purple button, it's right in front of you,
it'll only take a minute, and of all the good it'll do;
remember those critters and earn money for themselves,
we have to cause to sponsors to take it from their shelves.

How do you treat your neighbors? Do you treat them well?
Remember it's important, does that ring a bell?
Please take just a minute to recall this motto that I give,
it's simply an everyday call to Live and Let Live.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deja vu all over again...

It's a special occasion Dad, that is what she said,
as we started out, it caused unwanted dread;
it's a special occasion Dad, as we headed down the road,
somehow I got the thought that my wallet would explode.

It's a special occasion Dad, here is what we'll do,
speaking like that, I knew, the we'll be you.
I've got nine projects Dad, special occasion indeed;
I got my banker on the line to tell him what I'll need.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we drove through the third town,
we weren't even two tenths there and I had started to frown;
by the time we got to Waterville, she had changed her mind,
it's was time to go to WalMart, and leave some projects behind.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we got on Eye Ninety Five;
boy oh boy, Dad, now I've got twenty-five!
How could this have happened is what I want to know,
of course, there is no way to plan these things before we go.

It's a special occasion Dad, so we'll go to Freeport first,
you know what's there don't you? This could be the worst.
but I got off kind of light, at least that's what I thought;
until of course I saw the price of that thing we bought.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we got to Brunswick,
right to Staples I drove, like the carrot and the stick.
by now, of course, the number of projects that there were,
the numbers flew by me, blindly in a blurr.

It's a special occasion Dad, was her explanation,
as she handed me the bill that could fund a foreign nation;
sixteen dollars had been spent to turn paper into plastic,
oh how I wish that my dollars would turn into elastic.

It's a special occasion Dad, that's why I did so much,
you know it's times like these when you have to do so much,
it's a special occasion so I can do much more,
please enter your PIN until your fingers get real sore.

It's a special occasion Dad, let's go to Rockland next,
by the time I heard these very words, I knew I had the hex;
to Staples, one more time, and she did five more,
after all, she smiled, isn't that what special occasions are for?

Please let it be noted, here for all to see,
that the spending on this trip was all planned you see,
we didn't really spend much more that any other time,
the freedom with the language, is entirely mine.