Saturday, July 7, 2012

It's too........

Schooner races July 6 2012  Portland Press Herald photo - click
  ...warm for my personal comfort.  I managed to walk a bit over seven and one-half miles yesterday.  I start early, about 3:15AM, so the bulk is in comfortable conditions.  I was finished by 8:00AM with the final part.  If I had to walk all of that in the middle of the day there wouldn't be very many miles.
  We have fans here, a ceiling fan in the living room, and my room has a table fan and an air conditioner, so it's comfortable.  Inside it's comfortable I should have said, outside it's hot.  I usually start to complain about the heat at 63 degrees if I'm in the car.  When I'm walking I'll complain it's too hot at about 70 degrees.  It's a good thing I'm an early riser, isn't it?  I'm probably lucky to live in Maine too, we got a break from the heat in the mid-section of the good ol' USA.
  I'm going to get ready for a walk now, it's 2:18AM.  See ya!
Turtles enjoy the sun in Maine.  Portland Press Herald photo

Friday, July 6, 2012

What a crew!

Great-grand daughter hiding out in Florida.
  I've got a real things for the girls in my family.  Mostly it's because I have more contact with them I think.  Hollie is the nearest to us and she has spent parts of three days with me in the past eight days.
Every once in a while Hollie will try to pull a fast one on the old geezer.  When she's trying to bend the rules, just a little, I call her a crook, and I call her Richard Milhous Hollie.  Because she and I share an offbeat sense of humor, it has become a fun thing.  She doesn't often try to get away with anything, and it's very easy to catch her when she does.  I can turn a learning experience for her into a fun thing in an instant.
  Here is a photo Hollie doctored to resemble the real Richard Milhous:
Hollie is not a crook.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

No noose is good noose..

Canada Lilly
  The Fourth went off without a hitch.  Does that mean you lost your horses?  Did you have to walk home? Or, that you're still single?

  I was a little kid once, maybe five to seven years old, when I started to lose my baby teeth.  Mama would put a penny under my pillow and take the tooth, so it is alleged.
  When I got about one year older I was really resistant to going to bed.  Mama used to give me a dime to go to bed.  She would come in after I was asleep and take the dime and spank me in the morning for losing my money!
  The only meat we ate was beef.  Beef this and beef that.  When I was about ten I got to help bring home the beef.  Now I know where "rustle up some grub" came from.  Oh well, fresh beef every couple of months is good.  Isn't it?
  Now that I'm on my own and have a family we need a little money now and then.  I do work a couple of hours a month, but not too much.
  Ooops!  I've got to go, there's a bank right up ahead.

The whole thing above is not true.  Honest!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Yankee Doodle Dandy day

  Today it is estimated that the population of the United States is 313.9 million.  That's a lot of hot dogs, parade watchers and days at the beach.  It's also how many of us are left alive because some of those who used to be with us no longer are.  Those veterans who died in all of the wars the United States has been involved in make it possible for those of us that are left to celebrate.
  It's a Hollie Day on a Holiday this morning, so I'm quite sure my morning has already been planned.  There is baseball on the MLB channel at 11:00AM and there will be a lot of day games to choose from too.
  Go.  Enjoy your day but pause to remember how lucky you are to be where you are.
USS Hornet docked at NAS Alameda as a museum.
Both places were a good home for me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"What'll I do......"

Red.  PortlandPressHerald photo - click
  I might make "Red" my next project, but still have not made up my mind.  I could do the house project over, I have cropped the photo and will paint only the house, no bushes, no grass.  I could also surprise myself and do something I haven't even seen yet.
  The "What'll I do...." title is part of a line from an OLD song, around World War 2 I think, it was about a woman missing her boyfriend.  Try to listen to it on You Tube - lot's of good stuff on there.
I have listened to a wide variety of songs on there, ones that I remember from years gone by.  At times that prompts me to buy a CD by Gogi Grant or Percy Faith.  I listen to Ernest Tubb and the Texas Playboys sing "Waltz across Texas", or anything by Vern Gosdin or Patty Montana - - now that's some old stuff.  I only like music I remember the words (some of them) to; since I lost a lot of hearing anything new is unintelligeble, some of it's like that anyway I suppose.
  Anyhow, that's a wrap.  Have a nice day, stay cool and get some exercise.

I just looked up "What'll I do" it was written by Irving Berlin in 1924, it came back in the movie "Great Gatsby" in the 1980's, Linda Ronstadt has a great version, check it out.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Well there is SOME good news

Green enough and meow!
  The good news:
1)  The 'project' is in the recycle bin, it was beyound fixing.  I will start another.
2)  Hollie is moved in and we didn't work over there yesterday.
3)  I was able to walk six miles plus.

  And the opinion.  I enjoy watching sports on television, in particular baseball and basketball.  I also watch golf when those other two aren't on.  We have cable TV because I like to watch sports.  I very often mute the sound, you don't need sound on to watch most sports.
  Yesterday I watched some of the Tour de France (I like to see Frances country side), I watched the Yankees play the Chicago White Sox on TBS - I had to sound on some of the time, the announcer was tolerable, at least the non-athlete sports guy.
  I watched the golf at The National after the ball game, mostly with the sound muted.  The "former players" on any channel that broadcasts golf are intolerable.  Most of them don't speak American English, with my hearing loss any Brit/Aussie accent is not understandable.  They are so opiononated that it will make me want to puke.  "he should have moved his feet to the right", "that's sand in the sand trap", "he should have placed the tee two milimeters to the left".  If they are so damned good, why aren't they the ones making all of the money?
  Okay I've said my piece.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Catch 'em!

Lightning strikes the Oakland-San Francisco Bay Bridge in 2011 AP photo
the "black dots" are rain on the camera - click
  The photo doesn't have anything to do with todays blog, I just wanted to use a photo because I did not do anywork on my project.
  I had a busy day, Hollie from 7 to noon, Sister-in-law and her husband visited from Vermont, and still more work at Hollies house, which I personally did very little of.  Add on a trip to the commissary for some groceries and we got home at 2PM.  There was a baseball game on TV which I watched even if it was the Yankees, they played the Chicago White Sox (with Kevin Youkilis).  The game was on the YES Network (a Yankees owned network) so I watched the game with the mute on to make it bearable.  The Red Sox are on the west coast and those games come on here at 10PM.
  When my in-laws left for Bucksport we were right behind them, they turned in the wrong direction, and a chase pursued.
  We live in a 25 mile-per-hour zone in the village, they didn't respond to my honking and flashing lights, we went faster and faster - my wife was saying "catch 'em, catch 'em"*.  I didn't have my hearing aids in so I told her we weren't going to Idaho* and we weren't chasing the guy that draws Denis the Menace*.
  We caught up after about a half-mile and everybody turned around.

 *Ketchum and Ketcham respectively.  This is not a true story (the part about catch 'em) but it illustrates how my mind works, anyway. So there!