Saturday, December 18, 2010

It's pronounced willies..

From the comic strip "Shoe":
Editor "I need you to cover that story at the morgue"
Shoe "My car is in the shop"
Editor "Take that old Jeep out back, like you did last time"
Shoe "How come every time I have to go to the morgue I get the Willys?"

That's right, it's what W brings,
John Willys praises, the US sings;
from plain old cars to the almighty Jeep,
we owe him more than a peep.
It's an old brand, back to nineteen-oh-six,
some folks still drive them, just for kicks;
the '41's were a hot-rodders dream,
put in an Olds engine, and let 'er scream!

1935 Model 77 Willys

1949 Willys Jeepster

1954 Willys Aero

Here's a '41 that's done over

Friday, December 17, 2010

We are...

...arriving at the letter V,
not much longer until we see Z;
Willard Velie a grandson of John Deere,
was in Moline, Illinois, built the cars right here.

There also were trucks, race cars and planes,
radial engines and sixes, he went to great pains;
but even back then techology changed,
he couldn't keep up, with the way things were arranged.

c.1903 Truck and race car

1910 Touring Velie

1920 Model 34 Touring Velie

Thursday, December 16, 2010

It takes...

...a little looking, for the letter U,
not many autos out there for you;
but there were a couple, photos sure are scarce,
but we I found would save a lot on gas.

Single cylinder engines, not built for speed,
Union City, Indiana, must have had a need..
..they only built three hundred of these motor cars,
but, for the letter U, they're our daily stars.
1902 Union

Ad for the 1902

Ad for the 1903 - the last year for Union

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Now we arrive...

...after A to S, at the letter T,
and we offer the Terraplane, just you wait and see;
there cars were beauties, no such thing as plain,
before they were a Hudson, just plain Terraplane.

Nothing real fancy, kind of middle class,
built to last but had good speed, very hard to pass,
I'd like to take one for a ride, but that is not to be,
simply put, well you see, none belong to me.

1934 Terraplane roadster

1935 Hudson-Terraplane pickup

1935 Terraplane sedan

1938 Terraplane Coupe

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

If I had...

...a Studebaker, I take it for a ride,
all the way to the sea, just to watch the tide;
or maybe to the mountains, a breath of fresh air,
and I'd take you along, after all fair is fair.

They started making wheelbarrows, then wagons...
...the brothers five, then they say "fire breathing dragons..
...of the internal combustion type. 
They turned to making autos, and advertising hype.

The Studebaker, very well could be my favorite car,
I had one once and liked it, it was, for me, a real star;
but change is change and it was gone, and left me with a Ford,
oh how I wish my Studeie back, please, please Lord.
1932 Studebaker President Convertible Coupe

1948 M52 A16 truck

1950 Studebaker Champion Cabriolet

Monday, December 13, 2010

Some names...

...lasted a really long time,
some still do, that's not a crime;
Ransom E. Olds built Olds, and then,
sold that off, and built cars again.

He made the Reo, as they were called,
and folks that owned them, they were enthralled;
the early cars had a chain drive...
...bicycle like, but they didn't thrive.

1912 Reo

1924 Reo Funeral Hearse

1929 Reo Speedwagon - the precursor of the pickup truck

1936 Reo - last of the cars; truck were made until 1988 then became Diamond T

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Cars with,,,,

... a Q are quite hard to find,
makes me wonder if you don't mind;
they're so rare, now, my words don't mince,
I did find one, and it wasn't Quince.

The Queen was made for a lady to drive,
but in 1906 there weren't many alive,
so it should come as no great surprise,
that's what led to the Queen's demise.

1905 Queen touring

another 1905

1906 Queen, the last year made.