Saturday, July 24, 2010

A good...

...nights sleep, at least for me,
works wonders, refreshes, helps me to see...
...that it's needed to end a busy day;
now I feel better, that's what I say.

Now I've watched the Red Sox, got over at one,
pitching was good, and the Red Sox won!
Not a bad game, I joined in the fourth,
had coffee and breakfast, as the ball went back and forth.

Today is a Hollie Day, I know what that means,
busy stuff to do, sharing all her dreams,
pictures of the President and his family today,
and photos from a magazine, who am I to say.

But, before all those things begin,
I'll push some buttons, only once not again;
all across the top, tab by each tab,
helping lots of causes, that is just fab.

And a cheerful reminder, that we all can give,
support to one another - Live and Let Live!

Enjoy you day.

Friday, July 23, 2010

I am...

...really tired, not much sleep for two days,
and, then, for Linda, there is nothing but a haze,
she gets no sleep, it's not her bed, and she is wired... the monitors, I know she's more tired.

She will be home today, at a time to be....
..announced.  I know how she feels, in May it was me.
The doctors have found not too much it seems,
she might as well be home, and join me in her dreams.

I just watched the game, starting with inning four,
the Sox were ahead, six to one was the score;
in the bottom of the ninth, it took a turn for the worst,
the bullpen screwed it up - just like they'd rehearsed!

First Delcarmen, Pappelbon et al,
failed miserable trying to throw the ball,
they gave up five runs, Seattle tied the score,
then I grew afraid, knowing what was in store.

In the fourteenth inning Boston got two runs,
Seattle got three outs, the sons of guns;
so the Red Sox win the game, but at what price,
they pulled Lackey in the eighth, that wasn't nice.

So he I go again, running at the mouth,
not know of what I speak, my brain is going south;
I am not an expert, of the baseball stuff,
I do know that as a fan, sometimes I have it rough.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

We'll make..'s entry, rather short and sweet,
no, I'm not mourning the Sox, although they were beat,
Linda is in the hospital, recovering, as they say,
it's just that I've been busy, it was a long day.

Today will be no different, hectic may fit,
so I can write tomorrow, no today, that's it.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The game.. tied, inning number eight,
someone has a chance to do something great,
the Red Sox have the bases loaded two times,
can't think of a word for #@#& that rhymes.

Oki, wasn't Oki-Doki, not this time around,
now Dan Bard, tries, to put them in the ground;
he's a good pitcher, but he's throwing them inside,
he struck the last batter out, now he has kept his pride.

It's the ninth inning coming up, the Sox are up to bat,
Big Youk, struck out,  Drew hit the ball, no good, drat!
Now the side has struck out, Oakland comes up next,
I hope there are no runs, but the Sox are hexed.

The first two hit grounders, both of them are out,
next come Davis, worry, he has a lot of clout,
Ramirez throws the ball, and Davis take a walk,
Pennington is up, Davis steals a base, fly ball now, this isn't idle talk.

It takes a lot of time, to do this play by play,
going to the tenth, I hope it won't last all day,
Cameron draw a walk, Patterson pinch runner,
a grounder, oh no, double play, hope this don't last all summer.

Dusty Brown at bat, let's see what he does,
he hit a single, Scutaro pop up, there ain't no buzz.
It's Oakland turn at bat, don't give up a run,
Crisp strikes out, but, Barton hit a single, to second on the run.

Now Suzuki gets an intentional walk,
pitcher change, Richardson in, let's talk,
two men on base, a dangerous situation,
will have to hope Richardson has some inspiration.

Rosales out on strikes, another pitching change,
Bowden in to pitch, I hope he keeps his range;
Kouzmanoff gets a hit, and it wasn't caught,
ten innings of baseball, alas all for naught.

It would have been and ideal time to win,
Yankees and Tampa lost, Sox would be in the race again.
But, that's the way it goes, through wins and losses,
too bad that's not the way that people choose their bosses.

Have a good day.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's keep.... short and sweet, I don't have much to say,
I had a lousy night, hope for a better day;
watched most of the Red Sox game, outs one by one,
two for the Sox, one for Oakland, the Red Sox won!


Monday, July 19, 2010

And....(drum roll please)

...I just wanted to report, that I got out of bed... the right time, not one o'clock instead.
I don't know what happened, better learn to read;
there's no excusing, this unread life I lead.

Got to get some book smarts, I think that's the word,
if I had my hearing aid, that would be what I heard;
the right one (hearing aid) was mailed to the shop,
for an overhaul, doesn't work, just 'said' stop.

I think it could be moisture, there's an abundance of it here,
when the weather finally changes, I won't shed a tear;
hot and humid stuff, don't that belong down south?
Yes, would be the answer, you heard it from my mouth.

I took a little time, to watch the Red Sox game,
they played so poorly, we should be full of shame,
terrible in the field, double that for at bat,
it's a lousy team that stinks, and that is that.

The British Open, on the other hand,
was a great game, in a great land;
the winner has a name, difficult to pronounce,
he beat long odds, on the big name he did pounce.

Then the Tour de France, in a mountain climb again,
if they can ride like that, I'd hope they all can win,
up a grade of eight percent, that's steep you know,
twenty-five miles an hour, I don't see how they go.

If I had to ride a bike, for thousands of miles,
there would be no mountains, and probably no smiles;
two thousand three hundred and twenty-five miles in that great race,
in two weeks time, up and down, up and down, with a smile on their face.

Please don't forget that we have 'work' to do,
clicking each tab, pushing a button or two,
please click each one, they all a great cause;
and kids that can't read, won't know Santa Claus.


Sunday, July 18, 2010

I don't...

...know what is wrong, with getting up at two,
that would be AM, just between me and you;
I thought I'd slept in, a couple extra hours,
as if I'd been given some super powers.

I was getting ready to greet a brand new day,
downstairs in "my" bathroom, I'd quit the hay;
suddenly a knock, my wife outside the door,
"why did you get up at 8?", she sounded sure.

I felt really good, it had been a longs nights sleep,
but she was insisting that I go back to bed for keep,
I wasn't convinced until I re-read the clock,
there was a seven not a one! I need to see the doc.

My sleep habits are strange, have been for years,
go to bed at five, my life is in arrears,
and getting up at eleven, a little later on occasion,
or, I guess, real early, if my brain gets an invasion.

But now I'm up for good, have been for two hours,
the weather looks fair, but with a few showers,
now I have lots of time, to prepare for my day;
and now I'm very glad, she said to "hit the hay"!

Enjoy 'your' day too.