Saturday, October 5, 2013

They still ain't playing

A view from Acadia National Park
Maine Office of Tourism
    Chet and Parker probably won't play together for ten or twelve more days, they like to add a little mystery to their stubbornness. (got caught there with the last word, there are two b's)
    Meanwhile the world goes on without Chet and Parker, some people are starting to miss them, and some are sleeping through it.
    If you're among those of us who are awake maybe you're watching baseball.  Oh what a game the Red Sox wielded on the Rays yesterday.  I caught the first inning in the car, waiting for my wife to finish at the doctors.  It was a joyous occasion in front of the TV for the rest of it.  I'm still cheering!
    My wife went for more injections in/on or about her neck, she had no feeling at bedtime from her neck and down the arm on one side, we'll see what's up this AM when she's up, it's only 2:45AM now, most people sleep through that.
    Going to spend the day with Hollie, and I'm sure it'll be the same old thing, which is entertaining for me, as long as the wallet will take it.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Sometimes no change is good, and other times..........well

Yours truly on the Kenduskeag Stream footbridge in Bangor
Photo by Linda Grant   click to enlarge
  It's getting a bit cooler in the mornings temps in the low 40s, I have to dress in the wool jacket seen in the photo.
  It's colder than that in the nations capital.  Parker wants to play but Chet is not in any way going to share his new toy - and so we wait, and wait.
  I wrote a poem for another grandsons birthday.  Stuart is a freshman in Ocala, Florida, and he plays the Sax in the marching band and the pep band.  He likes doing that and it keeps him occupied too.

             by Grandpa Grant

Out in our fair land,
things were dark an bland.
Then they taught music in the schools,
giving nice music some new tools.

When the bands started up,
and the music  would erupt,
all ears were intent, and people would plead;
they want StuE to moisten up his reed.

They kindly waited, and their ears were keen,
for they knew StuE would soon be seen,
people in the land were willing to pay a tax;
if they could only listen to StuE play the sax.

People would yell, Go Ax man Go!
as the band marched, moving to and fro,
all the peoples ears were happy but still they would plead,
for StuE once more to moisten up that reed.

So, you see, I try to stay busy.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just another day

My Grandson Amaroq
  That young man is a senior at Science Hill High in Johnson City, Tennessee.  He wants to be an engineer and plans to attend college next year.  Amaroq is an Inuit word for "of the wolf"; that's what happens when you nickname your son Wolfie, as I did.
  Anyway Rocky and his mother Cherie visited with us for a few days in June, it was during the early part of monsoon season so we did things that the weather allowed.
Grandpa and Grandson at the Orono Bog walk.
  We did enjoy the Orono Bog walk on a mild and less rainy day, both guests were amazed at some of the things we saw, you have seen photos before of the bog if you're a regular reader.

  In other views; Parker and Chet are still locked in their respective rooms and do not wish to be disturbed.  A news reporter spoke with on of them and he constantly blamed the other for the impasse.  I guess we'll just stay tuned to that matter, as if we have a choice.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday is Peggy day

A bog in Dixmont, the level stretch is I95 - photo by Linda Grant
Click to enlarge
  Well, well, well Parker and Chet still can't get along.  This could long time, growing a brain isn't easy, nor is eating your words - one of those things needs to happen.
  Peggy day isn't a big deal, I take her grocery shopping and to the bank, she recently left the State of Maine for a couple of days, her first time out of state, she's 66.  She won a prize for helping a local Food Bank hold drives for food to donate; she won a laptop and an overnight stay, I'll hear all about it.
  A thrill last night as the Pittsburg Pirates won the one-game "series" over Cincinnati.  It was the first play-off win since 1992; they move on to play the St. Louis Cardinals - that won't be an easy task.  The Red Sox play Friday, it will be on TBS at 3:07 for the first pitch at Fenway Park, they will play to winner of tonight's Rays/Cleveland game.
  Well, I need to go an stimulate the economy by 76 cents.  Coffee went up a penny because the new "restaurant/lodging tax" is now 8%.  Sales tax in Maine increased 1/2% yesterday; the increases will expire in two years.  It has happened before to balance the State budget and expired on time; for those who worry it's permanent.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Now what?

  Well it appears Parker and Chet quit playing their game(s), and have locked themselves in their respective rooms.  Now what?  That's anyone's guess.

  What the hell is it with the apostrophes?  Spell check wants one in rather it needs to be there or not; the word anyone's in the previous sentence didn't need one, it is not anyone is, nor is it a possessive word (could be).  Ideas?

  I took Hollie on one of her vacation days last month, here's what happened on our way home:

We were coming home on one of those big roads and got to where it was joined by another big road.  The yellow sign said "Cars $1.00" so when we got to the gate I asked the lady if I could see some of them one dollar cars, this is how that went.

"Could I see some of those one dollar cars?"

"Sir, the one dollar is for a toll, to go through the gate."

" mean I have to pay a dollar to see the dollar cars?  Why don't you just change the sign to read Cars $2.00?"

"Sir there aren't any one dollar cars.  You pay a dollar to use this road!"

"Ain't that false advertising?"

"Just pay the dollar, and be on your way"

"Well, I ain't going to pay to see nothing!"

At that point she said just to go ahead, but she took a picture of my car and the number plate too.  She stated that I'd hear from somebody later, probably in the mail.

I can't wait to see what kind of car I get!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Who's playing fair?

Fall.   photo by Linda Grant
  Parker said that Chet wasn't playing fair.  Chet said he was playing fair, only he was playing a different game that Parker had no interest in.
  That last sentence sums up the Legislative Branch of our Federal Government in a way a fourth grader could understand it.  The problem is the fourth grader could understand it, but the people in Congress can't.  Five years at One Hundred Seventy Thousand dollars plus, or over a Million Dollars in pay for nothing. Nothing.  Nothing.
  Children bickering just like Parker and Chet and We The People are paying for that?
'nuff said.

  I'm working on a watercolor of that photo at the top, I'll try to share it when it's done, I'm over half way there.

  The Red Sox continue play on Friday, they will host the eventual winner of the Wild Card play.  There has been a 163rd game added to the regular schedule for today when Texas and Tampa Bay play one game.  The winner of the Texas/Tampa game will play in Cleveland on Tuesday to determine the American League Wildcard team that will pay Boston.
  In the National League Cincinnati and Pittsburg will play on Tuesday for the Wildcard Team to continue playing.
  I have some mixed feelings this year, I am a Red Sox fan, but I went to High School in Cincinnati and a suburb.  I spent nine years in either Oakland or Alameda and attended A's games when the team moved to town, and I've always kind of rooted for Pittsburg - it's the underdog thing.  So I could be happy if anyone but the Dodgers win.  But Boston is still number one.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

I'm baaaccckkk; for now

                                                        Winter is on the way!

  It's been about four months so now I've collected enough brain material that I can write for a while.  There is a whole host of things going on; government shutdown or not, an election cycle, the baseball playoffs and my own crazy stuff which will be the first in line.
  The Red Sox have home field advantage for all of the playoff series which they are in, I'm hopeful that they will make it all the way through the World Series with a win!  Time will tell.
  I just read that the NSA is checking all our social media.  Do you think they'll bother to read this?  If they do you can tell they like to waste their time.

From Pleated Jeans via the Bangor Daily News - click to enlarge
  That map up there has at least one error, North Dakota does not have the ugliest people, Wilbur is a handsome man.  He's from there and he should know.  Maine with the label of "Dumbest State" wellll?  Let me tell you what's on my mind:
  Do you ever visit Wal-Mart?  Do you read the news online?  If you read online, do you read the comments?  I do all of those things, and I make some comments too.
  When you go to a Wal-Mart store watch how many people go in the "Exit" doors, which are clearly marked with a red, round decal that states "Do Not Enter".  Aww who gives a rats rear, just go in hell it's open.  I truly believe that 7 out of 10 people enter through the "Exit".  I don't know why that bothers me, but it does - to the point of distraction!  Maybe I need help.
  If, or when, you read the online comments pay attention to spelling, or use of the wrong words.  Most often you will notice, I hope, that too is replaced by to, and their, there and they're are misused more often than not; so are then and than.  Maybe Maine is the dumbest state after all, but I am sure it's the same where you live.
  Anyway that's my take on things, as I venture out yet again.