Thursday, October 3, 2013

Just another day

My Grandson Amaroq
  That young man is a senior at Science Hill High in Johnson City, Tennessee.  He wants to be an engineer and plans to attend college next year.  Amaroq is an Inuit word for "of the wolf"; that's what happens when you nickname your son Wolfie, as I did.
  Anyway Rocky and his mother Cherie visited with us for a few days in June, it was during the early part of monsoon season so we did things that the weather allowed.
Grandpa and Grandson at the Orono Bog walk.
  We did enjoy the Orono Bog walk on a mild and less rainy day, both guests were amazed at some of the things we saw, you have seen photos before of the bog if you're a regular reader.

  In other views; Parker and Chet are still locked in their respective rooms and do not wish to be disturbed.  A news reporter spoke with on of them and he constantly blamed the other for the impasse.  I guess we'll just stay tuned to that matter, as if we have a choice.

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