Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday is Peggy day

A bog in Dixmont, the level stretch is I95 - photo by Linda Grant
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  Well, well, well Parker and Chet still can't get along.  This could long time, growing a brain isn't easy, nor is eating your words - one of those things needs to happen.
  Peggy day isn't a big deal, I take her grocery shopping and to the bank, she recently left the State of Maine for a couple of days, her first time out of state, she's 66.  She won a prize for helping a local Food Bank hold drives for food to donate; she won a laptop and an overnight stay, I'll hear all about it.
  A thrill last night as the Pittsburg Pirates won the one-game "series" over Cincinnati.  It was the first play-off win since 1992; they move on to play the St. Louis Cardinals - that won't be an easy task.  The Red Sox play Friday, it will be on TBS at 3:07 for the first pitch at Fenway Park, they will play to winner of tonight's Rays/Cleveland game.
  Well, I need to go an stimulate the economy by 76 cents.  Coffee went up a penny because the new "restaurant/lodging tax" is now 8%.  Sales tax in Maine increased 1/2% yesterday; the increases will expire in two years.  It has happened before to balance the State budget and expired on time; for those who worry it's permanent.

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