Friday, October 4, 2013

Sometimes no change is good, and other times..........well

Yours truly on the Kenduskeag Stream footbridge in Bangor
Photo by Linda Grant   click to enlarge
  It's getting a bit cooler in the mornings temps in the low 40s, I have to dress in the wool jacket seen in the photo.
  It's colder than that in the nations capital.  Parker wants to play but Chet is not in any way going to share his new toy - and so we wait, and wait.
  I wrote a poem for another grandsons birthday.  Stuart is a freshman in Ocala, Florida, and he plays the Sax in the marching band and the pep band.  He likes doing that and it keeps him occupied too.

             by Grandpa Grant

Out in our fair land,
things were dark an bland.
Then they taught music in the schools,
giving nice music some new tools.

When the bands started up,
and the music  would erupt,
all ears were intent, and people would plead;
they want StuE to moisten up his reed.

They kindly waited, and their ears were keen,
for they knew StuE would soon be seen,
people in the land were willing to pay a tax;
if they could only listen to StuE play the sax.

People would yell, Go Ax man Go!
as the band marched, moving to and fro,
all the peoples ears were happy but still they would plead,
for StuE once more to moisten up that reed.

So, you see, I try to stay busy.

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