Friday, May 21, 2010


...was about waiting, today it's about no posting until the good computer is back.  Hopefully it will be good to go today or tomorrow (baring further delays).  The hard drive was cooked by the power surge; we are the proud owners of a UPS now.  I should be back Sunday or Monday.

Thursday, May 20, 2010


...for the coffee, or a computer fix,
and people like me, don't fit in the mix;
I don't like to wait, for no apparent reason,
it just seems like wasted time, in a very short season.

There must be more to it than that,
but I've never liked it, so now it's old hat;
I always understand that there is a good reason,
for having to wait, like a growing season.

I firmly believe that I have Attention Deficit Disorder,
it has to be now, and right, with everything in order;
that's the way I worked, the boss never had to wait,
almost always there on time, in fact only once was late.

The fact that I'm always early, must be some kind of fault,
because it's always guys like me, in the lobby waiting for the vault;
or waiting for a meeting, or an appointment that we made,
always show up early, then we wait while times fade.

I guess the waiting is brought on by ourselves,
I guess that's why stores have watches on the shelves,
so we can be on time, not early, then we don't have to wait.
But, you see, I have this fear, or always being late!

So...before I forget, let's do the button thing,
food for the pets, books for the kids, let the bell ring;
mamograms and forests we will help them all,
and it's very easy, like rolling a ball.


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

I miss... computer, the one that's in the shop,
this one's like the turtle, that one was hop-hop;
until Monday when the power went out,
when the power came back on, the computer lost it's clout!

Now it's in the shop, I hope it's fixed real soon,
then I'll take this one, put it in another room!  (Moon would've rhymed too.)
So...I hope they fix it, hurry, please, please;
restore the darn thing quick - put my mind at ease.

Moving right along, I caught the score,
the Celtics move to 2-0, by winning one more;
the Red Sox game was something else, but they stayed brave,
this time the Yankees pitcher, blew another save.

There are times now, I think I'll give up games,
anyway it's the Yankees and I'm running out of names;
I don't boost name-calling - but there's a reason here,
so - - if you hate the Yankees, from me you get a cheer!

I'm still going walking, at shorter distances,
excuse my grousing, but that's the way it is;
no more five mile stuff, at least for now,
so three miles it is - hope I don't have a cow. (man)

But I can still push buttons, in my altered state,
I can still contribute to efforts that are great;
and I can see the colors on those little tabs,
one-by-one I click them, and give some gentle jabs.

And I can still ask, please try to get along,
maybe all the music, is not your favorite song...
...but we have to realize, that we're not all the same,
so - Live an Let Live, it's the name of the game.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

He said...

...let them listen to REAL music, that pompous twit,
conductor of the Symphony, one Mr. Itzit,
what the guy needs to hear, with his practiced ear... Jerry Lee Lewis, when he puts the show in gear!

Mr. Conductor, if you so please, lend a hand,
you slow brained wit, with a tin horn band!
You've got me riled up, you've set off my ire;
go listen to Great Balls of Fire!

Real music indeed, I'll have you know,
there's all kinds of music, yours scores real low;
something better than the bad you were born,
may be Whole Lotta Shakin' Going On!

Or, Who Going To Play This Old Piano, after the Killers gone?
You are entitled to your "better than thou", right down to your bone;
but there'll never exist a man like you, brain full of fuzz,
who can do what The Killer does!

Note:  The song in my mind was You're the Reason God Made Oklahoma, sung by David Frizzel and Shelly West.  David is Lefty Frizzel (Saginaw, Michigan-yesterdays Tehachapi blog) younger brother, Shelly is the daughter of singer Dottie West.

Monday, May 17, 2010

For some...

...reason there's a song on my mind, you see,
that's a bad place to be, if you're me,
I'll be thinking about it all day long,
until You Tube plays the damn song.

I suppose thing could be a lot worse,
like, maybe, forgetting the rhyme a verse,
which isn't easy some of the time,
some words aren't all that easy to rhyme.

But, I'll ramble along with a song in my brain,
which is not my heart, they're not the same,
if my heart were my brain, I'd think with my heart,
but, what about the beating part.

Since that's unlikely to become reality,
what if I used my nose to see?
You'd have to say, I smell Sally right there,
what do you think she's done with here hair?

Now - isn't that stupid? But it's in my brain,
I kind of hope I don't think that up again,
I'm best left to subjects I might understand,
like some of the stuff I keep close at hand.

But I can push buttons with some of the best,
folks like you help me do the rest,
this stuff is important - this helping mankind,
now! That's a great thing, to keep on my mind.

So love one another, Live and Let Live,
we all have in common, the big heart to give,
helping a neighbor, or cheering a team,
some things are IMPORTANT, if you know what I mean.

(I'd like to say (Yea! Monday!) but I wont.

A short note: The song in my mind is "You're the reason God made Oklahoma"
can you find a link?  Warning: It won't be too difficult, maybe.
Write your guess/answer in the comments.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Can I....

...use the computer? It's the first thing she said,
Sure. Why not. It's like a book that I read;
it was a single minded effort, that's what it took,
follow her lead, but help, it was all in the book.

So..we did Night Court and iCarly, nice combo there,
then we were off to adventure, an interesting pair,
Tim Hortons for breakfast, coffee only for me,
paper to Peggy, we're now on page three.

Over to Brewer, Wal-Mart's well known,
as a purveyor of magazines, some best left alone,
and a CD for music, she'd heard it before,
right on schedule, we're now on page four.

Now back in to Bangor, Target's the place,
nice package of pouches, gum, we're in a race;
now to Bullmoose Music, home of hot jive,
Night Court number three, finished page five.

Here we are at Staples, Eric is ready,
only four projects, please hold me steady!
Only four not five, I'm in a hell of a fix!
Go by the book!  It's only page six.

Now at the Mall, to go for a walk,
her mind is ticking, just like a clock;
Dad I want to laminate one more, it's like going to heaven,
but it is, after all, in the book on page seven!

She's got it all glued, put together just so;
and we're off, back to Staples we go,
she went in with one, and came out with two;
this is only page eight, between me and you.

Now back to the Mall, it's not far you know,
into Olympia Sports, the lunchbox's for show,
it has two compartments and a thing you can freeze,
it's only page nine and this thing's a breeze!

Now she's hungry, breakfast for lunch,
I knew it! I knew it!, or was it a hunch?
She ordered sausage gravy, as good as it's been,
we're on our way home, nice reading, page ten.

I went home and her Mom took over,
and Mom came right back, she didn't hover;
so now we're alone her Mom and I,
without page eleven, I don't think we'd get by.

So let's go push some buttons, you get to choose,
do them one, do them all, you've nothing to lose!
Pick a color, and color, in all of them delve,
we've got permission right on page twelve.

Love one another, Live and Let Live,
if someone is hurting - do you have something to give?
Together we'll make it, through good times and strife,
because we just read, from the book of life.

Pretend the sun's out!