Saturday, November 23, 2013

A monument and a song

The monument and gravestone of George Jones
Photo: AP
  On November 18th the monument was unveiled by Nancy Jones, widow of George.  The title to one of his best known song "He Stopped Loving Her Today" are inscribed on the stone along with his nickname "The Possum".
  It was a timing fitting for the event, just before his memorial in song in Nashville, which was last night.  I didn't see it.  I'll leave you a version of the song here.  It was sung at his funeral by Alan Jackson. I have tried this link from another page and it worked.  If it does not work for you just search the song title on You Tube, it's worth a listen.
The song is about a long time love and the end of a life.

Friday, November 22, 2013


  Well yesterday turned out to be just a bit too long.  As a result there's no particular subject to write about today.  You see the day was long but not very interesting.
  This is the 50th anniversary of President John F Kennedy's death but you've heard about that for the last two weeks; on the nightly news as if it just happened.  They put that on each night at the expense of covering news that was really, for want of a better word, news.  I think his death should be mentioned on the occasion of the actual anniversary, today, but not for two or three weeks before and after.
  On that particular day a friend of mine, Donald D Greene and I were busy drinking beer at a hotel in Japan - there's a time difference - and we really didn't know until the next morning, or a few hours, after the death was announced.
  I noted this morning that steps were taken to remember JFK in Japan, they were charmed by him, and at his death the Japanese flags were flown at half mast.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Variety is the spice of something

  This year I probably will not smoke on the Great American Smokeout day; it's today.  This is day 26 for me not smoking.  A couple of years I did try (well, maybe) to quit for the day.
  Now on to a dream.  Just before I woke up the dream was about school lunches, and the number 29, the school was always 29 lunches short and people were always in line.  I did recently read about one school district here in Maine that has a $500,000. shortfall.  That is just plain suspicious.  That is either poor accounting or no accounting, or theft.  School finance is not the easiest system here in Maine, but I always made daily deposits (on school days) when I worked in schools for a couple of years, we had no shortfalls.  Maybe, somewhere, there's a whole pile of money in a deposit bag.  No, you're right - not too possible.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Too funny, but true

From: Wikipedia Commons via Bangor Daily News
  Nathan Baron, a high school student in Madawaska Maine likes to hunt for deer.  The other day he was seated in the woods across the road from his home.  As he sat there a doe crossed the path, he didn't shoot because he doesn't have a permit to shoot a doe.
  Then "nature called" he lacked the toilet paper he needed so instead got on his ATV and crossed the road to his home.  When he was ready to resume hunting he went back to his spot in the woods.
  As he arrived he saw a beaver dragging his rifle (he had left it behind) into the nearby water.  It was too late to recover the rifle, the water is deep and cold and the rifle is now in the possession of the beaver.
  Strange but true.  Read the complete story in the Bangor Daily News, November 20th edition.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

There's a lesson in there

Lincoln's handwritten speech - click to enlarge
Photo: AP
  150 years ago today President Abraham Lincoln gave this speech at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.  It was during the dedication of the National Cemetery for the dead of the Civil War - which was still going on.
  There's a new "civil war" going on today.  It's going on in the Congress of the United States, it's happening in the comments of news stories on the 'net.  It needs to stop.
  It's time for people, us, to learn from this speech, given by a President long ago; there are words in that speech that would apply to all of us today.  It's time to end the hyper-partisan activity and for people of both parties to work together to "heal" this Country.  It's two years plus until the next election; that's too long to wait.
The speech printed - click to enlarge

Monday, November 18, 2013

What's all that about anyway?

  What's in a dream?  I think that there are things we read or think about during the time we're awake that carry over in to the dream state of sleep.  I could be wrong, frequently I am.
  Early this morning I was dreaming about city streets that were just wide walkways planted with grasses and wildflowers, the were stone, brick and wooden pavers too, sort of like the photo at the top.  In addition we had a room in our house with rock walls and plants were growing out of the rocks, and the floor was kind of wet.  Strange.
  About 2:30PM yesterday I dozed off for about 10 minutes.  During that time I was dreaming of riding in a nice car with Phil Mickelson, the golfer.  We were about to pass an RV like the one in that photo, and he said "here, you steer for awhile".  The car was very close to the camper and I was having quite a struggle steering....then I woke up.
  Now, I don't know Phil, never met the man.  But, he had a nice car!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

One more day

  Really!  I believe "normal" is a setting on the washing machine.  My bedtime will tell you I don't fit the mold either, who else gets up at 2:00am when there's no good reason for it?
  I did sleep this morning until 2:50am so sleeping in is okay too.  There is not a lot planned for today a meeting at 11:00am is it, oh, and coffee with the gang at 5:00am, yes 5:00am we do it every day.
  It's clear and very cool this morning, about 20 degrees.  It's not bad yet - but I remember what's on the way, soon.