Thursday, November 21, 2013

Variety is the spice of something

  This year I probably will not smoke on the Great American Smokeout day; it's today.  This is day 26 for me not smoking.  A couple of years I did try (well, maybe) to quit for the day.
  Now on to a dream.  Just before I woke up the dream was about school lunches, and the number 29, the school was always 29 lunches short and people were always in line.  I did recently read about one school district here in Maine that has a $500,000. shortfall.  That is just plain suspicious.  That is either poor accounting or no accounting, or theft.  School finance is not the easiest system here in Maine, but I always made daily deposits (on school days) when I worked in schools for a couple of years, we had no shortfalls.  Maybe, somewhere, there's a whole pile of money in a deposit bag.  No, you're right - not too possible.

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