Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Too funny, but true

From: Wikipedia Commons via Bangor Daily News
  Nathan Baron, a high school student in Madawaska Maine likes to hunt for deer.  The other day he was seated in the woods across the road from his home.  As he sat there a doe crossed the path, he didn't shoot because he doesn't have a permit to shoot a doe.
  Then "nature called" he lacked the toilet paper he needed so instead got on his ATV and crossed the road to his home.  When he was ready to resume hunting he went back to his spot in the woods.
  As he arrived he saw a beaver dragging his rifle (he had left it behind) into the nearby water.  It was too late to recover the rifle, the water is deep and cold and the rifle is now in the possession of the beaver.
  Strange but true.  Read the complete story in the Bangor Daily News, November 20th edition.

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