Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wind.... not always friendly, I have come to learn,
especially in winter, when temperatures don't burn,
it was cold out walking in that freezing stuff,
now, I'm not complaining, I don't have it rough.

I just walked four and a half miles, in the "super breeze",
jeepers, I thought my pretty face was in a deep freeze!
So I went for coffee, besides the sidewalks weren't good,
then I continued walking in the parking lots like I should.

Today will be no better, and it's a Hollie Day,
I'm sure she has many plans to make somebody pay;
I am not going, at least that's the plan for now,
Linda will take her, I have her solemn vow.

I will continue working on the new PC,
it's demands of time, and the lucky one is me;
there are some kinks, that I have detected,
that were created by this writer that stand to be corrected.

But before I get to that, there's an easy thing to do,
push the purple button, there! Done! Phew!
It was such hard work you know, to help those critters out,
but I finally finished (2 seconds), and give a victory shout!

Life can be complicated, it will screw up your dreams,
and it's not always easy either, do I hear your screams?
So sometimes it's a little better, to give a second try,
this time Keep It Simple, it works, it's not a lie!


Friday, December 11, 2009

When I....

....get up at ten fifteen, what life have I led?
I got the cold wind blowing, but the Jazz are ahead;
it's looks like it will be a good day,
but the cold wind is here to stay.

I'll go to a meeting - well - later on,
by seven thirty my will has not gone;
I'll thank them again for the nice "afternoon",
always comfortable in the room.

I need to go give that button a push,
before someone gives me a kick in the tush,
the critters need food, yes, every day,
they can only get it -ready?- One way!

If you happen to meet someone that's different than you,
you'll need to remember, we're not the same, but similar too;
if they need help, it's your's to give;
always remember Live and Let Live.


Thursday, December 10, 2009

There must..... some way to control the weather,
well..maybe not. I guess it depends wether,
or not, you like it; the way that it is,
I don't.  So I wonder - what gives?

Acceptance is a wonderful gift,
it provides a way to eliminate rift;
I need to use it every day,
try as I might to find my way.

That goes for willingness too,
you have to wear them, like an old shoe,
those things will help all of us to learn,
all those things that we think we earn.

Go push that button! The purple one there!
Show all those critters that you really care;
they needn't go hungry with us around,
it's free you know! The best deal in town.

Enjoy winter!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Labor saving...

...devices, make a lot of work,
am I the only one who notices this quirk;
it took all day - to set up a new computer,
and in the end, I wasn't any cuter.

If it takes one days work, to save five minutes time,
it doesn't indicate how I'd really speak my mind;
it's easy to become upset and utter fancy phrases,
after all was said and done, I did not offer praises.

I think I'll go and take a walk, speaking of things new,
I found it harder in hiking boots than with my other shoe;
of course it'll take some getting used to,
so I guess slower pace will have to do.

And I will take time to go; and press that purple thing,
and I will take time to ask you to give it a ring;
those little critters, well, some are large,
need all we do for them, and it may be you only chance, to finally be in charge.

If things around you are going nuts, and you don't know what to do,
why not try a 12 step meeting, maybe even two;
there's not way of knowing, what will help you to unwind,
but always Easy Does It, before you lose your mind.

Walk!  (not in a blizzard)

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

It doesn't....

....happen every day, but yesterday it did,
I got a new computer, and part of it is hid;
some software that I had, did not co-operate,
there's always something that I almost hate.

Hate's a strong word, to use so casually,
maybe I should just back off, and act appropriately;
afterall I don't really want to use an axe,
if I did, then how could I say is was a random act?

So now I have calmed down, and got a good nights sleep,
but, don't you know, I'm back in it deep;
why don't I leave - well enough alone?
After all it's my sin, for which I should atone.

Oh! Wait! Things are better now, I found the glitch,
stupid me!  I forgot the turn on switch!
How could I have forgotten that, it's a simple thing,
well, duh, it's only me you know, a real ding-a-ling!

Most of what I wrote above, is quite simply not true,
it's just my little way, of trying to amuse you;
I did get a computer, it is really nice,
now if you'll excuse me - I'll go shovel ice.

But I did remember to do just one thing,
I gave that purple button a healthy ring;
it helps feed the critters that I care about,
push the button folks! They can't go without.

Some times things are complicated, and the going's rough;
don't you just want to scream, and say that's enough,
try to remember that with lifes silly quirks,
just Keep It Simple - that really works.


Monday, December 7, 2009

It must.... a slow news day,
when all the front pages say...
...Queen tells paparazzi to back off, what could that be;
it bothers me that we still cover the royal family.

There's really not much to be done,
waiting for snow to melt, isn't that fun?
Just kidding, there wasn't that much,
and I got out for errands and such.

Probably no walking today,
it will be inside, there's no other way,
the sidewalks are frozen with ice,
fall on your face, and that's not nice.

But, I can go to the meeting,
maybe I'll even end up greeting,
it will be nice to be among friends,
of course there's always the means to the ends.

Please take notice, I'm saying it here;
feed the critters, they live in fear,
that no one will help them, as they are in cages,
give them food, and guess their ages.

Live and Let Live, what a perfect idea,
that's what we need to be doing here,
why all the questions about who does what,
you just need to watch your own butt!


Sunday, December 6, 2009

The S word... what this is all about,
so let's hear the reason, for this shout!

S is for Sports fan, he who sits and cheers,
  they are always louder after a couple of beers,
S is for School days, you remember them,
  I do remember mine, as pure mayhem.
S is for Salmon, a recommended fish,
  broil it and eat it, I always use a dish.
S is for Sneakers, or running shoes is you wish,
  mine are, well see above, but don't eat in a dish.
S is for Sunshine, sometimes in abundance seen,
  not today, my little friend, only in your dream.
S is for Snowflakes collecting on the ground,
  as I look out my window, there are plenty to be found!

Yesterday with Hollie went off without a hitch,
she got to laminate, fourteen projects were her wish,
no fancy meals or restaurants, she wasn't in the mood,
more interested in presents, not so much in food.

We had a excellent visit, a good time had by us,
Mom even drove her home, she didn't take a bus,
lots and lots of Celtic gear, she is a solid fan,
of the Boston basketball, and that was her plan.