Saturday, May 3, 2014

Laminations. Ain't that in the Bible?

A 60-inch laminator
  No, it isn't in the Bible.  Oh, wait, it's in Hollie's bible.  Laminating is what we do on the first Saturday of every month.  I written about this before, so you regular readers know what's next.
Think about it.   Hollie has thousands and thousands of "projects" done, she doesn't keep them all, just a few thousand.  And don't ask why.  We don't know why, or how, or in which half, or her brain she keeps all this stuff - I don't even know if that's important.
  Yes, she even has some posters that are done on a large machine like the illustration, but most are 9X11.  Hundreds of topics, mostly people that are entertainers, some lighthouses, some family members, and let's not forget the Presidents and First Ladies.   But today it's people named Harry.  Harry Styles from the "boy band" One Dimension, Harry from 3rd Rock from the Sun, Prince Harry, Harry the judge in Night Court and today, for the first time, Harry Smith from the morning news.  I might have missed one.

Friday, May 2, 2014

I took Peggy shopping...

Here's an example
  I took Peggy shopping yesterday, I take her every month and I have been doing that for about 9 years.  Peggy used to clean my office at The Salvation Army back in 2001, she was living with a "caretaker" in a not-so-very good environment, according to me.  She was able to move to an apartment and has been living alone and doing fine for nine years next month.
  Peggy has brain damage and her behavior would make you think she was mentally retarded but she handles herself very well - for the most part.  Shopping.  Shopping, at least when I've taken her is a really big deal, it's once a month; and she's a very good shopper, she really, really pays attention to things.  One cartful take one hour, I don't go in with her I sit in the car or walk while she in there.  When she is finished she says "I tried to hurry", she will be breathless, but satisfied.  We drive to the bank for her other errand and then she goes home, gets a cart and we unload the car - my God, she buys a lot!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Over the river...literally

A kayak racer going downhill fast
Photo: Gabor Degre Bangor Daily News
  It's Spring!  It's time for the kayak and canoe races in Maine.  This time trial race for kayakers was held on the Sandy River at Smalls Falls in Township E just south of the Rangely Lake area.  It is not a long race but it is fast.
  Going over waterfalls takes a lot of skill, and courage.  It is not something I would choose to do, but for those who do, good luck!  This link will take you to more photos.
..and here we go!
Photo: Gabor Degre, Bangor Daily News

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pineland is still growing, more than food

The Pineland Campus
  These buildings comprised the original Pineland when it was the home for developmentally delayed people and youth/children with mental illness when established in 1909.  It was not a "pretty place" and it was at best, depressing.
  After Pineland closed in 1996 planners turned to business for ideas.  Instead of "tearing the place down" as some suggested the campus was renovated in to an ideal home for business and professional offices, and service providers.  This list of organizations is large and runs from Apple, Inc. to YMCA.  There are cafes, child care centers, sports centers and even a sports experience camp for disabled, or "abled" veterans where both winter and warm weather sports are experienced.  is the link you can follow for more information.
The entrance to the Campus and the Convention/Meeting Center
Photos: Pineland Center

Monday, April 28, 2014

Pineland Farms, connecting community with the land

The barns and fields at Pineland
  Located in New Gloucester, Maine Pineland Center was established in 1908 as a home for the "mentally challenged".  It finally closed in 1996.  It wasn't a place anyone would want to be, it really was in the wrong century.
  The transformation of Pineland has been remarkable, there are sections for business offices, some residential properties, and last but not least Pineland Farms.
  Pineland Farms mission is to educate the community (public) to the methods of agriculture for food production, and for leisure by raising horses.  Food products are raised and processed at the farm and are available to the public at a market.
The horse barns

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Whales in the Penobscot!

A Beluga Whale in the Penobscot at Bangor, Maine April 26 1954
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  Sixty years ago a large white "creature" was seen swimming in the Penobscot River at Bangor.  The "creature" was identified as a Beluga Whale.  The animal would swim between the old iron Bangor Bridge, which has since been replace by the Penobscot Bridge and the old Waterworks Dam.  People would line the river banks on both sides, and of course crowded the sidewalks on the bridge.
  A couple of days later the whale was joined by another, smaller Beluga Whale.  Officials became worried about crowd control and the safety of the whales.  All of those concerns ended on May 2nd when the whales made their way down river to the Gulf of Maine and their salt water home.
People watch from the bridge.
Bangor Daily News file photo.
..and that's a nice King Cole Potato Chip truck too.