Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Pineland is still growing, more than food

The Pineland Campus
  These buildings comprised the original Pineland when it was the home for developmentally delayed people and youth/children with mental illness when established in 1909.  It was not a "pretty place" and it was at best, depressing.
  After Pineland closed in 1996 planners turned to business for ideas.  Instead of "tearing the place down" as some suggested the campus was renovated in to an ideal home for business and professional offices, and service providers.  This list of organizations is large and runs from Apple, Inc. to YMCA.  There are cafes, child care centers, sports centers and even a sports experience camp for disabled, or "abled" veterans where both winter and warm weather sports are experienced.  is the link you can follow for more information.
The entrance to the Campus and the Convention/Meeting Center
Photos: Pineland Center

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