Friday, May 2, 2014

I took Peggy shopping...

Here's an example
  I took Peggy shopping yesterday, I take her every month and I have been doing that for about 9 years.  Peggy used to clean my office at The Salvation Army back in 2001, she was living with a "caretaker" in a not-so-very good environment, according to me.  She was able to move to an apartment and has been living alone and doing fine for nine years next month.
  Peggy has brain damage and her behavior would make you think she was mentally retarded but she handles herself very well - for the most part.  Shopping.  Shopping, at least when I've taken her is a really big deal, it's once a month; and she's a very good shopper, she really, really pays attention to things.  One cartful take one hour, I don't go in with her I sit in the car or walk while she in there.  When she is finished she says "I tried to hurry", she will be breathless, but satisfied.  We drive to the bank for her other errand and then she goes home, gets a cart and we unload the car - my God, she buys a lot!

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