Saturday, May 3, 2014

Laminations. Ain't that in the Bible?

A 60-inch laminator
  No, it isn't in the Bible.  Oh, wait, it's in Hollie's bible.  Laminating is what we do on the first Saturday of every month.  I written about this before, so you regular readers know what's next.
Think about it.   Hollie has thousands and thousands of "projects" done, she doesn't keep them all, just a few thousand.  And don't ask why.  We don't know why, or how, or in which half, or her brain she keeps all this stuff - I don't even know if that's important.
  Yes, she even has some posters that are done on a large machine like the illustration, but most are 9X11.  Hundreds of topics, mostly people that are entertainers, some lighthouses, some family members, and let's not forget the Presidents and First Ladies.   But today it's people named Harry.  Harry Styles from the "boy band" One Dimension, Harry from 3rd Rock from the Sun, Prince Harry, Harry the judge in Night Court and today, for the first time, Harry Smith from the morning news.  I might have missed one.

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