Saturday, November 21, 2009

So - how've you been?....

...she asked, as she usually does,
and then the atmosphere starts to buzz;
lots of ideas, imagined or real,
it would be difficult to show more zeal.

That's how a Hollie Day begins, shot out of a gun,
there's never much change, we just continue the run;
it's Friday, so always a stop, at Irving for snacks,
before the serious stuff begins, we are not hacks.

Then on to WalMart, would you believe,
magazine, CD and gum, and we leave,
out in the car, staples removed, this or that is a reject,
trimed some paper for a wallet size project.

Off now to Staples, the goal is in sight,
6 projects in plastic, oh! the delight;
do you think she's done, the girl on a mission,
if you do - then you're only wishing.

Off to Target, just up the road,
looking for Saved By The Bell, to add to the load;
we don't find that, or the Hello Kitty CD player,
folks who are waiting haven't a prayer.

Well, let's try the other WalMart store,
there must be some way to even the score,
we didn't find it, but she got something else,
Dad - I need to do this one too, she simply belts.

Back to Staples for two more things,
Staples cash register continues it's rings;
then off to Toys 'R' Us, they have lots of Hello Kitty stuff,
there is a lot there, but not what we need. Had enough?

Nope! Let's go over to Best Buy and see,
if they have that show the used to be,
nothing there either, but she found Cheeta' Girls,
back to Staples, the world spins and whirls.

So three trips to laminate, is that clear?
There's nothing like plastic, oh that stuff is dear,
if it's got pictures, words or a quote,
you need to get on The Laminate Boat!


Friday, November 20, 2009

Who could...

...ever imagine, what would happen in advance,
No! Not one of us will ever have that chance;
but this is something that some of us think,
happened to them, to return them from the brink,

It is not important anyway, because we're in the here the present time,
all that stuff that happened yesterday is back there in your mind.
Tomorrow may not get here, and if it does what do we say,
well until that turns past mid-night, we'd still be in today!

Today will be a Hollie Day, we'll see what that brings,
she probably has many plans, to do a lot of things.
We'll have to go to this place, followed by that one too,
she'll have us go in loops, but she'll know what to do.

Tomorrow, when it becomes today, I'll let you know the thrill,
until then we'll have to guess, or just forget until;
because by then I'll have some answers, or a lucky guess,
with Hollie you never know, even how she'll dress.

Did you push the button, to feed the shelters survive?
They depend on us to help keep them alive,
and we don't have to pay to give,
just simply push the button, and give them a way to live.

And don't forget your neighbors, now that times are tough,
there are many people now for whom life is rough,
but we have something that we can share;
just a little, maybe, but we need to let them know that we still care.


Thursday, November 19, 2009

A road....

....less traveled, is still there of course,
so yesterday we followed it to the source;
right down the highway, I ninety-five,
to see if the family was still alive.

We went to my brothers, well he and his wife,
down to Dover, New Hampshire, where they spend their life;
they where both doing well, not many complaints,
none of that hearing there is, and there aint's.

Then over to Sanford, Springvale for a fact,
to carry out the remainder of our visiting act;
gone to see Mother, she's ninety-six,
still lives out near where she was born in the sticks.

She is really doing quite well if you consider her age,
but she misses her family who have all gone to a new page;
parents, brother and sisters and her husband, my Dad,
she misses them all and the memories they had.

Then we came home, back the way that we went,
we did stop for food, Sams is the place on which we were bent,
their food is delicious, the crew is most kind,
I'll go there again and again if you don't mind.

Finally we made it back home,
and as of today we will no longer roam,
until the next time, we need to go,
ride around in the roads for 7 hours of so.

Please don't forget to Live and Let Live,
somewhere inside you there is something to give,
make life more pleasant for the others out there,
there is no harm, if they know you care.


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

It is done....

...there was no prize won,
I finished a thousand miles, just for fun.
Now, of course, I will go on and keep walking,
no goal in mind yet, people aren't talking.

If people were talking, it wouldn't be about me,
after all I didn't do this: Made for TV.
It was just a personal goal, something to aim for,
now I'll go on and aim at some number more.

The rest of the day was peaceful and quiet,
the meeting went well, there wasn't a riot;
there also weren't many people show,
I don't know where else, that they could go.

Today something different, a trip south and west,
going to see mother, brother and all the rest;
first in New Hampshire then Sanford, Maine,
just hope the ride doesn't cause Linda much pain.

We'll be home for supper, then off to snoze,
well, it'll be bedtime, I don't want to lose;
today was no different, up at eleven-thirty,
but the stars out tonight sure are "purty".

Remember when thinking of some awful task,
it wouldn't hurt to think ahead, and ask;
someone advice about how to proceed,
go Easy Does It, but do what you need.


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

This is...

...the day it will happen, one thousand miles, at last,
really just another milestone, it too, will get passed.
Maybe tomorrow I'll take the day off and rest,
actually that's been planned, we'll be driving west.  (not very far)

So today I'll finish at the goal line and smile,
knowing full well I'm not finished, it's just another mile.
Then I'll set a goal that's different, add on a little more,
and dutifully come home and record one more score.

I'm going to a meeting, today will be a good day,
I got up at ten-thirty, too early to go out and play;
then I'll run some errands, maybe have coffee and buy gas,
and wait and see what comes next, what will come to pass?

I've already pushed that big button that feeds,
the critters and varmits that have great needs,
and just this past weekend made a donation,
to help feed the hungry, of this great nation.

This morning, here's what I read,
with some certain amount of dread;
One in seven now go without enough food,
in the United States, and that's not good.

If you remember one thing,
this may have a familar ring,
be good to your neighbor and give,
go by: Live and Let Live.


Monday, November 16, 2009

There ain't....

....a whole lot going on, another quiet day,
that's the way it started, will it end that way?
I got up at ten o'clock so I probably won't remember,
if I had to move now, I'd say wait until December.

The final score of the Pats game disappointed me,
pure bad luck and clock control, what will be will be.
It was a well played game, each team had a chance;
but it's going to be the Colts that get to dance.

Yesterday was wet, damp and a no walking day,
I will be making up for that, if I have my way;
there will be some walking done - maybe five miles,
I only need eight more for a thousand- making many smiles.

Probably tomorrow, but certainly this week,
there will be two million steps, a goal of mine to meet.  (late edit)
Then you know what I will do, I won't rest on laurels,
but be out there walking, put million in the plurals.


Sunday, November 15, 2009


...Staples Scramble.  That's the name of this game,
or any laminate, heck it's all just a name;
that's really not - entirely true,
Staples is the ONE - tried and true!

The day started off in the usual way,
Tim Hortons on Main Street, it's Saturday!
You see, some things never change,
if you can get close, you're within range.

Of course, next the inevitable WalMart stop,
if I was never asked for that I would drop.
A sweatshirt, sneakers, CD and paper pack later,
we back on the road - what could be greater?

Now we're at Target, there's a DVD,
Season 2 Part One of iCarly.
Of course that insert is made of paper,
oh, go on and do it! You laminating hater.

Then, this is only the first, trip to Staples,
laminate eight projects please, no lables;
they sure look good, don't they Dad?
Do you think that's her way to say you've been had?

It was still early, too early to eat,
over to the Mall, it's going to be neat;
well most stores don't open until it's ten,
but Sears is and it's the one place we've never been.

A quick walk around, there's no Celtics stuff,
kids with parents who shop here must have it rough;
But WAIT what is that up ahead?
I'll be darned it's Hello Kitty! Yep, that's what I said.

Look at that shirt Dad! It's just my size!
Dad looks sheepish, oh, what a surprise.
The price is decent and really fair,
go ahead buy it, what do I care? (it's only money)

Oh Dad!!! I forgot to do these two things!
How could that happen? I heard no bell rings?
Right back to Staples, it's quick and not far,
you go right in, I'll wait in the car.

Now we are going to eat at Subway,
over in Brewer, a quick get a way.
Good meals and the price is not bad,
Oh Wait - here it comes, I going to be had. (Again?)

Dad, over in Mardens they have a book,
I know it's there Dad, I've already had a look,
it's not expensive Dad, they've got good prices,
well, let's go and look, oh, her devices.

The book is there and it's fifty-five cents,
oh, look there's a calendar, she shows her parent(s).
The total expense is one oh seven,
of course there's a project - right back to heaven.

Over to Staples the other one this time,
oh the wiles of this child of mine.
Just one project, Dad, you'll be fine,
and you'll get home, Dad, just in time.

And so goes the journey, to Staples and back,
there were no options, except an attack.
It's the way of the girl, it doesn't change much,
stuff stays the same, and you know Staples and such.

Enjoy your day!