Saturday, November 7, 2009


...I went to the doctor, she said I was fine,
(now, you know, I have to write a second line)
the ankle thing is just a sprain, at least that what she thinks;
I just want the thing to heal, this not walking stuff stinks!

So, on today's schedule there isn't much to say,
but it is the weekend and it's Saturday;
I will have to deliver to Peggy a paper and scratch off tickets,
of course that's done every week, with or without the rickets.

And no meeting today, at least not for me,
too many people on the weekend for all to see,
I can't hear a single thing with a bunch so big,
so I'll just have to hang around or find another gig.

But you can rest assured that I will do two things,
first, push the purple button, see if a bell rings;
then I will find a way to help someone needy,
I have enough to share, it's not fair being greedy.

And I will Keep It Simple, that's the better way,
try not to complicate my life today;
sometimes that's not easy, it's a human nature thing,
people seem to find a way to tangle any string.

Please do something for yourself.

Friday, November 6, 2009


...outside today, looks like I missed the goal, won't be going to the ball,

of walking one thousand miles before the snow fall,

and yesterday big problem with my knees,

my walking days may be blowing in the breeze.

I'll go see the doctor, she what she has to say,

of course, that will be later in the day,

I got up a ten this morning night,

only got to wait 8 hours for daylight!

The basketball is entertaining, Utah is ahead,

thanks to television or else I'd be dead (not in the literal sense)

and the Internet and newspaper all do their share,

of keeping me above ground and out there breathing air.

I did push the purple button, and voted for my choice,

we all have to do that, the animals have no voice.

There is now a drive on at, for turkeys for Thanksgiving day,

care to pitch in? Come on - what do you say?

And remember to Keep It Simple, no matter what 'they' say;

you don't have to complicate anything today,

just do the learned basics and practice what you preach,

you'll be so glad - and happy as a peach.

Have a great day

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Well...'s over! What a insult to my psyche, and my troubled mind,
the Yankees win the series, how do I leave this damage behind?
I will probably wonder if the outcome would be the same,
maybe different players, or some change in the game?

I'm going to leave that all behind me now, I'll be okay I know,
after all the Celtics have won five games in a row.
Baseball is all over, except for trades, rumors and stories;
there will be next season, for the Red Sox and their glories.

There is much more to life than these trivial pursuits,
like taking good care of myself, eat my veggies and my fruits;
take a little walking too - well after medical clearance;
go to meeting, paint some too, add to my experience.

I have pushed that purple button, I do it every day,
all those critters sheltered, have to eat, there is no other way;
and there are hungry people, right here on our streets,
please help and find some funds to help them get some eats.

And welcome a new comer if you meet one today,
tell him your name, and make him comfortable some way;
some times there aren't any, and some times quite a few,
smile, shake hands and tell him "this chair is just for you"!

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

How many....

....times do I tell myself, you could have done it better,
guess that's just the way I am, right down to the letter;
I know there's usually more than one way,
to do most things on which I have a say.

There is one way that I like the best,
it's a way that can be used north, south, east or west;
when the time comes to just go and do it,
I just say, oh heck - screw it!

The ankle is no better, sent an email to the doc,
well, he wasn't in, or won't be, he wasn't on the clock,
so I was given a choice of substitute,
and I will see her Friday - isn't that a hoot?

But, I made it to a meeting, helped to set it up,
Brian made coffee twice, before we had a cup;
the meeting was a little small, but it was very good,
I got something out of it, just like I should.

We spoke of Easy Does It, and Live and Let Live,
went around the room, asked everyone to give...
...some kind of example, how to grow and improve,
get out act together, don't just sit! Get out and move!

So today I'll do things differently, at least that's a start,
take the wife to breakfast, I can do my part;
then there's an appointment, hers not mine,
and some other errands that take a little time.

I'll push the 'purple button' just like the rest of you,
when it comes to helping critters, that's the thing to do;
and try to do a least one thing to help my fellow man,
do that everyday, and you've got yourself a plan.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back to...

....normal, can I really mean it,
somehow me and normal doesn't fit;
so I guess I'll write the way I always do,
that suits me just fine, hope it does you too.

The Phillies played a bit better in the game last night,
at least they're still trying and putting up a fight;
but it still troubles me that they don't field the ball,
you'd think that they'd know which way the ball bounces off the wall.

But let's move on to other things, like my swollen ankle,
it's much better, thank you very much, but it causes me to rankle; (is that a word?)
Too much walking every day of last week is the culprit,
maybe I should quit that too, and preaching from this pulpit. (not today!)

I did get to a meeting, and help set it all up,
the center is just going to be a shelter, that's what's up.
Too bad they have to move the treatment across town,
there must be a reason for it, but it causes us to frown.

And I've pushed the purple button, to feed the needy pets, (
you know it makes you feel good, as good as it gets;
so why not give it a try, it's worth the time and effort,
go ahead! try it! come on, be a sport!

And, let's not forget, our purpose for this post,
it's to reach out to our neighbors, that's what we need the most;
Live and Let Live, it's important advice,
you be good to them, they will treat you nice!

Enjoy the day! Go Vote!

Monday, November 2, 2009

The World Series...

The Phillies didn't field the ball, they ran away and hid,
it was a complete failure, to stop the Yankees bid;
the Phillies were an example of one huge mistake,
now it sure doesn't look like any Philly cake.

I think they could have won this ballgame too,
but not they way they played, it shows what not to do.
You can bless your lucky stars, that I've vowed not to cuss,
but I won't let that stop me, from making a big fuss.

The was lousy management, and poor positioning,
and, of course, a thousand bats that never took a swing;
it was no wonder that the Yankees prevailed,
every time one came up to bat, away the ball sailed.

The Phillies were out played, and out managed too,
if the newspapers are full of blame, and there will be a few;
there plenty of that blame, to go all around,
it's just too bad when the Phillies bat, the ball don't leave the ground.

Well, anyways, have a happy Monday,
it can't be much worse than a Philly fans Sunday;
and I'm go to stop, right here and now;
just because they lost a game, it's no reason to have a cow!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The insanity of it all!

Well today is Saturday/Sunday or someplace in between,
and just what time did I get up, that remains to be seen.
Take the present value and subtract fourteen,
add the next number and delete a number in between.

Add the square root of the color of your neighbors cow,
divide by four hundred, let's see what have I got now?
Oh, add the number of tigers in the zoo,
and then you take the next round number (zero - the rest have lines)and add the two.

Now the product symbol of Z on the New York Stock Exchange,
take the lint out of your pocket, now add in the change,
subtract the cats age on her birthday, eleven years from now,
add back in the square root of your other neighbors cow.

So when I got up, I think it was...., no that isn't right,
I forgot to subtract eleven when I went to bed last night!
Oh, wait, now I remember if todays date is an even number,
and I add the zip code for Chicago, subtract or add, I can't remember.

Okay, now I've gone and looked it up,
I forgot, you see, to divide by my pup,
then you take the number of time zones in the world,
Jeepers - my mind is racing like a squirrel.

What were we talking about, what did you ask me?
Oh, you want to know when I got up, is that easy?
Let me see - take the age of the police officer that showed up,
when I dialed 911 and asked them, what time did I get up?

This is dedicated to that brilliant piece of work,
who invented Daylight Savings Time, it's a stupid little quirk;
why in the world do we change time, twice every year,
when Congress stops that act, I will go and cheer.