Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't know how...

....much you'd want to know about what I did today,
and if you asked me, there wouldn't be much to say,
I did some walking this morning, and had my coffee too;
and I went to a meeting, a good one, how about you?

The rest of the day was resting, my foot and my knee,
the old buggers hurt today, aging don't you see;
I guess there is nothing anyone can do,
to make my old joints feel better, when I put on a shoe.

That's they invented acceptance, a wise word is that,
some things change over time, and that is a fact!
So maybe I'll slow down some, and I don't want to,
but maybe it's just a matter of mind over shoe.

Today will be a Hollie Day, I tell you all tomorrow,
whether there was joy to be had, or was it all sorrow,
and it'll be a holiday, and those are all important date,
she tracks each one each year, and tells you how they rate.

She wants to be given a card that she picks out,
and I'm sure she will open it, without much of a shout;
and she tells me to surprise her, with about twenty bucks,
when someone picks their own surprise, it's just oh shucks!

Friday, October 30, 2009

I don't...

...know if I told you, well no I guess I didn't,
how would you know what I haven't written;
yesterday was travel and my mind was really in it,
now it's back to normal...I wonder if that's it.

We went to Damariscota to visit Lindas friend,
then we went to Pemaquid, too the road to the end,
a stop in Rockland to Goodwills new store,
there are bargains there, it's what you're looking for.

Then we stopped in Camden, yes; another friend,
he was beginning to wonder, where we had been,
a stop again in Northport for a bite to eat,
a nice family restaurant, the food was really neat.

Now it's Friday morning, just barely anyway,
time to get rolling and start another day,
I'll do a little walking and then get some rest,
then off to a meeting, that might be what I like best.

Push the purple button, you know the routine by now,
you'd think that they'd make a home, for some freaking cow!
Just kidding! We both know it's important to take care of pets,
yesterday we saw a dog, that was as good as one gets.

If you go to a meeting and there's someone new,
please do not hesitate to say "this chair's for you"!
Newcomers can be made welcome on any day,
but please take notice - don't chase them away.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it....

....morning already? How did I lose track?
Oh, now I remember, I'll be right back.
How about them Yankees? They sure play big;
trying to show the world how big a hole they can dig!

I saw the last two innings, 'cause I was up at ten;
earliest that I remember, since I don't know when,
I think a little nap would be good, right about two,
then maybe, I'll have just as much sleep as you.

And before I forget, which is likely,
the Celtics won last night too, they're doing quite nicely.
What else is there, that could go right, that is the question,
maybe one of you out there, might have a suggestion?

I've pushed the purple button, it's really a delight,
you should go and try it, push with all your might.
Please don't forget you neighbors, and you fellow man;
sometimes there are those, who could use a hand.

Live and Let Live, a motto plain and true,
if applies to all of us, you know, me and you;
it's a lesson we should learn, it'll help us all through life,
or we could just forget it - and cause a lot of strife.

Enjoy the day.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

It's kind....

....of cold again this morning, that is nothing new,
we had all better get used to it for a month or two;
now who's being generous with the time to come,
if it ain't you, and it ain't me, it has to be someone.

Yesterday was cold too, even with the walking,
but I take a break for coffee, and do some talking;
today I'll not walk as far, yesterday six plus miles,
but last night and to today, for my knees, no smiles., that's where the button is,
once you try it you'll be hooked and get into the biz,
and if you want to try something rather cool,
go to and use the donor tool.

And remember Easy Does It, has another side,
you can easy do it but just don't go along for the ride,
you still need to take some action, and you'll be a hit;
if you Easy Does It, and you really do it!


Tuesday, October 27, 2009

There is no....

.......explanation for why things happen the way they do,
is that an unanswered question that really bothers you?
Or is it just accepted that that's the way things are;
or do you really believe coincidence can carry things that far.

There are other things at work here, the way things fall in place,
there is so many things orchestrated for us in the human race;
stuff may seem 'willy-nilly', and really by far out,
but the timing is the thing that we wonder about.

I think that while I'm out walking, that I will think on it,
try to conjure up and explanation that somehow seems to fit;
but I will not find the answer, and I don't need to anyway,
these things are among us each and every day.

Now go and find the purple button that I keep talking about,
press it with abandon and give a joyful shout;
of course, that'll get people guessing what the hell is going on,
you can tell them that you've found that rectangled icon.

Live and Let Live, that's more than a motto,
it tell us simply, to keep doing what we ought to;
it's a pure and simple practice, we can do it every day,
keep that thought in you mind and make it your way.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, October 26, 2009

There must be....

....some way to keep track,
of all of the things that get out of whack;
it's hard to imagine that some things go right,
just because some idea takes flight.

I'll use for example, something real sad,
the Yankees just beat the Angels, that's bad;
but why did that happen, what could have gone wrong?
Find the answer in the words of a song.

And that song sure as hell ain't Everything is Beautiful;
is that fair to say? Yes, it's fair and it's just, and long overdue;
Now we will cheer the Phillies on! Right?
We want them to put up a fight!

There is baseball, it's just a game,
there are things more important, that I can name;
human suffering, pirates, wars and wasted money,
I could go on - but this stuff's not funny.

So why do I pay such attention to...
...a game played by two teams, it doesn't matter who;
when there are serious things going on at the same time,
I guess it just gives more reason to whine.

Now that I've got that out of the way,
I hope you all have a wonderful day!
I'm going walking, and some coffee too,
Now - if I can just get that ball out of my shoe!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Can't you….

Just imagine if things had no plan,
everything was "crazy", all throughout the land,
nothing would get done, or even halfway finished,
farmers wouldn't give a damn, and Popeye had no spinach.

There would be one big mess! Jeepers! Holy Cow!
Well my friends that's where we are, right about now.
How could that have happened? Why was there no plan?
I don't know, how could I? I'm just a simple man.

So, you see, that's what happens, every now and then,
no one can explain it, and nobody knows quite when,
but I believe it's coming, it'll be our turn again,
so if we're going to stop it where will be begin?

Let's start with the weather, yesterday was not nice,
let's put the rain clouds where they belong. In a great big vice!
That doggone stuff simply will not stop.
Hurry, hurry everyone, somebody bring a mop!

So, you see, I'm all excited, mostly for no reason,
don't you think it rather odd, that I don't know the season?
Of course it rains this time of year, it happens every fall,
I mean, really, didn't someone plan it all?

Remember those animals, the ones down at the shelter,
they need us to push the button, makes their food cheaper;
and let's not forget the men and the women too,
down at the shelter, they need our help too.

The sun, the sun!!