Saturday, October 24, 2009

I never...

....know where to start,
when it comes down to the Hollie Day part;
there's so much that goes on those days,
sometimes it's just a big purple haze!

Yesterday was not so different, but it had a good start;
managed to walk two miles before we get to that part,
She was up and ready, roaring to go,
but, of course, things have to go just so.

Down to the Irving Station, time for a snack,
get this and that, you got the jack? (jack=money)
she likes the mocha-java machine,
drinks what comes out, there's no in between.

Over to Brewer, that WalMart place,
Hollie! Slow down, I can't keep up this pace!
Got to get a new magazine, some paper too,
wait just a minute, get gum to chew.

Take out the staples from the magazine,
find selected pages, do you know what I mean?
Fold them real careful, don't mess up that seam,
glue them just right, lined up? Look at that sheen.

We've managed to do all five things,
all of a sudden the cell phone rings;
Mom is calling to say hello, asks now, where are you;
Hollie does take time to talk, hello to you too.

Onward and upward with our worthy goal,
on over to Staples, everything's just so, ready to roll.
This is the first visit today,
she got five projects out of the way.

So then we're off, going to Target,
Dad, I want the CD, do you have to charge it?
No charging today, it's all strictly cash,
gee Dad, let's get that can of hash.

She got to CD, now do you know what?
Well, you just have to get the cover fixed up!
put it on paper, careful with the glue,
go heat that one up with plastic too!

Then we head on to Broadway,
Walgreens has something to offer today;
black nail polish for the Halloween jog ,
and a"Bo Pup", the Obamas new dog.

Then over to Union Street we did go,
they have a book at Paperback you know;
Presidential Pets, it's a sure thing,
laminate to cover, cough up some bling!

So, three visits to Staples, that great store,
not going back today, not any more;
it's time to deliver her, to her program,
playtime is over, Dad you scram!

And so it goes, repeated weekly,
there is no end, that I can see;
that part's okay, I understand,
all of that stuff is part of her plan.

Enjoy your day, I hope it goes well,
but don't forget to treat everyone well,
be kind to the critters, and people you meet,
sometimes this life is sure hard to beat!

Friday, October 23, 2009

I'm speechless....

...or writeless, as the case may be,
there was an unusual event you see;
I really slept in, and it's quite alarming,
or not alarming (as in clock) but there's no harming.

I slept until one in the morning!
All of this came without warning,
I'm almost confused, but I'm not;
it's weird but I hope it happens a lot.

Yesterday was some rainy and wet;
cool too, for the season yet,
but I got out the umbrella and walked,
for five miles, oh yeah, it's clocked.

This morning I'll spend with Hollie,
she'll be charged up by golly;
projects to do, more than a few;
and a couple of snacks to chew.

Please look after the critters out there,
they should know that you care;
and watch out for one another too,
be good to them, they'll be good to you.


Thursday, October 22, 2009


...I wonder, after watching a game,
if the Phillies can win, can't the Red Sox do the same;
there's really no answer that I know of,
the Phillies are better, when push comes to shove.

I just finished watching to post game show,
but they're always the same, don't you know?
They interview the same old guy,
nobody new, I don't know why!

Baseball is like that, it's always the same,
change and invention isn't part of the game;
I guess it don't matter that; whatever the name,
just yell "play ball", and get into the game.

My mind has started to ramble,
that's how the blog got it's name,
through briar and bramble,
into my mind the thoughts came.

But, I did remember to take care of the pets,
go to, it's as good as it gets.
And please always remember the chosen few,
people out there that have less than you.

Reach out to newcomers, welcome them back,
always put your hand out, leave the door open a crack;
if they come early and it's just them and you,
tell them they're welcome say "this chairs for you".

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Don't you...

...sometimes wonder about thing like....
...why does the noise in my ears, sometimes spike?
I've had so much noise, Monday afternoon, last night and this morning,
but since there is no cure, look to the cause for the warning.

I do know, that probably, it won't last too long,
OK, I really don't know, but I hope that I'm not wrong.
Walking yesterday was pure dy-no-mite!
It just seems that it all took place all right.

Today also holds promise of good stuff untold,
wait and see just how the good stuff will unfold;
there isn't any limit to do good stuff today,
nah! I wouldn't have it any other way.

Take good care of the critters, and they'll delight you,
it's always nice to remember your human neighbors too;
it's the spirit of the things that counts, in everything you do,
do good unto others, and they'll do good to you!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The weather...

...yesterday morning was not the kind I like,
rain and wind together hinder me on my hike;
the afternoon was better with a lot of sun,
if I had done my walking then it would have been more fun.

But I choose to go out in the morning chill,
and do my walking then, you know the drill,
it's just the way I like it so I can't complain,
even though just last week I complained about the rain.

Today I hope to get another five mile day,
maybe I will if things turn out my way;
I like to take the time to think,
but I still watch out for Mr. Stink.

Have you pushed the purple button yet?
You still have time to do it, if you get...,
push the button and be gone.

'Easy Does It' says a lot about this game of life,
if we would only listen we could stop a lot of strife,
it isn't always easy to un-complicate our stuff,
and then we always must admit when we've had enough.


Monday, October 19, 2009

Never a dull moment...

...not around here, if you don't mind waiting for the other shoe to fall,
but I like it better than doing nothing at all;
I didn't get my walking finished, took Peggy to the store,
don't go in a shop with her, she like to cause uproar.

So even though my walks not finished on yesterday,
I will get some in, and make sure to finish today.
And going to a meeting, that's fine with me,
after the weekend I've had, that's where I should be.

Please press the purple button, it's right in front of you,
it'll only take a minute, and of all the good it'll do;
remember those critters and earn money for themselves,
we have to cause to sponsors to take it from their shelves.

How do you treat your neighbors? Do you treat them well?
Remember it's important, does that ring a bell?
Please take just a minute to recall this motto that I give,
it's simply an everyday call to Live and Let Live.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Deja vu all over again...

It's a special occasion Dad, that is what she said,
as we started out, it caused unwanted dread;
it's a special occasion Dad, as we headed down the road,
somehow I got the thought that my wallet would explode.

It's a special occasion Dad, here is what we'll do,
speaking like that, I knew, the we'll be you.
I've got nine projects Dad, special occasion indeed;
I got my banker on the line to tell him what I'll need.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we drove through the third town,
we weren't even two tenths there and I had started to frown;
by the time we got to Waterville, she had changed her mind,
it's was time to go to WalMart, and leave some projects behind.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we got on Eye Ninety Five;
boy oh boy, Dad, now I've got twenty-five!
How could this have happened is what I want to know,
of course, there is no way to plan these things before we go.

It's a special occasion Dad, so we'll go to Freeport first,
you know what's there don't you? This could be the worst.
but I got off kind of light, at least that's what I thought;
until of course I saw the price of that thing we bought.

It's a special occasion Dad, as we got to Brunswick,
right to Staples I drove, like the carrot and the stick.
by now, of course, the number of projects that there were,
the numbers flew by me, blindly in a blurr.

It's a special occasion Dad, was her explanation,
as she handed me the bill that could fund a foreign nation;
sixteen dollars had been spent to turn paper into plastic,
oh how I wish that my dollars would turn into elastic.

It's a special occasion Dad, that's why I did so much,
you know it's times like these when you have to do so much,
it's a special occasion so I can do much more,
please enter your PIN until your fingers get real sore.

It's a special occasion Dad, let's go to Rockland next,
by the time I heard these very words, I knew I had the hex;
to Staples, one more time, and she did five more,
after all, she smiled, isn't that what special occasions are for?

Please let it be noted, here for all to see,
that the spending on this trip was all planned you see,
we didn't really spend much more that any other time,
the freedom with the language, is entirely mine.