Saturday, February 13, 2010


...for coffee is my current fate,
Wait! I think that it's ready, that would be great!
It's my own fault - me - for sleeping in late;
it's the hour from then to now that's my fate.

Yesterday was a flurry of activity and haste,
Hollie was ready to go, no time to waste,
"so - how you been, Dad?" the first words spoken,
and a Valentines Card, her offered token.

Then it was off to the races - the mental kind too,
trying to decide which projects to do,
it's a complicated process I don't understand,
should we do Abe Lincoln or Raggedy Anne?

That's just an example of what she goes through,
trying to make sense will confuse me or you;
we can't understand how the whole process works,
it's more of a process of fits, starts and jerks.

We went for the early morning snack,
into Tim Hortons - we will attack.
A couple of items, iced coffee please,
into the car, try to appease.

You know where we went next, Wal-Mart of course,
run down the aisles fast as a horse,
pick up a magazine, after careful review,
let's do this one Dad, or maybe these two!

We had a three dollar 'coupon' and she had some cash,
she could do extra because of her stash,
Ten items went under the plasticizing heat,
all of them different and thoroughly neat.

"It's the first sideways one, of (insert name here),
it's a different one Dad", that's her standard cheer.
They all look the same to my tired old eyes,
but they're sure different, that's no surprise.

Then on to Mardens - bargains galore,
it's really a nice - one of a kind store,
a placemat thats show the life of Barrack Obama,
and folders with H. Duff, go spend-a-rama.

She got her lunch drink from the vending machine,
and some cookies from girls, saving for the prom queen,
then on to Subway, she wants to eat fresh,
finally delivered to program, all in the flesh!

Then I took a short walk, down the snowmobile trail,
not very far only part way to the first pond, I turned tail,
back home again, work on a project, results are no good,
why can't I do things better, the way that I should.

Oh well, that's just water and it's under the bridge,
Hey! what's for breakfast, check out the fridge,
nope, nothing there, well I'll make a meal,
just like every morning I'll be eating oatmeal.

Then I'll take time, out of my busy life,
to push a few buttons, maybe I'll save a life,
for childrens healthcare, breast cancer aware,
literacy education and animal care.

I saw someone yesterday, they were "different" you know,
could I be sure, my eyes told me so,
now how do we treat people like "that"?
just shake a hand, it should be old hat!


Friday, February 12, 2010

This is it!....

...The first sign of spring, it's "truck day",
the trucks are loaded up at Fenway,
and start the trip south, spring training is here,
soon we'll have baseball, I'll grin ear to ear.

At long last maybe, an end is in sight,
to a dreay winter, and it's faded light,
the sun will get warmer, day after day,
it won't be long now - the farmers will make hay.

Down in the Mid-Atlantic states they scream,
"what's the matter with you, having a dream?",
I hope that spring get there too, down in Virginia,
so you can rejoice with all that's in ya!

But, meanwhile, back at the ranch, on with the show,
Hollie will be waiting, she'll be ready to go,
we were going to do a Sunday Valentines thing,
she just can't wait, so Friday's the new fling.

She was on the phone, with mom (bless her heart),
going through her littany part after part,
she always has the grandest of plans,
she'll change her mind, before daylight lands.

So there'll be no early walking or a meeting to go to,
as Ed Sullivan would say "on with the shoe"   (his pronounciation of show)
she'll be fired up, shot from a gun,
"so how you been, dad" get ready to run!

But, before all starts, there are things we must do,
pushing some buttons, all or one or two,, go there today,
push the buttons for each place that has a tab, hooray!

Easy Does It, is a saying, it's a way to get things done,
it doesn't mean not to do things, it means to get it done,
but done in a fashion with an easier pace,
Easy Does It, but do it, you don't have to race.

Coffee time!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

I can hear....

...the coffee maker, rumbling over there,
hurry up, machine, I'm running just on air;
I don't know why it takes so long, it doesn't understand,
it's a machine and I'm a man - who should have the upper hand.   (joke)

Yesterday was perfect - if you're a walking guy,
temps in the twenties, no wind and clearing sky,
five miles came easy, in conditions such as those,
you know, if it was windy, I would've felt almost froze.

Today I have big plans - walk five miles or else,
go to a meeting, have coffee, have a pulse!
Work on my project, or take another walk,
go back to school - and learn to talk!

This will be a short one - I'm on empty now,
because when I saw the Celtics score, I almost had a cow;
if they could perform in some worse way,
it wouldn't make a difference- it's the way they play.

Be sure to remember, that means don't forget,
to go and push some buttons. Have you done it yet?
It doesn't matter at which time you choose to do it,
it's easy to forget, so please get around to it.

When your moral fiber is under some attack,
find out that something - that you think you lack,
by going to a meeting, open your mind just a crack,
if you find it helpful - just Keep Coming Back!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What we....

...need here where I live, is weather without the wind,
yesterday was nice and warm, 'til the wind chill's factored in,
today looks like it might subside, just a little bit;
so maybe I can go on out - and walk around in it.

I walk anyway, it's just cold in one direction,
then if I could go backwards - to offer some deflection,
or wear two hats and have hand warmers too,
those are some things that I have learned to do.

Some days it's better to stick to the woods, new land of the machine,
maybe I should undertake to walk them all, those snowmobile trail I mean;
but there are too many 13,400 miles of them here in Maine,
by the time I got to the end I'd be too old to explain.

This is the first beaver pond, lovely isn't it,
we used to skate and swim, in a place just like it,
the ice is pretty thick right now it's pretty quiet,
but when the spring weater hits, activity will riot.

This is the trail that's pictured here, downhill on the home side,
easy walking through the woods with a road this wide,
these woods were cut, quite some time ago I guess,
now it nice to be able to go out and egress.

Have you pressed the buttons? If not I'll explain,
it's simple and it's free, you're queen, you reign,  (or maybe even a king!)
just go to the site,
start at the top tabs and press, you can do not wrong.

Don't be afraid to try something that is new,
where would we be if people didn't try, what would we do?
Everything was new at some time or other,
so go ahead and dare to try, be inventions mother.

No shovel today!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's back...

...our car I mean, with new parts all installed,
the bill was BIG, I was not enthralled,
but the warrenty paid it, thank goodness for that,
I'd have been on the sidewalk, with pencils and hat.

We'll give it a test drive, go into town,
like I do every day, a thing I've got down,
take in a meeting, after my walk,
have a sit down and listen to talk.

And today is the day, it comes once a year,
to pick up my chip, it's the twenty-ninth year,
and I'll get to shake a few hands too,
it's not about me - it's all about you.

I've got some more photos of the snowmobile trail,
would like to share them, hope I don't fail... pick out some good ones that you will like,
maybe you'd like to join me on my little hike.
This is the trail between ponds one and two,
it's not all as smooth as what I'm showing you,
some of it's kind of a little bit rough,
but it's still not hard, not even that tough.
You see there are dips and tree roots and stones,
but it's still easy, you won't break any bones;
this is a short stretch near beaver dam two.
Look what I found, it's waiting for you.

All of us people are not all alike,
there are some different ones that come down the pike;
that doesn't mean much we still need to give -
our respect and a handshake Live and Let Live.

And push a few buttons, show that you care,, go if you dare,
support a puppy, give a mamogram, a childs book,
fix hunger too, give the rain forest it's original look.

Make a difference!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Who dat....

...won the Super Bowl?

I think it's great, and I'm sure they'll have fun,
down in the French Quarter, while they wait for the sun,
they had to wait a really long time,
to see their favorite Saints shine!

Meanwhile back at the ranch,
it sure don't look like the Celtics have a chance,
poor miserable performance, boo, hiss and boo,
speaking for myself of course, not for you.

Walking the snowmobile trail yesterday,
in to the second beaver pond, yes all the way,
it's really nice there in the woods,
the wind can't get me, want me to show you the goods?
This spot is in two and a half miles from our road,
the ice is thick, it'll carry the load,
get to here, turn around and go back,
can't see it in summer, mosquito attack!

I slept in until midnight today,
didn't stay up to see football I must say,
now I am waiting to go start the pot,
I want my coffee and I want it hot!


Sunday, February 7, 2010

I found...

....a name for that loaner car,
a name the explains the thing, by far;
you wouldn't buy it for credit or cash,
let's call the big thing - white trash!

Hollie wasn't too surprised,
she just sort of squinted her eyes,
I explained the whole thing, good and bad;
she replied "so, how you been Dad?"

Did the Celtics win? So, how's your mother,
one rapid question, right after the other,
but she was calm and ready to go,
over to WalMart to spend Daddys dough!

She didn't want much, just two five dollar CD's,
some Reeses dark chocolate pieces, and she was pleased;
then came the fun part....the hot plastic sheets,
it was all Alan Jackson, and no other cheats.

She did four projects, well five is the case,
just a two places, wanna get in a race?
Her mind changes at the drop of a hat,
I can only imagine, anxiety like that!

But the day went well, and I took her home,
then it's the walkway for me, time to roam,
but the air was cold, ice cold as can be,
so wait for tomorrow, and then we'll see.

Be kind to your neighbors it will pay off,
and you can relax, maybe watch golf?
The lesson is easy, we all can give,
just use this motto: Live and Let Live.