Saturday, September 20, 2014

A gun study that doesn't say much

Source: Centers for Disease Control and Preventable Injury and Control Unit - click to enlarge
  A study just release on gun deaths doesn't go far enough.  How many deaths are by hand gun or long gun?  How many are accidental?  We don't have the answers.
  Given all the information we do have  we can tell how many people per 100,000 die by firearms, Hawaii and Massachusetts have the lowest rates but don't have the strictest gun laws (NY).  We know that blacks die more often that whites or Hispanics in most states.  It's just not possible to nail down hunting accidents or murder by know people or unknown, random shootings.
  Read the study report:

Friday, September 19, 2014

Weather reporter turns chicken

Peg Keyser "shoots" one of her birds
Photo: Troy R. Bennett, Bangor Daily News
  Peg Keyser was the "weather girl" for a Portland, Maine TV station, she really wanted to do something else; make a chicken calendar.  She did.
  Using chickens of her own, and a few borrowed hens, Peg has turned out her first calendar.  Here is some of her work and some of her subjects.
"Am I next"
Photo: Troy R. Bennett, Bangor Daily News
A finished page
Photo: Troy R. Bennett, Bangor Daily News
Read more, see more:

Thursday, September 18, 2014

They' in the yard, that's good!

Photo: Richard Spinney via Portland Press Herald - click to enlarge
  Here are two Wood Nymphs on a Black Eyed Susan.  The were found in Mr. Spinney's yard in Brewer, Maine.  Kind of like looking in a mirror for these two butterflies.
  We also have a juvenile Cardinal with a punk look photographed by Walter Harris in Orono.  There is a Great Blue Heron who has mistaken a stick for a worm seen at Robinhood Cove in Georgetown, Maine

Photo: Walter Harris via Portland Press Herald - click
Photo: Diann Longstreet via Portland Press Herald - click


Wednesday, September 17, 2014

A full car

Acadia National Park
Photo: Maine Office of Tourism
  We had a full car, four of us there,
we had room to squeeze in with little to spare.
On the way to appointments and meetings too,
we stopped on the way to pick up the crew.

We had Thomas and Jeff along with us two,
one going one way and three goes along too.
Drop off the three of us, and she gets the car,
and at the Dentist she's the guest star.

About one hour later while the three of us wait,
she's slightly delayed, but such is our fate.
We didn't wait long, but just long enough,
when back in the car, no room for fluff.

Drop two of them off, that leave me and her,
off to the Air Guard Base, my that car does purr.
Pick up a few groceries and we're headed home,
and so ends this tale of a three hour roam.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Monday was no different

Western Avenue (US202), Dixmont, Maine
Photo: the geezer hisself
Monday was no different than the day before,
busy every minute it seems, maybe neither nor;
we went to buy some apples, and moved a plant or two,
and some other stuff, we had thing to do.

Today there is a meeting and an appointment for some teeth,
there's just no earthly way to get out from underneath.
So maybe by tomorrow I can bring something new,
to amaze and amuse or something for all of you.

Monday, September 15, 2014

It was Sunday!

It was a Sunday in September what more can I say,
it was very busy, more than some other day.
There was a meeting at eleven, and an afternoon of sports;
how could I possibly be ready, but I'm not out of sorts.

There is no central topic on this blog today,
no sticking conversation, not a thought that will stay,
I was busy watching baseball, football and the golf - all three,
I put the remote through hell while watching my TV.

More time than not watching people hit the ball,
not baseball this day, golf got the call.
I was cheering on the old guy, 44 years old,
and kind of disappointed when he was left out cold.

The Red Sox won their game, it doesn't make a difference now,
and the Patriots knocked off the Vikings an NFL scared cow,
so now we're all waiting for baseballs biggest deal,
the playoffs will begin, and it be winter and we have time to heal.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

I like cars, automobiles too!

Exchange Street, Bangor, Maine c1938
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  In 1938 traffic was pretty heavy in Bangor.  Workers during the week, and some shoppers too and on the weekend (well Saturday then) shoppers filled the downtown.  No, the mall area was a dairy farm then.  Gas cost twenty cents a gallon.  Wilbur was born in 1938.
Central Street, Bangor, Maine in 1958
Photo: Bangor Daily News file photo
  I'm guessing this photo was taken on a Saturday, by then the Airport Mall shopping area was open but still most shopping took place downtown.  Central Street is still busy now during the week, but weekends are fairly slow except for Bagel Central on Sunday and the Rock and Art shop both days.
Gas cost twenty-four cents in 1958.  I graduated from high school and joined the Navy that year.
Main Street, Bangor, Maine c1964
Photo: Carroll Hall via Bangor Daily News
  I'm thinking this was weekday traffic, the Bangor Mall was open but W T Grant and Freeses remained downtown and the Parking Garage was in the works - but not open yet.  Gas cost thirty cents in 1964 and I was in my second year in Japan and very busy.